Weekend Top Story: U.S. asset managers worried Obama could confiscate gold

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" While in Mineweb's view such a move is unlikely, one needs to bear in mind that President Obama is a keen follower of Roosevelt's views and policies and that the very fact that some asset managers controlling huge volumes of money feel that such a move is possible is a significant factor - and one that is perhaps heightened by the huge amounts of money flowing into gold at the moment in both ETFs and bullion"
Note: If they could get away with it why wouldn't they do it? Been done before.


  1. Confiscate the Gold? LOL!

    The economy with its wide range of fraudulent financial instruments has made the historical concept of confiscating Gold laughably unnecessary. Here's why.

    Many-many areas of the rapacious government have unlimited credit with their Wall Street brokers. They can simply naked-short-sell Gold all day long.

    Why actually go pick up the heavy yellow metal bars -when you can simply sell it over and over again without ever actually risking hurting your back from all the heavy lifting?

    In fact, that's the exact same method I am right now thinking is probably the best way to pay for the Gulf oil disaster reparations and clean up.

    The government should just start naked-short-selling BP over and over and over again to raise the money. Every level of government can do it.

    There's enough money to go around. BP.L (on the London Stock Exchange) is still trading for $358 a share!


    Hey! Why just let Goldman Sachs do it?

    It's either dismantle BP share by share, or suffer the government bail-out of BP that is right now taking shape in Washington D.C. behind those closed doors where that stench of cigars and whiskey is coming from.

  2. Perhaps confiscation would be only to prevent others from bartering with it - to help usher in a new world currency just in time to "save us."

    With other acceptable forms of money - people might not fall for the same trick twice.


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