Romania agrees to host US missile interceptors -Does oil factor into the equation?

First read about US missiles to protect Romania (Click here)

From the article:

" The facilities in Romania will be part of Obama’s plan to develop a land- and sea-based missile shield in Europe focused on protecting against threats from Iranian medium-range missiles. In September he scrapped a Bush administration plan to develop an expensive and untested missile shield in Europe with components in Poland and the Czech Republic. That plan had raised tensions with Russia, which considered US missile facilities near its border a threat, and the decision to shelve it was welcomed in Europe, as The Christian Science Monitor reported."

What is it about Romania that aggressor nations love? I'm not saying the Romanians don't want the protection of American military power - who wouldn't? Well I suppose that depends on what one must give to America in return.

In World War 2, the last big shooting war for world domination, it took 35 days to get a can of gasoline from central supply to American aircraft fighting Axis powers. The Axis powers on the other hand had the Romanian oil fields to supply them with fuel. It is advantageous to have a supply of fuel close to the theater of operations.

Please consider the videos below - don't miss the ones linked that I couldn't embed - I wonder after examining the videos and links if you would conclude that "it's all about oil" or "it's not about the oil at all."
At the very least I find this an interesting situation from history to take into consideration for comparison with the propaganda beamed to us compliments of the pentagon spin factory.

CLICK HERE FOR EXCELLENT VIDEO May 1943 SECRET BRIEFING FILM - Strategy to Attack Germany's Petroleum Industry

Watch video below: Ploiesti...The main european oilfield in WWII (Romania)

Watch this video to see how Medals of Honor were won during WW2 over Ploesti:

4. CIA World Factbook ranking of Romanian Oil Production CLICK HERE
This CIA provided factbook shows number where Romania consumes more oil than it produces. Maybe it is not about oil?

5. EXTRA CREDIT - FEB 2010 ONLY - VIDEO on Zeno's Warbirds free matinee - CLICK HERE - go to "A Day with the A-36's" for a view into the past - look at all the gas cans. Romania mentioned too.
It's funny how in the old films they spoke of "making the last bombs of this war - everybody waiting for that day..." When is the last time you heard that?

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