Joe Stack and the Coming of the Rage of Reason

CLICK HERE where you can read an opinion post discussing the mood out there. You know - the mood that seems to be expressed in the recent airplane crash in Austin, Texas. The post is called "Summer of Rage" --- Here is a snippet:

" Seems Joe Stack got tired of the overreach of the government. Breaking news is the Austin IRS/CIA/FBI building just got slammed by Joe after he burned the house down and went all kamikaze on Big Brother. Would it be wrong to call this person a freedom loving patriot?"
Note: Below are a few links to catch you up on the plane crash story. As a nation we can't even have something as simple as a fed-up citizen leaving a suicide note, burning his house down, and crashing an airplane into the IRS building without intrigue.

Whether you agree with what he did or not - and I haven't heard anybody sympathizing with the IRS - it doesn't sound like a big mystery. Especially if you read his suicide note linked in one of the paragraphs below. In my opinion it ought to be required reading for all public serpents so they can see one that slipped through the "customer service" cracks.

But wait - there's more! We have speculation and rumor to deal with - why? Because there is no transparency hence zero trust in our own government. They have been caught lying so many times; the video footage is there to prove it, the records are there to prove it - that they can't even report the obvious with a sense of authority. And rightly so.

I wonder if you would agree that U.S. government agencies have zero credibility after you examine the stories below - how this airplane crash will be investigated differently and held to higher standards than other, very very very similar airplane crashes - yet they are all supposed to be held to the same standards and laws.

It doesn't take a "conspiracy theorist*" to consider every word and act originating with government or media- including their interpretations of the Austin plane crash event, as nothing more than a confusing liquor siphoned into our brains via their corporate-owned moonshine-media. For example - their inability to discriminate whether or not Joe Stack's act was; or was not; an act of terrorism.

My Apple dictionary says terrorism is:

" terrorism |ˈterəˌrizəm|
the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims."

I've read Joe's note and am taking it at face value. From this point on without independent verification of all facts I believe absolutely, positively NOTHING the government or the moonshine media have to say about this event. NOTHING. I will stick with my own interpretation - that he was fed up and used violence to intimidate the IRS in an attempt to bring about a change in their policy. Why shouldn't I think that? I know how to read. An interpreter who needs a badge and a gun to "convince" me is obviously dumber than I am - I rely on my brain.

In the following article the media and our protectors ponder the existence of explosives since the aftermath seemed out of proportion to what one would expect from an airplane of this size of such fuel capacity. Sounds like a good idea to me. Ya' know that kind of reminds me of another couple of plane crashes..
Texas Plane Crash: Did Suicidal Pilot Joe Stack Have Explosives on Board?

In this video we see the building is only safe enough for our protectors to check out but nobody else. That's because our protectors know that when airplanes crash into buildings we can expect the building to collapse at free fall speed after converting itself into powder. This video discusses the absence of Joseph Stack's body so far. They are NOT calling this "Terrorism" YET - although it was an attack against a civilian target designed to strike fear into employees of the IRS according to the suicide note Joseph Stack left. They have to wait until the investigation is over before they can proclaim this an act of terrorism. I suppose the delay is so our protectors can determine whether calling this terrorism or not is politically advantageous or not.

Here is a link to Joseph Stack's suicide note, now being called "diatribe" "hate-filled" and a "manifesto" by our protectors, so we don't think Joseph Stack is a good guy for attacking an IRS building with an airplane. That's a good thing, because our protectors consider us little children who can't think for ourselves and , as such, they fear that we might start to cheer this frustrated and robbed man who had no course of action and seems to have taken the law into his own hands.

Joseph Stack suicide note

Finally: if you haven't seen how explosives studies are done following incidents like this here's how the pros do it:

FBI explosives residue analysis not done at plane crash crime scene

* "conspiracy theorist" = every police detective since Sherlock

UPDATE FEB 19, 2010 No Pilot two people unaccounted for, Fed missing according to this vid:
Reporter asks if flight plan was necessary - hmmm - perhaps she needs to refer to his suicide note. That's an approximate flight plan if you ask me. Why does anyone think making pilots do more paperwork is gonna' stop terrorism?

UPDATE FEB 19, 2010 Joe Stack's house burned up - wife and kid checked into hotel after he Raged about the IRS the night before. Rest assured - the investigation is in the hands of the FBI - and I know we can count on them to do the same bang-up job they did with the 911 crime scene evidence. See "dust study" this blog.


UPDATE FEB 19, 2010 Prosecutors want to bar North Bergen shock jock Hal Turner's role as informant in new trial

UPDATE FEB 19, 2010

UPDATE FEB 21, 2010 Shocking Video game shamefully showing dissenting viewpoint!


