Nationwide Strike Paralyzes Greece

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" ATHENS—Tens of thousands of Greeks took to the streets Wednesday as much of the country went on a 24-hour strike against government austerity measures."
Note: I heard Thom Hartmann - a supposed lefty - on his radio show yesterday - tell his audience (after taking a call from a knowledgeable caller who asked Thom Hartmann why he doesn't support the national strike coming up on April 15 2010 here in the United States ) that a national strike won't work.

The caller was initially labeled and portrayed by Thom Hartmann as a righty - but the caller dispelled the labels. Thom Hartmann takes the position that the national strike is nothing more than a subterfuge by the Republicans - and that participants are tools and operatives of the Republican party.

Thom Hartmann has not criticized Cass Sunstein (click on inverted Old Glory top left this blog) - why? As a radio show talker Thom makes his money seeming to exercise freedom of speech - but by not supporting the national strike - and by misrepresenting the grass roots nature of the movement - he loses credibility in my eyes.

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