D.C. passes medical marijuana, bill goes to mayor

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"Under the measure passed Tuesday, the nation's capital would join 14 states that allow medical marijuana."


  1. The cocaine addicted Mayor Marion Barry would be proud, had he much of a mind left to think about things other than where to get his next drug-fix.


    In other compelling social news from the land of the social psyche around the D.C. area -the appropriately-named Yeardley Love, the beaten-to-death lacrosse player-student-party-girl will receive a very-kinky posthumous degree from the University of Virginia -never- willing to let a good personal tragedy go to waste.

    Yeardley reportedly was a good sport and went-down on most every lacrosse player she ever met, -which (as it turns-out) is a requirement of the University's undergraduate Posthumous Degree Program for dead college-girls whose parents spent a hundred grand to get her edumacated the sloopy seconds-thirds-fourths-and-fifths University of Virginia way, -which-is- posthumously with her panties pulled down in a hallway swimming in a pool of her own blood.

    Education, it is not that we mind wasting your children this way.

    These young girls are only young once, and soon enough will be worthless drug-addicted, and, university-class venereal disease infected has-beens or posthumous-recipients-of-it.

    The venereal diseases that are running rampant through our institutions of higher education are not widely publicized, but folks, it is reason enough to dissuade your aspiring youngsters from seeking a college education -and to choose another path in life, like becoming a plumber or a seamstress.

    It is reported there will be an open pink casket provided by the Hannah Montana Pink Casket Company of Roanoke -Virgina. Yeardley will be buried with her iPod stuck in her ear and her favorite teddy bear under her arm.


    There will be a BYOB (ring your own bong) celebration of the fast slide down which Yeardley's life took -once she got hooked up with being a big girl at the University.

    But it wasn't in vain, -not at all. She'll get her degree, posthumously. Uh, "posthumously," there's a new word to look up.

    Let me save you the time.

    I think it means up-the-ass.

    So, kids, do up a bong or two for Yeardley Love -and Marion Barry too. It can't hurt. -I mean, shit, life is just like a box of chocolates, right?

    Take your pick. There's no difference.

    The well-known University of Virginia is an equal opportunity life-destroyer.

  2. Harsh words - but being murdered isn't something to be blamed for is it? I don't see any reason to condemn a person who was brutally murdered from the reports I'm hearing.

    Don't get me wrong - it isn't like I think our Blackwater-trained Charlottesville police department necessarily tells me the truth or is concerned about protecting my liberties -

    ...or that the media is of much value - (let me make an exception at this point for the Schilling show on WINA AM at this point - long story - but he's allowed some dissenting thought to break through the cracks much to his credit...)

    but - abusing someone murdered by a jackass isn't doing much good.

    On what do you base your condemnation of her? I don't hear much abuse leveled at the murderer.

    Someone's sex life or use of drugs doesn't infringe on the rights of others - but murder certainly does.

    Don't you think your vitriolic condemnation is misguided?

  3. Vitriolic? Condemnation? Misguided?

    We are too modern. There is no positive end to the direction this child was sent off into with best wishes and a check for tuition, room and board.

    Attacking a dead person does not impale their psyche upon any undeserved embarrassment, Jackass.

    But, rest assured, being old enough to be her fucking grandfather, -had I known her- I would have ravaged her modern-image of herself -had I the chance-. What a waste. What naivete in those around her!

    But no. She is dead.

    My target is all who are like her, the University of Virginia, and every shit-for-brains parent who would let their daughter go off to that University under any circumstances.

    There is a HUGE scandal concerning under-reported crimes committed on college campuses nationwide. The de facto encouraged lifestyle on every college campus in the country is putrid, disgusting, and criminal.

    These kids are in fact -just fucking KIDS.

    College presidents nationwide don't even deserve a fucking trial. They should be summarily executed.

    The universities of the country should be shuttered, or better yet -burned to the ground.


  4. Above says:
    "Attacking a dead person does not impale their psyche upon any undeserved embarrassment, Jackass."
    JR says:
    Who said or implied it does. I won't call you anything - you do it to yourself when you criticize me for thoughts you imagine came from me.

    Now let me read the rest

  5. Yes, read the rest, and begin with the article you posted. Keep the context -and the train of thought.

    The country is lost in delusions of some imagined estimation of competence surrounding corralling a comprehensive understanding of the infinite complexity of the reality all around us. It ain't feely-feely easy as those who now play the harp strings for this once lost and now dead young woman on the University of Virgina campus.

    As I recall, you are pro-legalization. I'm for decriminalization. There is a vast sea of difference. Decriminalization says it still does not belong on college campuses.

    I do not want the young-man-lacrosse-player who killed young Miss Yeardley adding to his likely self-prescribed cocktail of steroids, performance enhancing concoctions, alcohol, caffeine, meth-amphetamine, and tobacco, -pot bought from the local government-licensed and tax-paying dispensary.

    Jesus Christ! Have you ever mixed these drugs up? There are enough drugs on these god-damned college campuses -already.

    I've known young men like this kid. I was a young man like this kid.

    Murder-one is what they're going to hang him with, and twenty to thirty years of his life will be gone.

    Well -two very-stupid kids got a great fucking edumacation from the University of Virginia this year. One is dead, and the other is locked up in a cell unfit for a dog.



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