  1. No body found yet?

    Hey maybe he flew it in by remote control

  2. This may seem paradoxical but I'll bet Stack killed fewer people than the Austin police department this year. Any takers? It's only Feb.

  3. The coming Age of Categorical Truth -is what you meant to say, John.

    It is categforically true that there is no collective consciousness.

    For consciousness, there's just you, me, that guy over there who feels justified in flying his airplane into the IRS building, -AND- those other (even more deluded) people -who think they are justified in what they do -because they work for something they think of as -the IRS-.

    The IRS has no more collective consciousness than a school of minnows or a pod of Orcas.

    You cannot be charged with murder for killing the IRS.

    You cannot be charged with murder for killing the US of A.

    They call it something else when you try to kill the US of A.

    They call it treason.

    But in today's social environment, those believers are just grasping at straw.

    Don Robertson

  4. Thanks for coming by Don - and especially for commenting.

  5. Here's an issue I have not seen raised. Let's assume that the body count is right (1 gov't employee killed), then we can surmise the following:
    Where the Hell is everyone? It's 9:40 am, shouldn't someone be working? By no means am I advocating any more causalties but it does beg the question, where the hell are the people who are supposed to be at work? Especially, when we are paying them. Any REAL business would have a complete workforce busy at work by 9:15 am, the latest. Only in the gov't is a workforce still absent by 9:40 am. I know it is not the main story but good God, work a full day.

  6. "irs has no more collective consciousness than a school of minnows or a pod of Orcas"

    Oh, minnows and Orcas DO have a Collective Consciousness. It's been known by Indigenous Peoples - Spiritual Peoples - Tribal Peoples - since the beginning of time.

    And what's more, it's now been discovered by Science.

  7. Cont'd fr above

    As a metter of fact, EVERYTHING- all Species have a Collective Consciousness!

  8. Joe has struck a chord with many in this country whether he was on the plane or not. Sure it was strange there were so few people around at 9:40 am on a work day but absolutely nothing in this matrix is what it appears to be.

    However if the PTB are trying to get people to act on their anger in order to clamp down even more this was probably a successful move, it will put that idea in the minds of at least a few.

  9. I blame the IRS for my husband's death. He was working on commission, and ended up w a fifty thousand dollar tax bill, that he couldn't pay. They got the house, and everything, and drove him to suicide.

    I don't feel sorry for the IRS. Too bad my husband wasted his suicide by going quietly into the night.

  10. Michael Jackson will tell you: They don't care about us.

    He's dead, too.

  11. "[...] it's now been discovered by Science."

    Al Gore? Another Nobel Prize?

    "[...] all species have a Collective Consciousness!"

    Someone please -beam this moron up.

    The planet Zorgon calls for him. LOL.

  12. About that spin thing. yea, whenever I see a huge media coverage of a supposed pedophile I automatically think "Wow, that whistleblower must have been sitting on something HUGE!" I don't for a minute think the accused is really a pedophile.

    Seen alota criticism of Joe Stack for taking the route he did and people trying to say what a mess he was. Even if he was a mess I still understand his sentiment almost exactly.

    The IRS took everything my family worked for based on the lies of an alchoholic sexually perverted psycho who claimed, among other things that we had a Swiss bank account. So in this free nation of the enlightened, the rational, the worlds' best thinkers, lies cost us our entire income, our business, our identity, our heritage. Now that the Swiss Banks are being pried open do you think we will get restitution once they realize that we never had said account? Will our estate be restored to us as well as all of the lost earnings?

    Meanwhile my husband is dying because we cannot get him his insulin. Why can we not get him his insulin is because I got my disability settlement money from the Social Security about a year ago. We used it to pay some ridiculous bills that occurred between my getting too ill to work and actually being a Social Security recipient. It was a paltry sum but we had horrible bills because when I could no longer work the law permits criminal size fees, penalties and interest rates to be applied. So we used the money to get the collectors off our backs. If we had only known that doing the right thing would cost him his life a year later. His number 1 insulin has gone from $3.20 to $320. We just can't do it. Any other product puts him in a life threatening position but we haven't even been able to afford the prices on the other products either. The employees at the insurance company are stuck with their little parameters and this is not their problem but I'm telling you, watching my husband die in front of me when all kinds of non-workers and illegals and people around the world have medical care off the decades of our sweat - no I am not taking to it kindly and it is a very radicalizing experience. It is shameful that so many of the jobs that do remain are those that negatively affect people's quality of life every day.
    After a lifetime of work his entire Social Security check is less than what it costs to rent anything but a squalid studio apartment. Everything else has been stolen from us in terms of inheritance, retirement accounts - all we have is Social Security yet we do not qualify for housing aid, food stamps - nothing. Even the pharmaceutical companies that help people get their Rx state that being a Social Security or Medicaid recipient makes you too wealthy to receive their help with your Rx. It is an extreme insult to pay high medical bills for years, knowing that you are financing the poor, the elderly and the illegal but when your turn comes it is denied and now they are talking about taking away our Social Security too?!?!

