Is Amnesty THE Answer? (No I don't mean the Mexicans)

amnesty |ˈamnistē|
noun ( pl. -ties)
an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses : an amnesty for political prisoners | the new law granted amnesty to those who illegally left the country.
• an undertaking by the authorities to take no action against specified offenses or offenders during a fixed period : a month-long weapons amnesty.
verb ( -ties, -tied) [ trans. ]
grant an official pardon to : the guerrillas would be amnestied and allowed to return to civilian life.
ORIGIN late 16th cent.: via Latin from Greek amnēstia ‘forgetfulness.’**

Please watch this video of Michel Chossudovsky summarizing the situation we face today. It is obviously time for deeds - not words. But what exactly are we to do - and how do we ensure success for the truth movement?

Somebody - just one person - needs to be arrested to get the ball rolling- exactly who that person is - I'll ask the readers to debate. From the information discussed in this video alone there are plenty to choose from - the evidence is available.

Take Dick Cheney for example - he's shown lying in this video about Saddam having weapons of mass destruction. Why is he still walking around a free man?

At time=2:38 in the video Chos'y displays an "organizational chart" as seen above - and another chart showing the "ISI-Osama-Taliban axis." We know who the criminals are so why haven't arrests been made?

I submit that an amnesty must be declared. Why?

First please read the following tale - then I'll explain - or maybe I won't have to:

"The Story of the Six Blind Men

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived six blind men. Each of them was very wise. Each of them had gone to school and read lots of books in braille.

They knew so much about so many things that people would often come from miles around to get their advice. They were happy to share whatever they knew with the people who asked them thoughtful questions.

One day these six wise blind men went for a walk in the zoo. That day the zoo-keeper was worrying about all of her many troubles.

The night before she had had an argument with her husband, and her children had been misbehaving all day long. She had so much on her mind that she forgot to lock the gate of the elephant cage as she was leaving it.

Now, elephants are naturally very curious animals. They quickly tried to push the gate to the cage to see if it might open. To their great surprise, the gate swung freely on its hinge. Two of the more daring elephants walked over to the gate. They looked left and right, and then quietly tip-toed out of the cage.

Just at that moment the six blind men walked by. One of them heard a twig snap, and went over to see what it was that was walking by.

"Hi there !" said the first blind man to the first elephant. "Could you please tell us the way to the zoo restaurant ?" The elephant couldn't think of anything intelligent to say, so he sort of shifted his weight from left to right to left to right.

The first blind man walked over to see if this big silent person needed any help. Then, with a big bump, he walked right into the side of the elephant. He put out his arms to either side, but all he could feel was the big body of the elephant.

"Boy," said the first blind man. "I think I must have walked into a wall. "The second blind man was becoming more and more curious about what was happening. He walked over to the front of the elephant and grabbed hold of the animal's trunk.

He quickly let go and shouted, "This isn't a wall. This is a snake! We should step back in case it's poisonous." The third man quickly decided to find out what was going on, and to tell his friends what they had walked into.

He walked over to the back of the elephant and touched the animal's tail. "This is no wall, and this is no snake. You are both wrong once again. I know for sure that this is a rope."

The fourth man sighed as he knew how stubborn his friends could be. The fourth blind man decided that someone should really get to the bottom of this thing. So he crouched down on all fours and felt around the elephant's legs. (Luckily for the fourth man, this elephant was very tame and wouldn't think of stepping on a human being.)

"My dear friends," explained the fourth man. "This is no wall and this is no snake. This is no rope either. What we have here, gentlemen, is four tree trunks. That's it. Case closed."

The fifth blind man was not so quick to jump to conclusions. He walked up to the front of the elephant and felt the animal's two long tusks. "It seems to me that this object is made up of two swords," said the fifth man. "What I am holding is long and curved and sharp at the end. I am not sure what this could be, but maybe our sixth friend could help us."

The sixth blind man scratched his head and thought and thought. He was the one who really was the wisest of all of them. He was the one who really knew what he knew, and knew what he didn't know.

