Assault from a Congressman - Vid

Note: Looks like assault to me. .

By the way - perfect set up for some defensive work - left to the jaw maybe. Throat. Or get fancy with an under-the-arm twisteroosky.

What right does this "public servant" have to assault people?

Here's one of the YTube comments:
"Call Etheridge and ask him, "hooo-eeee-ooooo? hooo-eeee-ooooo?" hooo-eeee-ooooo?"
(202) 225-4531Washington
(919) 829-9122 Raleigh District Office
1-888-262-6202 . Raleigh? District Office
1-866-384-3743 Lillington "
UPDATE JUNE 14, 2010 NC congressman apologizes for behavior on video

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