Why Apologize, Helen!?

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" Meanwhile, my only complaint about Helen's anti-Zionist truth-blurt is...why the bleep did she apologize? Why apologize to traitors who have taken over our media in service to a hostile foreign power? Why apologize to apologists for genocide? Why apologize for telling the truth?"
UPDATE JUNE 16, 2010 PCRHelen Thomas: In Appreciation

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  1. Helen Thomas apologizing is preposterous, obscene and disheartening.

    Look. The fucking country eats shit. The leaders are all on drugs. And the kids in this country are fucking brain-washed into thinking they are imbeciles by an educational system that rewards those who are expert belly-button-lint-pickers.

    Look, kids, if you don't start shooting the place up soon, the Boomers are going to defy the laws of physics and take it all with them when they die. They are stealing your future in between scolding you for being so fucking stupid and fucking your kid-sister up the ass. Buy a fucking gun and chase them down. Get-on with the future.

    The most commonly asked question in this Barnie Frank Congress is either,"Do you take it up the ass?" or "Does he/she take it up the ass?"

    Take your pick. Helen Thomas should have been licensed by all of us to show up at the White House Press Secretary's press conferences with a fully-loaded and fully-automatic AK47 -plus of couple of hand grenades with the pins pre-pulled.


    "New Hips Gone Awry Expose U.S. Kickbacks in Doctors’ Conflicts"


    Kickbacks? ObamaCare has nationalized the fucking kickbacks! Those are Boomer-hips you are paying the kickbacks for! For the fucking Boomers!

    And not one of these kickback-Boomer-doctors will have the barrel of a loaded 12 gauge shotgun stuffed up their ass a foot or two. That's the point. "Be careful, Doc, when I pull the trigger this thing it is going to go off with one hell of a wallop."

    Better than having anyone apologize, the Health Care bill that was rammed through Congress with threats-and-coercion, bribes-and-prostitutes should be repealed either by the federal government, by state actions designed to defeat the federal government power-grab, or even more preferably -by armed rebellion.

    Let's not mince words here. ALL prostitutes have venereal disease. They DON'T call it "venereal disease" because you get it riding a bike, Shithead.

    And Barnie Frank's Congress has venereal disease in the worst way possible.

    It's up to you, kids. But, my advice is, shoot the place up for about six straight years. Don't leave a single fucking Boomer alive.

    And then burn the whole fucking country right to the ground.

    You don't want any of these creeps hiding in the closets.

    -Don Robertson

    Yes, he can write, -when he's mad. No. It's not satire. Just, get out there and claim your prize! A lifetime is a terrible thing to waste waiting for the Boomers to die.


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