The Reality of Healthcare: A Bill for 30 days in the Hospital

My friend is no longer with us. This is what we are ALL facing...

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  1. If it wasn't so horrible it would be funny… my family has one that's only a twentieth of that total for an 8 hour stay, but they had the audacity to put a bible quote about charity on the top of it.

  2. Big Pharma and Big Medica still perform bloodlettings...draining all of us down the last penny...Never mind that FDA approved drugs take the lives of a quarter million Americans every year. It must be some big experiment, to see how far they can push a society to the edge of financial and power starvation until we begin to crumble as a nation. What do they care about healing? There is too much profit to be made from illness. It's criminally insane. No wonder Congress keeps trying to push bills that would take away our alternative medicines!

  3. Only c. $9K/day! What a deal... Though I know nothing of the circumstances in this case, I would bet that most of this "care" did little to make the patient more comfortable or his/her last days better in any way.

    Been there and done that with several family members and, as a physician, I have seen it all. Very sad and needless...

    The System is broken and cannot be fixed by proceeding down the path we are on.

  4. Get ready to be rendered in decomp vats by IQ66ers. Tasering makes the flesh more tender...you probably think I'm kidding. They're farming you folks.

  5. Oh, and by the way - the Social Security Admin. wanted ALL of their money back for the month - although he made it halfway through - so the money that he had in the bank to "bury" him - had to go right back to Social Security. They didn't even have the decency to prorate it for the half month he lived!

    Have you ever heard "We're from the government and we're here to help?"

    Regardless of your stance on health care - this is the reality at the end of the day. And I see absolutely no connection with reality whatsoever.

    Oh, by the way, did I mention there was a loss in the family?

  6. OUCH!

    I work in medicine and have ALWAYS wondered why something I do, (and I am NOT the doctor), and takes me 5 minutes to do.....costs the patient around 50 bucks.....for 5 minutes work....I get around $17 an hour...YA'LL do the math....a RACKET, I tells ya.....

  7. My God mother was in a Hospital here in Florida for a day and a half, total bill, 34,000+. I'll die in the streets first before they get a dime of my money. I refuse to be a battery that powers this blood sucking machine. Ooops. I forgot, only a handful of tests were taken. I almost passed out when I saw the bill.

  8. its on par with a super 8, too bad the price isnt.

  9. Well - two years ago/8 ys. old child had fallen on pool steps in Nashville Tn./Just concussion, no real injury, a few stiches on the ear/In "good old days - 3hrs observation, stiches - no symptoms, go home/In this case 7 hrs in emergency room, tests, medicines, consultation - conclusion; "nothing major, looked worse than it was"/Bill: 12,500.- emergency room; 2,500.- doctor's fee; 1,600.- medications (anastetic injections @ >250.-); Ambulance 1800.-/ Even with full insurance (out of network, out of town) it took >4500.- out of pocket/And no effective treatment was needed.

  10. At least the person GOT that care...

  11. Amerikkka is broken.

  12. google

    tax poem (american version)

  13. google

    Rothschilds timeline

  14. Fools. I am sixty. I have twice laid on the bathroom floor for hours dying, and each time I refused to let my wife -call an ambulance. To hell with that!

    When you get to be my age, your bones get brittle. They break easily. It hurts like hell. The hospital, even -with- insurance, wants about $30k to set a f--king broken wrist.

    I set my own, twice, - a broken ankle and a broken rib that grazed by liver too. I've had a stroke. And I've had heart palpitations too. I passed a gall stone. I've had all that without the help of any damned-doctor.

    I do not want my memory fouled by some obscene doctor -or his f--king bill! I can die like a man. I am not a worm.

    When I die it will be without ever having seen another doctor as long as I live. Keep your filthy hands off of me, -or I'll break your arms off, and smash in your teeth!

    I haven't been to a doctor in 25 years. I swore them off that long ago. Doctors are filthy swine.

    I carry a "living will" in my wallet that states in no uncertain terms, -under no circumstances should I be delivered to a hospital -any kind of medical facility, -or- into the care of any medical professional.

    It says that -should I be found at one of these facilities unconscious, I will not pay for any services rendered, and I will sue if I am not immediately released, -dumped out the door unconscious- if necessary.

    "I will -kill- the bastard who violates my wishes -should I survive!"

    I link here, to a current picture of the old guy. Some people say, "You can have my guns over my dead body." I'll kill doctor-bastard who thinks he can do with me as he wishes, -if I get the chance-.

    These doctors are devils, not gods.

    Do not tell me you support this asinine health care reform business. It is a bail-out of the insurance and medical industries is all. You are still going to get a bill -just like the one leading into this article.

    Those filthy, lying, greedy bastards are not going to stop sending out bills. -HA-.

    Some people are gullible, and others are just plain -stupid-.

    -------- DID YOU VOTE FOR OBAMA TOO? --------


    Don Robertson

  15. I was in the ER for an hour last month and the bill was $2,000 and all the attention I got was an IV drip. (Luckily Medicare covered this visit).
    So thanks for posting what a 30 day's bill looks like. It is easy to do the math now.

    I knew we were running low on available medical care for US citizens. It may will be, we will have a third rate health care system in a matter of months vs. years.

    One article today mentioned medicare reimbursements to doctors being cut 21%, and I feel they, the government, likes this option (old people are easier to manipulate).

    This may mean the end of my own care if my already hardly reimbursed doctor (because we live in a 'rural' district of only 1 million people..ha, ha) stops taking medicare patients.
    I guess the clock is ticking for us all to be without medical care. Maybe Americans will wise up when this happens and kick our corrupt greedy policy makers out of office and we can finally get some ethical politicians in office who will clean up the US morgage mess and thereby restore US currency.
    Eileen H.

  16. It's the aristocracy, stupid.

    We are farmed.

    Shall we let them curtail the next Revolution? The French One is the only thing that's scared 'them' in thousands of years. This time? THE INTERLOPERS, TOO...

  17. the trick is to have no compunction about lying to those in athority. allways give a fake name at an ER, dont carry ID.

  18. As a Vietnam veteran, I've been sbjected to govt "healthcare" I would sooner die under a bridge than go to the VA where you have a good chance of coming out worse than you went in.(assuming you come out standing up). Obamacare is just another power/money grab. Take in all the money and see how little you can provide in help. I'll pass. I'm responsible for my own health. I don't have $800 a month to feed the beast(and won't)

  19. Let's uproot the whole system. It is rotten to the core.

  20. Here it appears a redditor extracted the picture from this site and used it for their own post -


  21. Whenever you get a medical bill, have it reviewed by independent auditor. They can be found on internet (search for "review medical bill" etc.), and sometimes work for percentafe of the reduction: no reduction, no fee. One is www.warnermedicalbilling.com. Hospitals are used to the fact that their bills are never challenged, so it's not too unusual that the bill is inaccurate, and sometimes the very fact of audit is alarming enough for them to waive the whole bill. For example, if auditor points out that the bill is for mutually conflicting medications, they become afraid of liability in case those medications were actually administered rather than made up in the bill.


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