Just then the worried zoo-keeper walked by. "Hi there ! How are you enjoying the zoo today ?" she asked them all. "The zoo is very nice," replied the sixth blind man. "Perhaps you could help us figure out the answer to a question that's been puzzling us."

"Sure thing," said the zoo-keeper, as she firmly grabbed the elephant's collar.

"My friends and I can't seem to figure out what this thing in front of us is. One of us thinks it's a wall; one thinks it's a snake; one thinks it's a rope, and one thinks it's four tree trunks. How can one thing seem so different to five different people?" "Well," said the zoo-keeper. "You are all right. This elephant seems like something different to each one of you. And the only way to know what this thing really is, is to do exactly what you have done. Only by sharing what each of you knows can you possibly reach a true understanding."

The six wise men had to agree with the wisdom of the zoo-keeper. The first five of them had been too quick to form an opinion without listening to what the others had to say.

So they all went off to the zoo restaurant and had a really hearty lunch.

It seems to me we are in a similar situation today - but with no way to share the facts at hand. With compartmentalized secrecy in our government - the people working in this government - whether good or bad - are bound by law to keep their mouths shut.

A person may also have unwittingly or knowingly aided the criminals - so if they wished to tell what they know they'd be incriminating themselves - why should they speak up otherwise?

With an Amnesty a collective "big picture" can be assembled - this will make certain that we are all "reading from the same sheet of music." Amnesty for spooks at all levels who wish to come forward would allow interdepartmental cooperation on an unprecedented level. Precautions would have to be taken to get people connected to the outpouring of information out of harms way.

This great Amnesty would help us rid our media of the parasites that are aiding in the coverup of these crimes - and it would allow those who may presently be cooperating due to some coercive reasons to free themselves of their masters.

We would catch the bad guys and save the good guys - we might even stop all the phony wars in which we are presently engaged - freeing up massive resources we need to re-direct toward the financial crisis.

So - is Amnesty the answer?


Fable borrowed from here:
* (This story is a well-known fable from India. Modernized and re-told by Phil Shapiro)
Phil ShapiroCopyright 1995
(This story may be freely redistributed and reprinted for any nonprofit educational purpose. Use by a for-profit company requires permission from the author, who can be reached at: pshapiro@his.com)"
**Apple dictionary


  1. Amnesty, my ass-

    Give everyone a license to shoot whomever they want, -as many- as they want.

    THAT would get-rid of ALL the assholes in short order. That's what is needed.

    Amnesty would be like contracting AIDS.

    That's not the way to go.

    It sounds like another god-damned Jewish-Peace-Freak mollification based on some phony conception of the social psyche.

    Nope. It should be scuttled before anyone gets hope about such a stupid idea. Just shoot the bastards.

    If you're afraid to use your gun, you are going to be trampled by those who will.

  2. Identification of the enemy is important before action of any kind can be taken. Corrupt media must simultaneously be outed as the accomplices they are. Without amnesty we'll not be able to work in harmony since we'll all be playing from different sheets of music.

    The "national security" racket has the law as a shield.

    Something has to give. It can be done for a specific period - or with regards to a specific criminal.

  3. Not amnesty, war crimes trials are the answer. Put these seditious traitors in jail for the crimes they have committed.

  4. So far there is no progress - the point of amnesty would NOT be for the Cheney's and the Rumsfelds - it would be for the security community people who are trying to fix this mess we are in but cannot speak out due to the spiderweb that surrounds them.

  5. The people who are in a position to give them amnesty are not going to do it, obviously.

    I have another proposal.

    Last summer, Wired magazine sponsored a contest. A writer disappeared and the game was to find him by tracking him on the internet. In a short time, thousands of people were trading information on Twitter and Facebook, on blogs, and on websites. Before the month was up, they found him.

    The same thing could be done with the 9/11 investigation. We don't need to wait for the government to investigate. We can do it ourselves, just like the Wired investigators found Evan Ratliff.

