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" This earthquake occurred at the boundary between the Nazca and South American tectonic plates. The two plates are converging at a rate of 80 mm per year. The earthquake occurred as thrust-faulting on the interface between the two plates, with the Nazca plate moving down and landward below the South American plate."

Here's s another story where we discover:
"Chile is the world's No. 1 copper producer, and the quake halted operations at two major mines."
Note: Depth = 35 km (21.7 miles) -deeper than the one in Haiti.


  1. How scary and frightening! This happened at a time when most people were sleeping. I hope the United States and other foreign countries send aid to the people of Chile as soon as possible. They will need it.

  2. Michael Rivero over on the increasingly uproarious -MICHEAL REALLY HAPPENED Show- hyped this "tsunami" from the top of his digital church steeple -from which he preaches his own sort of Hollywood and Star Trek Scientific beliefs.

    God Bless America and all its kooks.

    Put your hands down.

    I just read that on Easter Island, -the "tsunami" measured about thirty centimeters.

    Put your hands down.

    For those of you who are also scared of the metric system, thirty centimeters is a little smaller than a small cat, or a large, fat cat, lying on his side licking his fur.

    You get the idea, I'm sure.

    Put your hands down.

    The lesson is, folks, just like everyone that taught you all that science crap in high school, -everyone on the Internet is full of shit too.

    Reality is very complex. There is NO possibility of overstating that fact.

    The massive complexity of reality is a fact science cannot cope with -at any level-.

    If all the flatulent monkeys make enough wild predictions though, -eventually among themselves they'll find the "the Son of Nostradamus" to tape to the inside of their lockers -down at the Alternative Media Gym.

    Flying Saucers sell over on Rense.com

    These sorts of head trips -everyone- has been taking since the beginning of the popularized Internet, the Dot-Com boom and bust, the Real Estate boom and bust, and the Gold boom and imminent bust, and even -the collapse of the old world order into the new world order- have all been made part of some very fanciful realities -by just so many Internet induced mass hallucinations.

    Put your hands down.

    The ubiquitous stampede, as is the intent of all this -mostly hilarious- Internet showmanship -is just like -Barnum and Bailey-, Wild Bill Hickok's Wild West Show, Caruso, W.C Fields and Mae West, Joe Dimagio, Marilyn Monroe, Monty Python, Mohammed Ali, Joe Montana, and Carl Sagan. -This- is what is driving the current public perception, and the many common delusions about reality.

    Truth seekers, smooch-beakers, -you have all been had and made to busy yourself with the most worthless sort of trifling-lives -by all this populist crap.

    Life is short. Enjoy the little bit you get of it. Time does not slow while you let your mind drift off into these populist fantasies.

    Your moral responsibility is to protect what you found here mostly by keeping your filthy hands off it and your mouth shut when you do not know what you are talking about.


    Don't screw it up for the future playing God, rock star, or mad scientist for the fans and the horny groupies that are endlessly in heat, -scratching at the door.

    Try not to lie. Try not to mislead. Try not to blow the perceptions of all around you up into something incredible -just so you can say, SEE -I TOLD YOU SO, RIGHT HERE ON MY OWN SHOW!

    Few people know what the Cult of Genius is about.

    Go to the zoo. Look into the chimpanzee cage.

    Okay, now count.

    How many geniuses do you see in that cage?

    Don Robertson

  3. Don - does "everyone on the internet" include yourself?

    Bwa ha - great hearing from you - thanks for taking the time to comment.


  4. The point is, - in large part the Internet caused the Dot-Com bomb, the housing bubble, the credit crisis, and the gold bugger's King Midas fantasies.

    The Internet is a very effective medium for virally spreading wild rumors and fantasies, whipping those perceptions up into a frothy cream of near total unreality, and getting a lot of people to create frothy realities for themselves that parallel a lot of other people's frothy fantasies, imparting to each a self-propagating lemming-like sense of security that comes in a group, AND that now is plainly recognizable as a pattern of delusional behavior arising from the cultural phenomenon of Internet.

    If anyone really can seek the ever-elusive path toward truth from amongst the infinite number of paths to choose, that path and their search for it, must recognize how the Internet creates for them demonic delusions, and even demonic delusions of grandeur.

    So yes, whether it is the forever surly Hollywood-science-guy-showman, Michael Rivero, some silly-old-philosopher-guy in Maine, or John in Virginia on an American Journey, there is the propensity to get lost in all the fantasy.

    Spring is coming. Go outside and play, kids.

  5. Don - Yeah I watched the "Tsunami" on TV yesterday - in between the shows where the cops break into houses and wave pistols around. American TV is so strange. That's why I almost never watch it. The newscasters kept using the terms "scary" "frightening" etc... while wind noises came through microphones - with trees in the background with leaves not even fluttering. The whole time I wondered if they were that desperate for viewers or if it was a tsunami of fake news put out over the airwaves as a distraction for more war somewhere.

    But I was visiting someone - hence the fact that there was a television in front of me and I was actually watching it. I'd sat down with twenty min to go until the apocolypse then it was a half hour past etc... I drank several beers awaiting the horror the TV was sure to bring. And after all we were stuck watching less horrible stuff like a cop show of cops breaking into peoples houses, depictions of corpses tied up in chairs and shows similar to "cold case files" where one can see even more cops on top of cops.

    The chinese food turned out to be pretty good - not their best day.

    I don't think we've sent the 82nd Airborne in yet as is the case with Haiti

  6. "Tsunami sweeps away entire towns on Chilean coast"


    If it barks like a story, it bites like a story, and it reads like a story...

    Ignore it at all costs, unless you can make a journalistic scoop that impresses your "fans".

    The sensationalist rush is almost over, kids.

    Put your voyeurism back in it's box, and go back to bed. The Sandman beckons.

    In the tree-tops...

    Don Robertson


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