The Second American Revolution


  1. I have been using a poplar social-networking site for political action. I looked up Military Commissions Act to see what groups formed around the topic. There was one group for MCA and one against it. The total combined membership of both groups is a whopping 49. Neither group has had activity in the past 3 years.

    The Pro MCA declares in its mission statement that our enemies 'lower the bar' and that Americans must stoop to their level of imprisonment without trial. Quote, "Taking the 'higher ground' will not gain the respect of crazed radicals, they are not rational human beings and can not be treated as such...(America) must be free to break the backs of the enemy and crush them completely, because if there is any resistance after the United States exits Iraq, then the problem will ensue indefinitely...We are talking about alternative methods which break down the psyche of the captive in order to obtain information...This surely will not guarantee quick and easy victory, but it will definitely speed up the process."

    How has torture and profiling sped up a war that keeps getting larger?

    You know there are a lot of people who think we need this law for reasons stated above, and who do not think our government would harm us, though we're fighting amongst ourselves to much these days, they might say it's OK for some citizens.

  2. Anon above - thank you for participating.

    There is a post on this blog with inserts from John Adams' book defying the concepts those claiming we must "lower the bar"

    Lowering the bar does one thing - it allows criminals to use "new rules" to silence or "eliminate" opposition based on accusation alone. No trial, no evidence - no nothing.



  3. By the way...
    The article above is a bit disorganized - but the example set by Adams with the Boston massacre trial, then later the insert from his points about factors that when existent lead to a rule of law - those are the important parts that set the precedent for the greatness that was America.


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