    Among all the people involved in 9/11, who can be tracked down? What happened to the pilots, for example? Assuming they did not die in plane crashes, where are they? What about the passengers? The air traffic controllers? Journalists whose bosses instructed them to kill the story? The bosses themselves? Employees at Controlled Demolition? Employees at the airlines? (They know what happened to the planes.) All these people could be tracked down just like they tracked Evan Ratliff. Once we know who they are and where they are, it's just a matter of persuading some of them to talk. It only takes one, to begin with. In the case of pilots and passengers, they wouldn't even have to talk. All they have to do is appear in public. The fact that they are still alive speaks for itself.

    The idea is to find at least one individual who was involved in 9/11, or involved in covering it up, and persuade that person to confess. When one person confesses in public, or when someone who is supposed to be dead appears in public, that will be the Emperor's New Clothes moment. That will bring all arguments to an end.

    Details can be found here:


    Lyle Burkhead

  6. Sounds like a great idea - like this?:

  7. I think people would come forward.

  8. Perhaps WE THE PEOPLE could give them amnesty? The old saying is: "Where there's a will, there's a way"

    Congress has the power of the purse. Money talks and bullshit walks.

  9. Suppose someone comes forward in a very public way and says he is turning himself in for misprision of treason or aiding and abetting murder. He spells out what his role in 9/11 was. This would put the police/FBI on the spot. If they arrest him, they admit that he did what he says he did, so he wins. If they don't arrest him, he still wins. Either way, the Emperor's New Clothes moment will have happened.

    Amnesty comes out of this automatically. The person who comes forward won't be regarded as a criminal. People will think of him the same way people thought about the little boy who said "Daddy, why is the Emperor naked?" You can't lock somebody up for doing that. After the Emperor's New Clothes moment, the government loses its legitimacy.

  10. we know that the F.B.I. (f*ing basta*ds of Israel) were involved in the cover up of the U.S. Navy shoot down of TWA-800, and in-fact, they have been guilty of covering up or actively participating in murders such as Martin Luther King's 'murder' by the U.S. government, as well as the 'murder' of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd., 1963. We know that the U.S. government paid a CIA shill 4 million dollars to 'lie' about the libyan's taking down Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, but it has since come out that CIA took that plane down to kill 7, perhaps '8' people from DEA who were coming home to testify before the Senate about CIA DRUG RUNNING being exposed.

    Anyone who has any doubts about where the F.B.I.'s bread is buttered, at this point in the game, really is quite goofy, because F.B.I., just like AL-CIA-DA, is another arm of the Israeli Intelligence Service or MOSSAD, and anyone who believes in the legitimacy of any branch of the U.S. government at this stage of the game, also believes in the Tooth Faerie and Santa Claus, too. We're looking at a U.S. federal government which has been totally taken over by Israeli spies and slime for the lion's share of more than 46 years, and it actually goes back before the Kennedy assassination by this government in 1963.

    So, my point here is that anyone who comes forward with revelations about U.S. government mass murder on Sept. 11th., 2001, probably will meet the same fate as the ten crew members on the B-52H that left Minot, ND with '6' AGM-129's with nuclear warheads and which stopped at Nellis A.F.B. in Nevada, offloaded one, and then proceeded to Barksdale, LA, landing there with only '5' of them on the wing pylons. The entire crew is now pushing up daisies under 'questionable' circumstances, and it's so far a good bet that Stanley McChrystal's CHENEY RUN murder team made damned sure those airmen didn't get to talk about it. Also, some of their upper echelon chain of command are now among the non-breathing. Add to this the derailment of a metro train in D.C. to kill a General and his wife, who was more or less instrumental in the NORAD stand down on Sept. 11th., 2001.

    The scope and magnitude of the corruption and the treason is well beyond anything anyone in this country can beat with a mere blowing of a 'whistle' and a 'disclosure' because the U.S. government is totally and wholly co-opted and taken over by Israeli agents, from the highest levels.

    Let's put it another way, knowing the police are on the take, would any of you go report a 'crime' to them, and expect to not suffer the ultimate retaliation, which is 'death' when it comes to making a disclosure of this magnitude?

    See my point. Amnesty is a distant galaxy in a far far away place called SANITY, and we've long ago left that space and drifted into something most Rod Serling fans would call; "THE TWILIGHT ZONE" now.

    We are well beyond any amnesty, boys n girls!

