Medical studies show cannabis effective for treating pain, spasms

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" With the results of a medical study summarized by a new report delivered to the California state legislature, the California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR) claims it has established scientific proof that inhaled cannabis holds medical value at or above the level of conventional prescription medicines used for a variety of ailments."
Note: Recently here in the Charlottesville area they locked up a woman for growing pot plants. Below is part of the idiotic statement made by Julia C. Dudley acting U.S. attorney. We owe her our thanks for saving the world from plants, and for protecting her job by locking up people for growing medicine. Thanks Julia for wasting taxpayer money and destroying lives for nothing. Keep collecting your paycheck. I hope you feel good about Americans rotting in jail over a plant.

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" “By stopping those individuals who grow illegal drugs, we are cutting off the distribution of drugs at the source,” Julia C. Dudley, acting U.S. attorney, said in a statement." "


  1. The true measure of Tyranny is when a ubiquitous, medicinal, safe, healthy and most evolved plant is criminalized.

  2. Thank you anonymous above for participating - it is also a true measure of fraud - a U.S. Attorney - while the first amendment is under attack by an advisor to the prez, both "constitutional scholars" (which constitution I'm not sure) - and all she has time for is to put some poor woman from Scottsville, VA in jail for growing plants? Then the leech has the shameless gall to make a statement like that quoted?

    Julia C. Dudley is a vampire - sucking the blood out of America while performing a public service - illustrating the fraud that is the "justice system" in America which is nothing more than a cash cow for lice like her, corporate prisons, and cops who make their living enforcing laws the hands that feed them don't want.

    They say the wheels of justice grind slowly, and there is no escape from the long arm of the law - and natural law will catch up with these barnacles impeding our ineluctable and in-progress new age of enlightenment.

  3. Myths and Facts About Marijuana

    This collection of myths and facts is based on the book Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts: A Review of the Scientific Evidence . A decade after the book was published, the latest scientific evidence continues to support the original findings.

    Top Five Marijuana Myths
    Marijuana Can Cause Permanent Mental Illness
    Marijuana Is Highly Addictive
    Marijuana Is More Potent Today Than In The Past
    Marijuana Offenses Are Not Severely Punished
    Marijuana Is More Damaging to the Lungs Than Tobacco

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  4. More Marijuana Myths
    Marijuana Has No Medicinal Value
    Marijuana Is a Gateway Drug
    Marijuana's Harms Have Been Proved Scientifically
    Marijuana Causes an Amotivational Syndrome
    Marijuana Policy in the Netherlands is a Failure
    Marijuana Kills Brain Cells
    Marijuana Impairs Memory and Cognition
    Marijuana Causes Crime
    Marijuana Interferes With Male and Female Sex Hormones
    Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Damages the Fetus
    Marijuana Use Impairs the Immune System
    Marijuana's Active Ingredient, THC, Gets Trapped in Body Fat
    Marijuana Use is a Major Cause Of Highway Accidents
    Marijuana Related Hospital Emergencies Are Increasing, Particularly Among Youth
    Marijuana Use Can Be Prevented


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