    So when my husband does die from this fiasco, is he going to go out in a blaze of protest? Am I going to take retribution for his senseless and undeserved death? I can never say never anymore.

  13. Anon above says:
    " I blame the IRS for my husband's death. He was working on commission, and ended up w a fifty thousand dollar tax bill, that he couldn't pay. They got the house, and everything, and drove him to suicide. "

    JR says: I'm sorry to hear about your husband - and wish things ended differently. It is my hope that others will learn something from your words and take away a sense of responsibility - because we are all partially responsible - since in a Republic the citizens are ultimately responsible for the consequences of their governments actions.

    The national strike, as is being discussed at the WRH site and other sites is, in my opinion, an avenue for peaceful change that will ultimately benefit all who wish to restore the American dream.

  14. my continued bad too. . . . as far as collective consciousness - hah! I think there is a collective unconscious too! But as far as corporate consciousness - I was really hoping that a recent ruling for corporations as humans would result in extreme divestiture - can't be buying and selling those corporate human lives anymore!

    In fighting for my husband's insulin full time for more than 2 weeks now it is just amazing that people actually believe that there is help out there - there is not. For us a $200 bill is just as unattainable as the $320 one. So if he makes it to next month maybe we will shut off the net, TV, phones and all - still less than 1 month's insulin which just gives Bank of America more opportunity to rip us off of our meager Social Security. They won't let us quit our account, they have damaged us so badly in reputation with their shenanigans that no other bank will take us and we have to go on-line daily and print-out their current statement because when our checks come in they re-arrange all the inbound and outbound so that they can charge excessive low/no balance fees. They also allow criminal companies to come take monies out of our account without our knowledge or permission for goods and services we have never received and do not even know what they are. We have hard copy paper letter from the bank stating that they will no longer do this but once again, we have to go to the bank weekly, show them their own letter, and then have our account restored. Try living on only Social Security in one of the largest metro areas of the country and then have your bank routinely take more than half of your check every time it comes in! And we were born here - we don't get those checks like non-citizens get - more than any citizen could ever get. Oh I totally know the rage of Joe Stack. The daily corporate criminality that we live in my family is proof that the republic is failing and it is just an all out grab for whatever monies they can get from anybody - and no collective consciousness towards not harming the disabled or elderly at all. They have rules to go by and the rules must be right because their higher power, their all powerful employer the company made them. And of course if the rules were wrong somebody would fix them. And of course there actually are attorneys left who actually fight for the little guy and do the right thing like on Boston Legal - yeah that's it - just like as seen on TV. Console yourselves with that while doing the bidding of your corporate inhumane masters!

  15. Did you mean the Rape of Reason?

    I'm thinking of the corporate collective consciousness and altered states of reality created by corporate media entertainment here.

  16. The fairy tale myth of the collective consciousness really irks me. People are just slaves to their learned idiocy. I am talking to you -IDIOTS!

    The collective consciousness is what these morons that work in all the bureaucracies stand behind. They want you to believe -the collective consciousness is on their side, reinforcing their purportedly God-given will, and legitimizing their power over YOU.

    Hold on, folks! Just wait until you see who is at the other end of my wagging finger.

    Everyone has as much power as they are willing to command, and that is all. Nothing more and nothing less exists. Get that through your head.

    That was Joe Stack's very cogent message, "FUCK THEM. You ain't the boss of me, unless I let you be the boss of me."

    Thank you, Joe!

    Tonight I heard Michael Rivero and Alex Jones BOTH whoring for, massaging the groins of -and- generally placating the bureaucratic-media-lords that allow them to broadcast their often-times mindless swill, saying, violence is not the way to go. OMFG!

    The most violent man in the world right now is a colored gangster-hoodlum from a drug-infested murder-is-common South Side Chicago who is waging world-war-three on half the world, AND these two alternative-media-wusses are afraid to come out and say, if you do not take matters into your own hands at the end of the barrel of your own gun, then the government troops are going to be commanded to come around and force each of you to be exactly like the whining-is-enough social-climbing-pacifist-wusses -Michael Rivera and Alex Jones-, -sawdust stuffing- in the media Trojan Horse of our own times!

    Fuck that. You get the chance, wreck something.

    This place is a goddamned jailhouse filled with liars, gangsters, thieves, whores and jailhouse wardens. God ain't sorting anyone out tonight.

    Remember the Alamo, and remember how American it is to shoot some son-of-a-bitch -DEAD!

