When Will Israel Attack the U.S. — Again?

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" Israel has long been waging war on the U.S. by way of deception. To date, its operatives have worked from the shadows hoping not to be detected. Their duplicity typically includes the displacement of facts with what the American public can be deceived to believe.
Thus the need to create a widely held belief around Iraqi WMD, Iraqi ties to Al Qaeda, Iraqi meetings in Prague, Iraqi mobile biological weapons laboratories and Iraq’s purchase of uranium from Niger. Though all five “facts” were false, only the last claim was conceded as phony prior to inducing our invasion of Iraq.
There lies our national security challenge as the groundwork is being laid for another 911.
The same fact-displacing modus operandi is again at work. In the parlance of national security analysts, psy-ops specialists are “preparing the mind” to accept another generally accepted truth at odds with the facts. This time the objective is Iran. Or Pakistan."


  1. I am reading Herbert Spencer, "Principles of Ethics" 1875, -in two volumes. It is worth the effort -if like me -stepping back in time is the way you gauge the idiocy of our current age.

    I am looking at the evidence that a catastrophic oil spill -has occurred. I am unconvinced of this on the public evidence.

    I see a large amount of hysteria about a few pictures, a big explosion, a few deaths, and a great deal of speculation, -but very little in the way of evidence of a massive oil spill -that could not be commonly faked.

    I suspect, that like the stock market plunge today, this is all nothing more than what Herbert Spencer talks about in some brief passages in his greatest work.

    Spencer writes about the variability of the perception-and-place of proscribing lying as a moral edict.

    In some cultures, the primitive peoples could-not-and-would-not tell a lie to save themselves from their own funeral.

    However, more telling, in many other cultures, including our own we should note, -lying well- is a measure of a man's ability and can even build his esteem within his community.

    The people who live in such places, (some of them), are astonished at the ignorance of those who tell the truth -with no compelling or profitable reason to prompt telling the truth.

    Among those places (and there are many, like all of South America claims Spencer) are West Africa and Malaysia, the two places that were the youthful cultural influences -of our most questionable president.

    I looked carefully at the end of today -at the broad range of stock aftermarket quotes and the effect of the plunge on stock markets around the world.

    Knowing all this was about to happen -would be very profitable for someone with the means to profit from the information. I suspect Goldman Sachs is the most likely party -in conjunction and with the complete approval of the White House.

    I looked at the articles concerning comparing this supposed oil spill to the hurricane -Katrina.

    I looked around the world at our friends and foes.

    And I looked at the purported efforts to control this spill.

    I think that by tomorrow afternoon, intellects who remember this post, will realize just what a great liar Barack Obama really is, aka Barry Soetoro.

    A vast fortune worldwide is likely being stolen by this latest stock market debacle.

    This miserable president's personal reputation will be greatly bolstered -when the non-existent oil leak is miraculously fixed before a mesmerized world of suckers -born every second of minute-.

    Perhaps even Greece will be pulled from the sovereign-debt-flames.

    I know this. Nothing today is what it seems. There is a war going on.

    It is widely rumored to be the Third World War.

    So, in answer to your rash question, When will Israel attack the US again? -They just did through their financial arm in Goldman Sachs.

  2. Hi Don,

    Well it wasn't really my question - I just transferred that title this time verbatim and posted the article. You make some interesting points.

    Lying can be profitable some say. I'm sure others will tell you it is impossible to really profit from a lie - probably a tough battle sorting that out. But I read a story - that I think demonstrates the usefulness to everyone of telling the truth - or at least dealing with others ethically - because with lying cheating and stealing - everyone loses in the end.

    I can't find the story - but it went something like this:
    Three countries bordering each other - country A placing embargo on country B, country B counterfeits country A's money and uses it to buy food in country C.

    In the end country A's money is devalued, country C's people find out they were paid with useless money, and country B's people return home to find out that the food they purchased was rotten.

    It's pretty interesting what you say about the oil spill since I admit I haven't seen it. Nothing about the stock market situation was apparent in the fake news on AM I scan while doing my errands - but the spill was.

    I haven't seen a rise in shrimp prices - but I only bought some shrimp fried rice - that shrimp was probably rotten anyway :) but aren't Gulf Shrimp done-for? I haven't looked into that yet.

  3. I thought it was Syria, Israel and Palestine involved in the deal mentioned above but without the story I don't want to say for sure.

  4. The big lie is that progress is "possible", and that the "growth" thing is a good thing and not a malignant cancer on our humanity. When these two assumptions are accepted the Judeo-Christian way, it is easier -right now- to justify lying, -in order to spur "growth" -which is then supposed to lead to "progress" ?again?

    Damn -is there any truth anywhere?

    In the end though, we just end up with more screaming babies literally starving in a sea of human shit.

    I say the whole Gulf Oil Spill fable has been concocted to embellish and re-invigorate the declining esteem Barry Soetoro. It's like a false flag event, but it's just a big PR stunt.