  11. This is a "Corax the Crow" moment:

    The famous but apocryphal story of how Tisias tried to cheat his teacher is passed down in the introductions to various late rhetorical treatises (e.g. R4 in H. Rabe, Prolegomenon Sylloge, Rhetores Graeci, XIV, Teubner, Leipzig 1931. Tisias got his teacher Corax to agree that he would not pay him his teacher's fee until he won his first lawsuit. He then avoided going to court. Corax got him into court by suing him himself, for the money. He argued that if he, Corax, won the case, he would get his pay, and if he lost, he would still get it because Tisias would have won his first lawsuit, thereby fulfilling the terms of their agreement. Tisias, some versions say, retorted that if he, Tisias, lost the case, he would escape under the terms of the agreement, having lost, not won, his first lawsuit, and if he won it he should also be free, since he would be awarded the money at issue. The judge is said to have thrown both of them out of court, remarking, "kakou korakos kakon oon," "a bad egg from a bad crow" (Suda, #171 under "K").

    see wiki Corax

  12. in summary, JR, there have been whistle-blowers involved in every instance I mentioned above, and almost to the person, they're all deceased now, with a few minor exceptions to the rule. My point is that this government is so completely, totally out of control and co-opted, you can't trust ANY OF IT!!

    it kind of makes one feel kind of 'small', when you realize that even a hundred of us with info, or ten thousand, ultimately have a 'tragic' and 'unfortunate accident' and then don't get to testify about the wrong-doing any longer. Death has an interesting way of finding 'whistle blowers' in this country of ours. Look at Karen Silkwood and what happened to her for going up against Burr-Brown's criminality with regard to nuclear plant safety issues. History has borne out that if you have a key disclosure, and you make it, they'll make sure you are eliminated and silenced.

    take a good hard look at the story on You Tube about TWA-800, it's called 'Silenced', and there are '6' parts. How many people came forward with disclosures about the Navy missiles taking that airplane down, and how the 'sham' hearings were held by zionist jews in the U.S., and the truth never saw daylight. It's amazing that the Scottish finally saw the light and let go the 'innocent' patsy that had absolutely nothing to do with that Pan Am 103 bombing by the CIA, but do you hear about their verdict and their judgement that they now realize that the 'expert witness' who talked about that CIA detonator, absolutely F*cking LIED UNDER OATH for CIA? NO, you don't. And you don't see anyone talking about the F.B.I. totally pushing the N.T.S.B. away from the TWA-800 shoot down by the U.S. Navy, either, do you?

    The corruption is too pandemic and too 'all encompassing' in this government to expect 320 million American's who would rather watch 'American Idol' than something about what their government did to Pan Am 103 passengers, or to TWA-800 passengers, or for that matter, 3,000+ fellow citizens on Sept. 11, 2001.

    We're too far gone, JR. We are. It's like putting a small band-aid on an arterial bleed..it won't save the dying patient, our republic. It's already over with here. And sadly, it's been over with for a long, long time. The only thing remaining is a fitting 'eulogy' for what our forefathers handed to us more than 230 years ago..








  14. last point about TWA-800 for everyone to contemplate, and to contemplate very very hard:

    1.) F.B.I. was pretty 'in place' here very much from the start obfuscating and derailing the N.T.S.B., almost as if they had foreknowledge of the shoot down.

    2.) as we now know that Pan Am 103 was blown up by our own CIA to kill as many as '8' people and prevent their testimony at senate subcommittee hearings about CIA/DEA drug trafficking operations being exposed, then the next logical conclusion is this: Who did the U.S. Government have to absolutely keep quiet who was manifested on TWA-800??

    in another near shoot down off Los Angeles in the latter part of the 1970's, of which I was a part of (prevented it with the help of another crew member) that SM2 standard Terrier missile came within 6 nautical miles before my fellow shipmate, at my screaming at him on the 29 mc internal intercom, 'shut down' the SPG-55B missile guidance beam, detonating our missile at 6 miles from the B-747. Of course, the ship's log page for that episode was 'removed' and there is no official record, except perhaps the aircrew on the B-747 airliner's 'report' to the F.A.A. that they witnessed the detonation take place in front of them, and rode thru the turbulence and buffeting of the detonation's aftermath. So, TWA-800 almost was not the first time the Navy 'accidentally' shot down an airliner during a MISSILE EXERCISE.