    Whining pacifism is like a pimple on the end of your nose at a time like this.

    I ain't no stinking peace freak waiting for the government to get better or topple over of its own immoral weight.

    God Bless America


    What a bunch of fat wusses.

    Don Robertson

  17. My good friend Joe Stack should have made a thousand clones of himself ,then go visit all the IRS BUILDING AS WELL AS THE FEDERAL RESERVE END OF STORY .

  18. But Don... when you say:

    " Remember the Alamo, and remember how American it is to shoot some son-of-a-bitch -DEAD!"

    isn't it appropriate to remember the Alamo for what it was... a power grab by land squatters who were allowed to live on the land of Mexico, then decided to make it their own country, then when Mexico came to take it back they applied for statehood (unlike Israel) then the Feds came to bail their asses out?

    All this in the name of what ... slavery...because the slave states knew they were always from that point on to hold a minority in the Congress - and that they needed Texas to give them the clout in Congress so they could still have some power ?

    Don't you think that is an appropriate part of the situation to bring up when quoting such a case history?

    U.S. Grant himself said in his memoirs the addendum I'll put below the text of this article since the comments can't handle the HTML

    Careful 'bout the Alamo -

    one other thing - typical of Texas - the biggest f-up in "American" military history and somehow they are portrayed as the victors and the heroes! Check out the U.S. Grant memoirs excerpt above

  19. http://books.google.com/books?id=fxwTAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA54#v=snippet&q=mexico%20&f=false

  20. Damn Don...you reading my journal ?

  21. Remember the Maine then, and the Gulf of Tonkin, and Pearl Harbor and the Philippines, and Wounded Knee, -and above all- remember West Side Story.

    When you're a Jet, You're a Jet all the way, from your first cigarette, to your LAST DYING DAY!

    Violence is as American as pussy, beer, shotguns, pizza pie and submarine sandwiches.

    We didn't invent Jimmy Cagney, Billy the Kid or General MacArthur because these people were our favorite pacifists.

    When I was a kid, for a public Halloween party, my mother dressed me up as Aunt Jemima. My younger brother was dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi. Everyone laughed at both of us. I won first prize.

    I laugh the same way at Michael Rivero and Alex Jones (the latter -who most of the time sounds and acts like he is announcing a circus act).

    These two Bozo the Clowns don't know what they are talking about when they talk about pacifist notions -to Americans. They might just as well try and sell them warm beer.

    If the IRS sends you a letter, and some shmoe IRS clerk asks you to come in for an IRS audit, don't dress up like that Mahatma Gandhi or Michael Rivero in a moo-moo.

    Dress up like Jack Nicholson and get yourself a big, sharp, pointed fire-ax. Have some fun with the occasion.

    John, you know, I am the most authoritative moral philosopher of our time. I will debate anyone, anywhere, any time.

    People who haven't studied Categorical Knowledge are as dumb as baboons, -dumber.

    I'm telling you and everyone else here. There's nothing immoral about killing someone.

    It is -more- immoral to get someone hooked on drugs, or weigh them down with debt, as each malignancy can last an agonizing life-time.

    If there is anything that is immoral about killing people, (and there generally isn't) -it is immoral because (and only because) wanton violence (look up the word "wanton") is an attribute of a society that would not be our choice -to bequeath to the future-.

    We have plenty of that violence being bequeathed to the future -already.

    This specific second-tier moral measure requires us to ask ourselves, these people that we might kill as a choice, is killing these people a worse choice than bequeathing a world to the future where this kind of person would continue to exist, if we do not kill them?

    One relevant constraint here is diversity. Humanity has a moral duty to protect diversity.

    But there is no critical shortage of diversity of the sort of people most of us might kill.

    There are those in the mainstream media who would justify hacking Osama bin Laden to death for committing a crime he did not commit.

    There are plenty of people walking around who -did- commit crimes -that we all know about too.

    And some would argue hacking them to death would not be too extreme.

    LOL, if inappropriately.

    -Don Robertson

  22. Well Don, I will say this - our media - especially every cop show, movie, and other crap from Hollywood - supports everything you just said.


  23. "If there is anything that is immoral about killing people, (and there generally isn't)..."

    1. violating moral principles; not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or established as consistent with principles of personal and social ethics.

    1. the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.

    - noun
    A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

    "If there is anything that is immoral about killing people,
    (and there generally isn't)..."
    - Don Robertson

  24. Being an ample and likley rotund humanitarian -"AlreadyPublished" is one of these people who voted for Barack Obama because he was the "peace" candidate. Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

    His skill at ferreting psychopaths when he was behind the curtain of the voting booth -would have been worthy a comment, had that skill existed.

