Obama Moves For New World Order…Again

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" Imagine Augustine Chihuri, this pillar of Interpol, to be on u.S. soil! Well if the puppet Obama has his way Augustine Chihuri and his like will be able to be here and in charge of a police force the American people can’t touch legally. Isn’t that a comforting thought to take to bed with you each night? The NWO couldn’t get what it wanted from our own police force, thanks in part I’m sure to Oath Keepers, so they pulled the Obaminator’s strings, (or maybe it was Obama’s own idea), and the traitor signs over policing powers to an outside force which is immune from our own laws. Just something else he can outsource. What a guy! All hail the tyrant! I wonder how our own police forces and military men and women feel about this?

And did you ever wonder at the origins of Interpol? Let’s look:"
Note: Dictatorship is here.

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