A Generational Moment for Drug Policy Reformers

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" It all centers around a man named Henry Walter Wooten, a 54-year-old Texas resident who will likely be spending the rest of his life behind bars. That’s because a jury in Tyler sentenced him to 35 years in jail after he was caught in possession of just over a quarter pound of marijuana. The prosecutor in Smith County originally sought 99 years, due to the man’s prior felony convictions in the 80s and his proximity to a day care center, deep within one of the dreaded “drug free zones” where legal penalties become much more stiff.

...Wooten’s sentence is identical to the punishment dealt to Alejandro Arreola, who was given 35 years in jail by a jury in Del Rio, Texas for his involvement in a multimillion dollar marijuana smuggling ring. Arreola, according to reports, transported over 24 TONS of the stuff into the United States. His accomplice, Casey Bob Hutto, got 24 years."
Note: Gotta' make you drug enforcement people proud. Also all you lawyers, jailers, judges and other assorted conviction artists. Nice work locking up another person for nothing.

Keep that gravy train rolling! We're all so proud of our boys in drug enforcement! Oh we're proud of the stupid women too. I'm gonna' sleep really good tonight knowing you got this one off the streets. You've saved the women and children from plants - but can't do a thing about murder, usury, wars everywhere, unemployment (other than protecting your own sorry ass) - I guess that's enough.

It seems that the people involved in this phony war on drugs would operate gas chambers for a living if they were told to do it - just following orders you see. Pathetic.


  1. Too bad he wasn't only a rich guy who killed his wife. Then he could have served less than 10 years.

  2. I didn't know rich guys went to jail unless they screw over richer guys-like Madoff


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