    "AlreadyPublished" probably still refuses to recognize or acknowledge that the guy he supported, and will support again in 2012, is the psychopath he sees in anyone he disagrees with on Interntet bulletin boards.

    That's enough time spent on "AlreadyPublished". I do not want to swell his head any more -for fear it might burst, and what would be the result of it bursting.

    Oh! There is one more thing. Everyone is -already published-, if we count the toilet paper they use to wipe their ass. But that will not make for a better world.

    The analogy is apt, because most people would never talk about someone wiping their ass. The morality of murder is like that. It is done every day, and those who deny it, or don't do it because they are too rotund to reach their ass, well... They usually stink.

    Other voters -voted for John (The Crybaby) McCain -because they hoped McCain would keep the country safe from the "psychopaths" so commonly alluded to on the Internet these days by those with little more to add to their "good & evil" analysis of the world made in black and white, stripes and patterns, which clash in their feeble, cuckoo clockwork minds.

    I voted for Mark Twain.

    I'll vote again for Mark Twain in the 2012 election, if we should suffer the indignity of there being another election.

    I assumed I was the only person in the country still proud of his vote. I have been proved wrong before.

    Unlike the simpletons who view their world through blinders that block out the reality around them, I know there is -something more immoral- about voting for one of these psychopaths that always seems ultimately to go on to wage mega-war on the world, -than there is- anything immoral about murdering any one of these filthy-swine before they get to edge of the precipice from which they jump upon and murder so many of the unsuspecting humanity huddling below them.

    Some people are so utterly incohesive in their thoughts, they have to quote their Random House Collegiate, just like others quote the Bible.

    It is terrifying. Their ignorance is like blackface painted on.

    But I am not supposed not to notice?

    I feel no empathy for these embarrassments that turn up.

    Psychopath indeed! Thank Freud. He has made everyone a painter of these psychological fantasy portaits that purport to explain the world to these cretin intellects that haunt the Internet like cyber-gnats.

    Everyone is some kind of fucking genius. Some people are psychopathic geniuses, -if not in a moo-moo -then in a tutu.

    Don Robertson

  25. I find that "Already Published"'s definitions apply very well to employees of the IRS and also to bankster employees.


    Unfortunately it was much worse than that - cannot find most recent article. Also this is happening nationwide and it is not just in relationship to telemarketers - we find that we must go on-line everyday and print out our banks current accounting because as soon as a check comes in they re-arrange everything in order to attach bogus fees.

    And bye the bye, not the only one here already published.

  26. I do not know why I waste my time.

    Everyone is an out-of-the-can genius that needn't read or think -to give everyone listening -what they have to say, incoherent drivel that -that is.

    Most are like acting-out adolescents.

    It's like a deja vu on -Planet of the Apes- only it is the junior high school play, version.

    Has anyone ever noticed when a group of adolescents walks down the street together -how closely they huddle in their seemingly incrongruous pack?

    Just like that -it is.

    Alexander "I'm in charge here." Haig died, -yesterday, leaving a huge void for nutcase inner-circle presidential men.

    Rahm Emanuel is thought by many to be equal to the task, but he keeps well-hidden behind the thighs of the "Obesity is fat" First Lady.

    Be fair. Fat is fat. Dumb is dumb. Do not mix the two up. This does not mean YOU cannot be fat and dumb, but it doesn't make it a foregone conclusion about an appearance relating to mental capacity.

    I'm sure you are happier that way, -anyway- in your moo-moo.

    The "Gimmie another cigarette," President is instilling such confidence these days manipulating the public through the media both alternative and mainstream, it may be necessary to believe in God, -because God would likely be the only one who could sort this mess out.

    Buy a gun. And do not forget the ammo. And when the time comes, just killing people at random would probably be a big improvement over what is going on today.

    The party is over.

    Buy lots of ammo. -And keep the gun loaded. And just remember this one phrase.

    "No speech Ing-rich." That one phrase may buy you some time.

    Then take the safety off, (if you don't already have the safety -off-) and then -just start pulling the trigger as fast as you can.

    Guan Tana Mera

  27. Well Don, calling for murder is a good way to be on the receiving end, but damn it man I am having a difficult time disagreeing with you. What kind of world do we live in that brings us to the madness of smashing planes into buildings? The media quickly writes it off and covers it up with Tiger but the fact remains that GCN (Rivero, Jones, Rense etc) is owned by ABC so expecting anything less from them, that seemed to surprise you, was a no brainer afaiac.
    Never the less, dragline of the Rivero chat informs me he thinks I am getting set up to be hit. Life just got a hellova lot more interesting for me and I want everyone to know I am NOT suicidal.

  28. I wonder if this is exactly the words everyone waits for to shut down a blog like this one.

    Violent revolution is a crap shoot - you don't know what you will get.