    Like the religion of Barack Obama (which if I remember correctly Michael Rivero had pretty bad at one point, and you went along for the ride -LOL-Jackass- ) -the economy is still ratcheting downward -like a drunkard's hat being blown down the street on its rim in a gale.

    Today is going to be a huge spoof on reality, in the markets, in the Gulf, and probably in Europe too.

    Oh, the sun will come out, to-morrow! To-morrow!

    Things are going to be made like they are getting so much better.

    BULL-FUCKING-SHIT they are. Shoot the bastards that lie to us and say -everything is back to normal. That's the new normal, just shoot the bastards.

  5. What does this mean?

    "Like the religion of Barack Obama (which if I remember correctly Michael Rivero had pretty bad at one point, and you went along for the ride -LOL-Jackass- ) -the economy is still ratcheting downward -like a drunkard's hat being blown down the street on its rim in a gale."

    Why are you beating him up? He at least supports nobody bloggers like me - who have differing opinions.

    By the way - I'm still a supporter of his and don't intend to change that anytime soon. Also he shares he audience with me from time to time. Are you sharing yours?

    We all can do our best - what should we do instead - our worst job?

    Nobody is right about everything or has all the answers.

    You can make all the gratuitous assertions you wish - and I'm sure some people will take them seriously.

  6. Wait - I don't think Michael Rivero for a minute fell for the BO thing - that is Barack - unless you are talking about the Birther deal.

    As facts come out we'll see. It aint over till its over.

    It's still not over and we'll see how the Birther thing pans out.

    It takes courage to pick a side - and courage to admit being wrong. But people like me - as Socratic Ironists can only be aware of our ignorance. Perhaps omniscient people, perhaps you are one? - who are right about everything can help us all by making sure to condemn those who take a stand on something.

    It's OK to be wrong - the conversation must take place to get as close to the truth as possible.

  7. ... and on the birth certificate - you won't find one word of me saying birthers are crazy - do a search. I waited until military officers didn't have to deploy to pay attention to the credibility of the reports coming in.

    Not being able to reconcile that - I lent more support to those charges. What is wrong with that?

    I still haven't heard much support for how one sheet of paper is more valid than another sheet of paper other than some of the comments you guys supplied - where those who searched and found nothing - would realize they were contradicted if a forgery turns up.

    I can't know everything - but I can apply reason and keep an open mind.

    I'm a life-long learner so have a ways to go.

    But it still ain't over.

  8. I typed a long post, and it evaporated in a misplaced keystroke.

    My concluding sentence was that I liked Joe Lieberman's idea. Strip them of their citizenship. And then -send them to the guillotine.

    That's what I'd like to do, -to be the one to choose those who get their citizenships revoked -and their heads cut off. Joe Lieberman would be among the first.

    There is no point in doing your "best" as long as you don't know what you're doing.

    This is a very tough question. I ask it only rhetorically, not expecting any cogent answer.

    What are you doing, Jackrabbit?

    My missing post had the following links in it.



  9. Who are you calling a cocoon?

    And stop stuttering.

    The more I think about the propaganda win-win scenario of this Gulf Oil Spill business, the more it looks like a massive con and PR stunt.

    It's all just too well positioned.

    The Doubtful President Soetoro is going to come out of this fraud -smelling of armor polish; the oil industry is going to get a huge GREEN light to go ahead and rape the Gulf; and the stock markets are going to gain back all they intentionally had sucked out of them this week -just for the fucking show - NOW that we know that liar-SuperMan is in charge, -and the public is convinced that these oil-leaking-things can be fixed with his X-ray vision, or his cape, or his fucking lead crap.

    These people are nothing -but liars- liars and god-damned dope dope dealers, heroin, smack addicts and pushers...

    I challenge ANYONE to show me evidence of a massive oil spill in the Gulf that cannot be attributed to a script, PhotoShop, old file photos of dead seabirds and turtles, or satellite photos of an oil sheen that could be a few thousand gallons of very-light-weight oil with an emulsion catalyst added to the mixture.

    This Oil Leak in the Gulf is a Hollywood stunt.

    This is just like the fucking stinking pig-flu, from everything I can tell.

    It's a god-damned Soetoro-lie.

    What a bunch of dupes.

    Stop the health care shit these assholes passed.

    Stop the bail-outs these assholes keep passing.

    Stop the assholes at Goldman Sachs. Put them in jail.

    Shut down the fucking stock markets. Put those assholes in jail too, -with their pal -Madoff.

    End the god-damned wars, and prosecute the liars who got us into them.

    Bring the perps of 9-11 to justice, NOW!

    Force Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac out of business.

    Liquidate the holdings of every bankrupt financial entity in the country. Auction that real estate shit off for $1 if that's all it brings. Get that real estate back into the economy and off the storage shelves of these fucking bankrupt banks.

    With THAT start, the country can get back into gear.

    Short of talking about that, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

  10. This going forward business, is bullshit. The greasers in the government and the media will run you ragged chasing after all their wild gooses. But be my guest.

