U.S. Military Relies on Civilians to stop Israeli Act of War

Let's start by defining "act of war" :

casus belli |ˈkäsəs ˈbelē; ˈkāsəs ˈbelˌī|
noun ( pl. same)
an act or situation provoking or justifying war.
ORIGIN Latin, from casus (see case 1 ) and belli, genitive of bellum ‘war.’*

" In theory international law today allows only three situations as legal cause to go to war: out of self-defense, defense of an ally under a mutual defense pact, or sanctioned by the UN." **

Forgive me for being so blunt: SCREW the UN (United Nations ***). I know when U.S. citizens are under attack - and it is especially clear when a puny bellicose state of religious extremists fire bullets into the heads of American citizens. From the link:

" On May 31st Israeli commandos killed at least nine unarmed volunteers attempting to take humanitarian supplies to Gaza.

According to eyewitness reports and forensic evidence, many of these aid volunteers were shot at close range, including a 19-year-old American citizen killed by four bullets to the head and one to the chest fired from 18 inches away."

Consider the following short video:

Since our active-duty military won't prevent or respond to the murder of civilians - American or otherwise - it is up to civilians (American and otherwise) to defend themselves. The gentleman in the video above sounds like one balsy-S.O.B. - in my opinion a MODEL CITIZEN.

Although this man's group had complete control of several Israelis they didn't kill them. Contrast that with the treatment afforded the aid-bringers by the Israelis.

Look at our military branch responsible for the defense of U.S. interests (that includes U.S. citizens) at sea - the U.S. Navy disgraced themselves a second time by their inaction concerning the incident with the Gaza aid flotilla.

As part of the "World's police" cruising the seven seas, as they help "make the world safe for democracy" (We Americans, thankfully, don't live in a democracy) - the U.S. Navy doubly disgrace themselves by sitting idly by while one of their own veterans is screwed for a second time at sea (U.S.S. Liberty survivor/veteran) by the puny little state of israel.

How many times have you heard: "Those Israelis don't take any sh*t from anybody!" Ever hear that? It's true! And they take no flack, figuratively or literally, from the Zionist States of America. It's quite obvious to me that they don't fear the U.S. Navy.

From the article linked first sentence above:

" Three days into the war, Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats turned their firepower on the intelligence collection ship USS Liberty in international waters after the Israelis had identified it as a U.S. Navy ship.

The Israelis later insisted that the strafing and torpedo attacks were accidents in the fog of war. However, U.S. intelligence intercepted Israeli conversations at the time showing the attacks were deliberate, and their nature and persistence showed clear intent to sink the Liberty and leave no survivors.

Israeli commandos clad in black were about to land from helicopters and finish off what remained of the Liberty crew when Seaman Terry Halbardier (later awarded the Silver Star) slid over the Liberty’s napalm-greased deck to jury-rig an antenna and get an SOS off to the Sixth Fleet.

Israeli forces intercepted the SOS and quickly broke off the attack. But 34 of the Liberty crew were killed and over 170 wounded.

To avoid exacerbating relations with Israel, the U.S. Navy was ordered to cover up the deliberate nature of the attack, and the surviving crew was threatened with imprisonment, if they so much as told their wives. When some of the crew later called for an independent investigation, they were hit with charges of anti-Semitism.

One of the surviving crew of the USS Liberty, decorated Navy veteran Joe Meadors, was with the “Freedom Flotilla” when it was attacked on Sunday night. Meadors is past president of the USS Liberty Veterans Association. The State Department tells us that Joe Meadors survived this latest Israeli attack. At last word, he sits in an Israeli jail. "

Now consider this response from a representative of the little-bitty state of Israel:

"Apologize for what?" the Israeli spokesperson says. The Israelis are investigating themselves - so if we just wait long enough for their smokescreen, ahem, investigation - they will be able to explain away shooting Americans multiple times in the head.

This monkey from Israel will never explain that one to me. If I were in charge I'd order the assassination, since it is now public American policy, of the Israelis that killed ANY AMERICAN CITIZENS. So take your self-investigation and shove it Mr. Little Puppy State Israeli Representative. And keep talking - because now that the Federal Government of America will simply kill anybody for whatever they deem "terrorist behaviour", and since "terrorist" cannot be defined - we'll just call you a terrorist Mr. Israeli tough-guy.
The mainstream media in the U.S constantly reminds Americans that violence is never the answer - that is - unless the U.S. Federal government needs somebody dead - or the Israelis need somebody dead - then it's perfectly acceptable, explainable and forgotten as soon as our lying Corporate media fills the airwaves with more of their nonsense. But perhaps it is time to shoot back at the Israelis - after all take a look at what happens to those who don't fight back:

Note: Pic borrowed from here
* Apple Dictionary
** here
***Definition: United Nations (UN) - An elitist club of collectivists intent on the usurpation of unalienable individual rights by undermining the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the enslavement of all peoples of the globe via coercion, and the "good life" at the top dictating to the rest of us how to do more with less while they all do whatever they want with what used to be OUR PROPERTY. See "The Dangerous Servant" link left column of this blog for some introduction.


  1. Re: 1945 photo, the Germans well before then had neither the capacity to feed their prisoners nor to cremate them as they died from the resultant starvation, for it takes unbombed transport lines and unstrafed locomotives to deliver the food and fuel orders originating from within the camps.

    Camp administrations became moribund as they had no resources left.

    I remember seeing in 1949 the large round holes in the boilers of locomotives which were parked in railway sidings.

    Years later i knew that they could not have been from .30 cal, as these would bounce, but were from either .50 cal MG or 20mm cannon, which certainly caused the available stock of locos to run out of puff - hence no delivery of food nor fuel.

    These places were not death camps, as in, why bother with death camps, take the jews to remote places, shoot them and bury them, as was the Communist practice with non jews everywhere this terminal disease of Communism took root.

    But the Germans didn't do that because they had no such intention to begin with, which is true with the exception of about a 1,000 jews about whom Hitler was informed after the fact. He did not approve.

    Unfortunately, this honourable intention had the unintended effect of providing the perfect propaganda photo ops after the camps were entered by Allied armies.

  2. History doesn't matter - you see the logic of the Zionists is that they must resort to arms to save themselves no matter what. The propaganda pictures from WW2 showing the Germans killing the Jews are the foundation of everything Israelis beat Homo Sapiens over the head with every time they question anything Israel does.

    So the point is to demonstrate contradictions which eliminates the problems that come with definitive historical fact.

    Contradictions in logic defeat a lot - so let them answer for their violence and calls (via Cass Sunstein and others) for the disarmament of the American public... while they continue to resort to violence to solve each and every problem they have.


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