    It seems obvious to me that the media did their best - all of them - right wing, left wing - however they portray themselves while saying the same thing - to make sure to marginalize or give minimum coverage to a big story - suicide plane crash into IRS building.

    The problem the American public faces is the same problem all those with a beef with the US federal government face:
    The moment you use violence against them - they've got the whole system set up so you are proving what they accused you of all along - and the information warfare apparatus goes into high gear until you no longer exist.

    Notice there have been no Muslim terrorist attacks in the USA? Why? After all the death and destruction they've suffered at the hands of my government where is their counterattack?

    They know the minute they do something like that they lose. But it seems they may also come to a realization that by playing that game they will ultimately lose anyway since for some reason Amerika doesn't seem interested in peace. As JFK said - those who make peaceful change impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

    I suppose as this drama pays out we'll all get too see if he was right.

  29. "Violent revolution is a crap shoot."

    Come on, John. Do not fall for the bait.

    You mean World War III is like playing Russian roulette with a semi-automatic.

    I'm sure the immediately previous poster, as anonymous as he is, and as incendiary as he trying to be -didn't mean to incite violent revolution.

    What he meant was to play the part of an agent
    provocateur. He's the one wearing the tutu.

    Let me see if I can defuse him with some truth no one can resist, simply because it is the inexorable truth, the sort only philosophy can provide.

    Philosophy is the pinnacle of all knowledge.

    I'm a philosopher. If someone wants to give my my hemlock, let them speak up, but not from behind some God-damned anonymous mask, "Mr Morphed".

    John is not anonymous here. I am not anonymous here. You are a cowardly little weasel.

    I seek and speak about the path toward truth. John knows that. John read one of my books.

    The truth is exactly as I have phrased it for the more personable regents of the Internet overseers. Hi, fellas. How's the bureau doing these days? Updating files are we? Sounds like busy-work to me. To each his own though.

    Shooting people at random could hardly be morally worse than what our government is leading the world toward.

    The moral imperative of life is to live a life that detracts not at all from the lives available to those who will follow us into this world.

    Our government is on a path that could destroy that future for virtually every human being on the planet, if the idiots who make up the government -are not stopped.

    This is like the day everyone has contemplated.

    It's just like that nightmare, the one where you -work in one of those missile silos out in Kansas- (an Indian word) -and one of your cohorts is about to insert the key he wears around his neck, into the firing mechanism of the computer that controls a half-gross of Hydrogen Bombs.

    He has been given his orders, -to unleash Armageddon. And it's just you and him down there in that room ten stories below that grain field in Kansas.

    You've been given a gun loaded with dumdums to make sure he fires off the ICBMs as commanded.

    He's going to do it too.

    He has that far away glimmer in his eyes.

    What is your moral choice?

    That's right. There is no such thing as the collective consciousness.

    In that room, there is you, and there is him, and there's all the rest of humanity outside that room that is going to die -if you do not make the moral choice to shoot that patriotic soldier right between his squinting, tearing, crazed and yet -determined- eyes.

    "Shoot him -dead," says the most important philosopher in more than a thousand years.

    "Shoot him dead. And shoot him three times, just to make sure he is dead. And then salute the immoral bastard."

    God Bless America.

    Don Robertson

  30. -"AlreadyPublished" doesn't live in the United Snakes of Captivity, Don, you violence-loving psychopath.
    Already Published therefore doesn't participate in your jury-rigged black-box selection process.

    Get your facts straight next time.

  31. Let's see, suppose I take the side of those who claim that violence is not the answer. Wrong because it is simply immoral - not impractical. Because "thou shalt not kill" and because killing another human being to me, Jack Rabbit, is so repulsive, that I don't even agree with the death penalty.

    But what if I asked myself - hey - why not model my behaviour on the example set by those who will judge me? Why not follow their lead? Then I can determine what the "gold standard" is regarding the use of violence to preserve freedom - that way I know I am not crossing any lines, violating any solemn pacts, defying moral creeds, making any Gods mad at me - I'm doing what I've learned through the example set by my LEADERS AND PROTECTORS AND REPRESENTATIVES - THE VERY PEOPLE WHO REPRESENT ME - that by copying their actions I am doing exactly as they would do - playing the game by their rules - and making sure that I cannot by criticized for doing something that they would not do themselves. So let's get started:

  32. 1. 1,366,350 Iraqis dead following a war of aggression based on lies by the US government and the British government - killed directly or indirectly through United States involvement in their affairs to bring them "freedom" and "democracy" based on a "threat" they posed to America when we have the means to turn that country into glass in minutes at any time our leader chooses - because nobody will stop
    Source: http://www.justforeignpolicy.org/iraq

    2. WACO: "Many people believe that David Koresh (or the Branch Davidians) were responsible for the deaths of the 74 men, women and children who died in the inferno at Waco on April 19, 1993. This is the story that the FBI put out. It is a lie. The guns they had were legal. The local sheriff investigated and found no basis for complaints against them. These were law-abiding American citizens, even if they thought differently to most other folks. They trusted the U.S. Constitution to ensure their political rights, but they were murdered by agents acting under the authority of the U.S. government. Read this page if you believe otherwise. If you still have doubts, get the video Rules of Engagement for visual evidence. Or read the book Armageddon in Waco. Or see the film Waco: A New Revelation.