    If you're so sure you know what and who the problem is, then -start shooting from out of the hole your hold up in then, Jackie.

    Elena Kagan is being reported as a favorite for the SJC job, -number nine, number nine, number nine... I'm not so sure the court needs yet another Jewish woman, a rumored lesbian, or some bitch as fat as all that.

    Elena Kagan looks like she probably runs about 260 great-big-droopy-arms-sagging-lbs.


    Buy the lady an over-sized chair to sit in. And call the fucking elevator company to check on its legal and likely capacity.

    What the fuck ever happened to keeping yourself up, and physically fit, in order to deserve consideration for a public job where you're supposed to be (among other things) a role model for the youth of the country?

    The picture at Wikipedia is probably flattering.

    She'll be replacing some old gay white guy. Actually I'm not sure he's gay. I just know he's fond of wearing a black dress.

    I my book, that's as queer as a three dollar bill. Fuck all them judges. They're all just a bit full of themselves.

    Just a bit? HFS!

  11. So, the government spin-devils are going all-out on the big oil spill in the Gulf. Blat!!!! What a fucking stench.

    If this isn't all just one giant contrived PR stunt, I'll eat my hat.

    Pantyhose Donations Hope to Get Leg Up on Oil Spill- By David Bois | Saturday, May 8, 2010 9:00 AM ET

    "Hair and pantyhose combine to form a creative but effective response to spilled oil in hope of minimizing harm to delicate shoreline environments."


    It's even got a picture to sell SuperMan's opportunity to save the fake world.


    All Americans can be lumped into on class all by themselves. DUPES!

  12. Personally it is looking more and more to me like they are going to silence those of us asserting our rights - and that may mean jail if they are afraid we are going to keep pointing out things like false flag attacks etc...

    There is no well-organized opposition to these creeps - that's why there actually may be no point - but I can be wrong.

    Without a foothold in the media everybody can be picked off one by one - it is so easy to make anything into whatever one wants to turn it into on television - and the public eats it up.

    Real action must be mirrored in a real media - the alternative media is doing a good job in my opinion - but the audiences have to get larger.

    At this point when a shit like Lieberman can make statements like the one in this article - one wonders what it will take for people to realize we are without question going into a dictatorship - perhaps living in one right now.

    That means we are all on our own unless more progress is made in the media.

  13. Now you are coming around, Jackie you sweet little bunny. I was beginning to think my book didn't sink into your head one bit. But it did.

    The truth is, all these creeps in the alternative media who keep going on like there is a solution ARE half the problem.

    This is exactly what -has always happened-.

    The solutions being proposed by the alternative media ARE the inventions of the new world order, and the surest indication tyranny would like to continue as it always has continued, arising out of reformers' ideas about reforming the tyranny of the past.


    Trust me, I remember the last time the government was put under this sort of stress. Right after Kent State they shut down all the universities in the country.

    Then they rolled-out creeps like the phony anti-war scumbag Jane (Barbarella) Fonda and the anti-war soldier John Kerry who was a hand-picked dissident-rebel (from within the commissioned military ranks -LOL the fucking murderous-retard-scumbag).

    Now the scumbag is a US Senator trying to sell Cap & Trade so he and his inside the beltway cronies can make more billions and send more stinking Americans off to fight more stinking wars. Good for him.


    So then, -what could possibly be the solution to that?

    The solution is to quite simply wreck EVERYTHING you can wreck. and to tell everyone else to wreck everything they can wreck too. Eventually, the whole system will shit-the-bed and go belly-up.

    Spread mayhem and murder -and encourage anarchy before during and after the mayhem to ensure the mothe---ckers don't just start it all up again with a new cast of swarmy John-Kerry-like characters in charge of all the tyranny AGAIN.

    Are you the boss of me? No.

    Am I the boss of you? Ha!

    I didn't think so, either way.

    SO THEN, who the fuck are these assholes who think they are the boss of everyone?


  14. Yes, Elena Kagan shows once again that there are an alarming number of Jewish people in the most influential positions - but what is wrong with that? I clicked on the link to the Glenn Greenwald article that implies it is critical of her from Salon in the references section of the article you linked above and it takes me here:
    No article - where did it go? Am I doing something wrong?

    What is wrong is the disproportionate numbers at the top as compared to their distribution throughout society. This means their agenda will dominate all other agendas - which means our country will move in directions pro-Jewish even if they are anti-American - as statements from Holy Joe Lieberman, as some of you call him, prove.

    He does not care about protecting our rights - and I'm sure this woman doesn't either.

    I encourage anyone who hasn't watched it to watch the documentary at the bottom of this page, with Dov Zakheim apparent - it will explain a lot - including at one point the exceptions made for dual citizenship with the state of Israel.

    Here is a direct link to the documentary called "Missing Links" which every person concerned about the direction of this country needs to watch.


  15. Look at the mayhem caused by one phone call in the New Hampshire post - this whole bunch of idiots can be destroyed simply by making crank phone calls:



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