Message to the Tea Party Movement


  1. Don't tread on me bitch

  2. their motto is dont tread on me

  3. Who is Sally Palin ? another no body who came out against Obama for what do not understand it at all but then Bush was voted in so only in America

  4. Palin another empty suit puppet to do the bidding of her masters and try to usurp the tea parties. Tea parties what a joke we need change and our founding fathers told us what we are required to do. We have a duty to ourselves and our children. It says nothing about tea.

    If they want Palin they will get Palin end of story voting does not work if it did it would be outlawed by the traitors. End of story.

  5. I don't know - but she has nothing to do with the tea party movement as it was originally intended. But as the tea party became a threat and symbol of rising discontent, using Revolutionary symbols - the hijackers with organization and money, Glenn Beck etc came in to deflect the movement and morph it somehow into the Republicrat party... and...you guessed it - this puppet somehow becomes the new representative of the tea party movment as well. Mass marketing can achieve wonders - regardless of the will of the people.

    I don't particularly dislike her - but c''mon folks we have serious problems going on right now. It's time to forget the celebrity faces that are put out there to entertain you and tell you what you want to hear People with records demonstrating via actions are the only candidates. Last I heardt This stupid idiot above wants to invade Iran. Is that what the tea party movement is all about? More war?

    i want to hear somebody promise that when they get into office they will fire Cass Sunstein and kick his ass out of our free country. I want it it writing with a sworn pledge to quit office under jail penalty if that isn't the first act.

  6. To clarify: I dislike her less than I dislike another fraud - Glenn Beck

  7. Palin is just another Zionist in American clothing.

  8. missus Palin represents quite a number of Americans, so have some uhm respect lol

    The brainless identify with their rolemodel, Caribou Barbie, and the rest of USA feels this as a personal insult to their intelligence.

    It is well worth watching!

  9. @ anon, who said:

    "Who is Sally Palin ? another no body who came out against Obama for what do not understand it at all but then Bush was voted in so only in America."

    Not only are you not aware of why those who are awake are against Owe-bama (try continuance of Bush policies including illegal wars on for size), but you can't even get the name of the person you oppose correct. It's Sarah, not Sally, you doofus.

    But I will ask the same...who IS Sally Palin? You tell us.

  10. a huge %age of americans love this zionist bitch. That tells you how "civilized" american society is... enough said!

  11. Yes - that fact that a huge %age of amerikans love Palin is astounding to me - to think that she is in the running for a position once held by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison - and on and on - is indicative of decline.

    There is one prerequisite for office in Amerika, or a spot as radio or TV talk show host - one must adhere to the dogma of Israel-first, the unquestioned blind loyalty to a a nation embroiled in perpetual religious extremist murderous conflict.

    Palin is perfect.


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