    Waco occurred under the presidency of Bill Clinton, with Janet Reno and Wesley Clark in supporting roles. Already back in 1993 the US government demonstrated its contempt for the American people by carrying out a massacre in order to "demonstrate" (on prime time TV) its supposed "authority" (a tactic favored by fascist governments). Following the usurpation of the presidency in 2000 by the psychopath George W. Bush, and the subsequent installation of the insane John Ashcroft as Bush's Himmler, things became much worse. On 9/11 about forty times as many people were murdered as at Waco. In both cases the murderers have so far gone unpunished."
    Source: http://www.serendipity.li/waco.html

    3. The media: more specifically the peace-loving rotiart Glenn Beck who says:
    "The first thing out of my mind? Shoot him in the head," Beck said on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday morning. "Shoot him in the head before it goes into a court and we're doing all this nonsense back and forth. He's a bad guy. Shoot him in the head.""
    Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/02/16/glenn-beck-on-captured-ta_n_464482.html

    4. Law Enforcement: Go here for historical precedent of what those sworn to "serve and protect" will do - that means shooting American citizens - to preserve "Freedom" - watch the video to see for yourself as they disarm Americans and arrogantly shield their faces in cars we bought:

    So we can follow the lead of our leaders - as they set the example as representatives of the public - in a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, in actions that are for our own good - so why would they not encourage us to take their lead?

  33. "When I wrote [instructions to the embassies to frame Arabs for Israeli terrorist attacks]
    I still didn't know how crushing is
    the evidence that was ALREADY PUBLISHED, refuting our official version."
    --Moshe Sharrett

    NOT GUILTY. The Israeli captain who emptied his rifle into a Palestinain schoolgirl

    · Officer ignored warnings that teenager was terrified
    · Defence says 'confirming the kill' standard practice

    An Israeli army officer who FIRED THE ENTIRE MAGAZINE of his automatic rifle INTO A 13-YEAR-OLD PALESTINIAN GIRL and then said he WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME EVEN IF SHE WAS THREE years old was acquitted on all charges by a military court yesterday.

    The soldier, who has only been identified as "Captain R", was charged with relatively minor offences for the killing of Iman al-Hams who was SHOT 17 TIMES as she ventured near an Israeli army post near Rafah refugee camp in Gaza a year ago.

    The manner of Iman's killing, and the revelation of a tape recording in which the captain is warned that she was JUST A CHILD WHO WAS "SCARED TO DEATH", made the shooting one of the most controversial since the Palestinian intifada erupted five years ago even though hundreds of other children have also died.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    "If there is anything that is immoral about killing people,
    (and there generally isn't)..."
    - Don Robertson

    Tell that to the parents of Iman al Hams.

  34. John- The problem with your approach, which is the common humanitarian approach, is that it is neither moral (in anything but a fairy tale sense), and neither does it reduce death by violence because humanity is an essentially violent animal.

    The professedly least violent culture are in fact the most violent cultures.

    Humans walk upright, because to survive, they had to run to get away from their fellow humans.

    And run they did, or they died dragging their asses on the ground.

    That is our clear evolutionary heritage.

    The problem we are all aware of today; the problem Joe Stack saw, is NOT addressable as a humanitarian problem.

    Jesus may have been a nice guy, but he got himself hung on a cross to die before he was 35.

    The problem we're talking about must be addressed as a secular (non-fairy tale) moral problem.

    The moral imperative of life is to live a life that does not detract at all from the lives available to those who will follow us into this world.

    That approach solves the problem. If you are on one side of that line, then it is measurably moral to put you out of your barbaric misery.

    Didn't a lot of people want to bash in George W. Bush's head not too long ago? Put your hands down, I did not ask for volunteers.

    If you are on the other side of that line, then you have the right to go ahead (like Joe Stack) and affect the lethal moral solution on anyone that is on the other, with your only the constraint a consideration measuring your act against the sort of world you might wish to bequeath to the future, -perhaps where murder is not so common as it is TODAY otherwise?

    Every moral choice is a PERSONAL moral choice.

