Shall We Start Building Ovens?

Read entire article US intelligence chief claims right to assassinate Americans overseas

" US Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair said on Wednesday that government agencies have a policy of assassinating Americans overseas as required by the “war on terror.”
In testimony before the House intelligence committee, Blair said the assassinations would be justified if US citizens were “taking action that threatens Americans.” This is an extremely broad category, giving the US intelligence apparatus general authority to engage in what amount to extra-judicial executions.

...The US follows “a set of defined policy and legal procedures that are very carefully observed,” Blair claimed. He also said that the US intelligence agencies seek “specific permission”—presumably from the White House, though Blair was not explicit—to carry out actions that will involve killing US citizens."

Note: Geez. I'll bet he needs a missile or two before each killling is accomplished. At least the NAZIs had the decency to save their citizens' money when they murdered people and built gas chambers to murder them in large numbers. This is typical American government working without any regard for the taxpayer's dollar.

The argument for imprisoning without trial was previously that our inalienable rights were reserved for American citizens - that's how the U.S. Federal government justified letting uncharged victims rot in jail without trial. Now they don't use that argument anymore - they just kill anybody they want American or not. This means you can forget about liberty and the pursuit of happiness because you don't even have the right to life anymore if these serial killers have their way with you.

So all that has to happen is Obama needs you dead and you are "dealt with." No trial. Just murdered. What is to prevent these same people from rounding up an entire village and slaughtering everyone? If you can kill one - why not 100 or 1000 or 6,000,000? After all - there are a lot of bad people out there that may or may not wish us harm. This brings us to the subject of what to do with the bodies.

Shall we start building ovens?

John Adams:
" ... no good cause ever was or ever will be served by assassination and this is happily, in the present age, the universal sense of mankind."

UPDATE FEB 7, 2010 Intelligence Chief: US Can Kill Americans Abroad By Ellen Nakashima Washington Post Staff Writer
UPDATE FEB 7, 2010 Assassination in Middle Tennessee This idea of eliminating people without trial has crossed a few minds before...
UPDATE FEB 7, 2010 Law professor: Assassinating US citizens raises ‘troubling’ issues
NOTE: In this quote from Raw Story article Turley misses the point:
""The problem is that there's a term for this," Turley went on. "It's called assassination. You're taking out someone, a US citizen, who's had no chance to prove that they're innocent. ... US citizens are entitled to trials.""
***Prove one's innocence? What happened to "innocent until proven guilty?" What happened to a justice system designed to "protect the innocent" where it was "better to let a guilty person go free than imprison an innocent person?"

UPDATE FEB 7, 2010 Read entire article the president of the United States can decide who lives and who doesn't. Not a court. Not a jury. Just the president.
UPDATE FEB 7, 2010 Help me out here - just for the sake of argument and sanity testing... if an American citizen overseas attempted suicide, that person would be "taking action that threatens Americans" (themself) thereby fitting the requirement to be assassinated to protect themself (an American) from themself. Is it me or are we dealing with the insane here?


  1. Sorry to corrct you but the so called gas chambers that you reference were,in fact, built by the Russians after the conclusion of WWII.


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  3. The 'Problem of the Gas Chambers'


  4. World Famous French Professor
    Says From All His Research
    Nazi Homicidal Gas Chambers Did Not Exist
    Dr. Robert Faurisson


  5. Whether or not you believe the gas chambers existed the logic still follows for the American mind.

  6. The 1st people to start with would be everybody in the CIA, if you're talking about terrorists.

  7. Auschwitz was ownned by American corporations it was a work camp set up to mine coal then turn the coal into gasoline. You fit the pieces togather. The railroad tracks leading to the camp was never bombed. The camp for that matter still stands. Follow the money trail.

  8. If the Nazis built gas chambers just to gas millions, they did a mighty poor job of it. The doors to these chambers were too porous for that type of purpose, and they opened to the inside! They were what the original plans said they were: de-lousing chambers.

  9. To communicate with a group we must speak in a language they can understand.

  10. FYI==The Russians built the gas chambers AFTER WWII with forced German labor. Just a minor note but well documented. Zyklon B was manufactured by I.G. Farben. American I.G. Farben was controlled by Paul Warburg(founder and chair of the FEDERAL RESERVE) His German counterpart at IG Farben was Max Warburg(his brother and head of MM Warburg)> Gee, what a coincidence.


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