    you can hang only so much on incompetence, but my fellow crewmember is now 'dead' under less than 'natural causes' circumstances, and it makes me wonder what he had told others about the day we nearly took out a B-747 in an air transit corridor going into Los Angeles Intl. Airport??

    coincidence or a FALSE FLAG that was thwarted by two fast acting, and very 'on it' crewmen who prevented a disaster off Los Angeles like TWA-900??

    I know it happened. Does that aircrew's report exist in someone's circular file somewhere????

  15. and I meant TWA-800 in that last posting above, in the last paragraph.

  16. Ivan New Zealand.May 26, 2010, 7:19:00 AM

    Are you seriously suggesting that amnesty be offered to the cowardly ameriscumbags who sit on their fat arses killing Pakistani children by remote control?

  17. I certainly hope not! Giving these miserable crank sucker's 'amnesty' is like handing sacks of non-tungsten gold bullion to the bastards for their drone murdering.

    it is my sincerest wish, Ivan in NZ, that when the shit does indeed hit the fan that these slimy reptillian turds get rounded up wherever they exist, and are SUMMARILY STRUNG THE FUCK UP, right on the spot where they are caught, with minimal ado. You and I both know that they gave the people in Pakistan and Afghanistan and Iraq absolutely NO QUARTER, and none shall be shown them in return.

    when their time comes, they need to be just neck stretched right where they're caught.

    No amnesty. No quarter. No extended play, o'dark thirty time for these filth!

  18. Lemme get busy watching the TWA vids - thanks for that and the excellent commentary.

    Yeah - maybe I'm just too much of a dreamer thinking there is any hope left for this shit government.

    The masses of the people are still asleep - but some seem to be waking up. It is amazing to me that our military is destroying so many lives - but the people around me are, for the most part, good people. It boggles the mind.

    For those who think I am implying amnesty for the people behind our situation please read the rest of the comments - I am just brainstorming for some way to fix this - and I refuse to believed that there are NO good people left and that the situation is impossible. There are good people - and it's always a minority of good guys that fix things - it's always that way.

    If the right idea comes along at the right time with the right people executing an excellent plan the scum can be kicked out. Just as "Rome wasn't built in a day" neither will this problem be fixed - but there does seem to be an acceleration of information getting around the fake media image. I suppose if I could have any wish granted it would be that every fucking television and radio would malfunction so the people would experience a period of time where they would have to think and ask themselves what in the heck is going on.

    I'll keep trying nonetheless.

  19. I just checked my log files and found that there have been no visitors from Americansjourney to geniebusters. Zero. Nada. Nobody was interested enough to read the untouchables page. So much for that.


  20. Why do you think that is the case Lyle?

  21. I'm chekin' it out - when I clicked on your handle I ended up at a site with a girl with her tits hanging out - maybe others did too then stopped there.
    I like girls' tits so that didn't stop me but it made me wonder about the seriousness - so lemme read the other one.

  22. @Jack

    Thanks for the feedback. I have been in a quandary about whether to leave the tit pictures buried in their own section of the site, or bring them up to the home page. The thing is, tit torture is the hottest thing I do. The vast majority of people who visit my site enter through the torture pages, so they already know about it. But I can understand how some unsuspecting individual who starts with the home page might be taken aback, and might question my seriousness. The site has been there for about 11 years, and I just recently put a tit picture on the home page. Just a few weeks ago. Maybe I should have left the site as it was.

    I don't know how you managed to click through from Americansjourney to geniebusters without leaving a record in the log file. Did you visit after midnight? In that case it won't show up in the log file until tomorrow. If you clicked through before midnight, that's a puzzle. It should have been recorded.

  23. Ivan.New Zealand.May 27, 2010, 5:16:00 AM

    If any of you wankers really want to find the crims who did 11/9 to you,follow the money.Find who placed the huge short sales on airlines in the days before.Or is this too complex for your tiny little minds.


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