    I described in my book why and how the moral imperative is a categorically true statement. It is always immoral to live in a manner that detracts from the future available to those who will follow us into this world. There is NO exception to this moral statement.

    The moral imperative is a personal moral guidepost.

    For the first time in the history of mankind however, we have a categorically true statement to contend with.

    There are no other categorically true statements, unless we count the cogito. Not even 1+1=2 is categorically true.

    Categorical Knowledge arises from the moral imperative. This is an entirely new knowledge set. It is NOT science. It is Categorical Knowledge, those bits of knowledge that are true in EVERY instance, -by definition.

    We all know by instinct that what Joe Stack raged against was categorically immoral. Some will not agree with his means of addressing the problem, I know. That does not change the categorical equation.

    It will be a thousand years before ANYONE is proficient in Categorical Knowledge. But if humanity is to last another thousand years, humans will have to become proficient in Categorical Knowledge.

    Categorical Knowledge, for those who are interested, negates all scientific knowledge, categorically, until Categorical Knowledge is mastered.

    No one has the moral right to gamble where there is a possible detriment to the future. The lost wagers in those bets made by immoral pragmatic humans -are cumulative. Those cumulative losses define our present, just as they will continue to define the future.

    Welcome out of the Dark Age of Empirical Barbarism. Pragmatism is immoral, David Hume.

    And BTW, I live less than three miles from Canada, and every Canadian votes in the American elections vicariously. Almost every Canadian voted for the Chicago gangster that won our last election.

    I can admit when I'm wrong. I have a wife of forty years, folks. I have to admit when I am wrong all the time.

  35. OK Don since you are a philosopher - you can handle a forinstance:

    There are two people left on the planet and they are having an argument:

    They are :
    1. Adam
    2. Eve

    Eve kills Adam

    End of the human race

    That's what is wrong with murder.

  36. Yes, John. Such a murder would be the destruction of a species, our own.

    Yes, but no less, even more particularly, it would be the destruction of some of the species-diversity that makes this planet such a wonderful place to attend a party.

    However, John, if it is necessary to protect Bengal Tigers for the diversity they represent, and which we all have a nearly primary moral duty to protect for the diversity they represent, then by all means -kill a few humans to do it. Shoot the poachers of Bengal Tigers. And similarly for the poachers of other species on the brink. Shoot them -dead- too.

    But unlike what the Buddhists might teach, it is perfectly moral to kill a mosquito. It is also perfectly moral to kill a human being in the same way sense, only constrained by the sort of world we might want to pass on to those coming in the future, one perhaps less murderous?

    There is no shortage of human beings. Neither is there any shortage of the murder and killing of human beings.

    It is even arguable, there are far too many human beings, -and that their great numbers impact on ecological niches where rarified and threatened species live -perhaps that this requires some moral solution. If all other solutions fail, then killing humans to protect species diversity is something some individuals might morally rationalize.

    These are all personal choices. That is the nature of reality, morality and consciousness, which in every instance is personal. It is not a relative morality though. There is a right, and there is a wrong.

    There is another aspect to diversity we all have a duty to protect, cultural diversity.

    The idiotic push to modernize all the people of the world has come at great social cost, greater war, and greater suffering for humanity as a whole.

    The West literally forced open Japan to bring trade and western ways to the feudal land of the Shogun. Population density skyrocketed in Japan immediately following the western cultural invasion. One can trace from this historical phenomenon the Japanese war in China that led to their participation in WWII, which precipitated the calamity of the development of the A-bomb, and its use, seen as a moral choice to end the war -by a few individuals who made the choice.

    Look at the small island nations that have nearly been destroyed by "western modernization".

    All "progress", "economic growth", and "modernization" is an obfuscation and an apologist's excuse for the immoral acts of those who thought they could improve on the world or life.

    There is no greater big lie.

    What Joe Stack raged against, is a bureaucracy.

    All bureaucracies are categorically immoral.

    What fool-human thought setting up some kind of a bureaucracy -ever solved anything?

    Bureaucracies are like Greek Gods that laud and terrorize men as long as they persist.

    Bureaucracies are nearly immortal. Men are not.

    Joe Stack is a hero in the eyes of many, because he went down trying to slay the immortal beast.

    Joe Stack is seen as delivering the first blow to the vile, and now wounded animal known as the IRS.

    And now, the chase meant to bring down the wounded beast -is on.

    There are many bureaucracies that must be similarly slain. It is our moral duty.

    It is one thing -we can do-, to improve the world for the FUTURE.

    Another is, we can stop encouraging all these many lying scientists who keep claiming they have a solution to a problem -most often a problem -caused by the solution to another problem given to us by another scientist.

    These scientists are all just practicioners of witchcraft. They are ALL categorically immoral until they master Categorical Knowledge, which is a long way off.


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