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" Recently, at a family gathering, one of the older women -- a mother of three boys, two of whom joined the Marines as teenagers -- was talking about the Vietnam-era anti-war demonstrators. Many people believe that the anti-war movement forced an end to the war. I wouldn't go quite that far, but at the very least the anti-war movement proved to me that some Americans still had functioning brains and hearts.

I don't see that very much anymore; the brains appear to have turned to mush, and the hearts to stone. I was hoping the old woman was about to say something of a similar nature, but instead, looking back on the protests, she said, "That was so difficult for the parents!"

Given the circumstances, there was little I could say. I certainly couldn't say what I was thinking: "The parents!? It was difficult for the parents?? How do you think it was for the children???""
Note: This article is so worth reading .... oh man it lifted my spirits...

...also ... if I run a story through my blog it is a sign of my endorsement. That is why I sometimes don't link the article directly - it is a signal that I am lending support to the ideas presented and the blogger.


  1. all i can say is that the article presented is a cry for help.

    But dont expect for the world to save american people from their own government. The countries supporting such idea are on the table to get nuked.

    Only americans can save their own country. Nobody will do it for you. But as sure as hell doesnt seem like any americans are willing to look the truth in the eyes and all go on and on with crying. Words are cheap these days. What is needed is action.

  2. Pointing the finger at Americans.......

    I am an American. I have played by the rules given to me.

    The problem with the government of The United States is not because of Americans, although we are going to pay the price.

    There are very few Americans in the government. Money seems to do the most talking and there is one group of people who do nothing from dawn to dusk other than try to collect it.

    That group of people has always been the problem. They have been a problem in every society in which they have settled throughout history.

    The wars and sorrow they have brought to humanity is beyond imagining.

    When my Dad got drafted at 18 years old to go fight a war in Vietnam, he did his part. And yes, it was hard for the mothers as well. When you know who is screwing with the world, it makes more sense.

  3. America is doomed from inside.Look what your country has done to the world.How many innocent people with democratic ideals have been put to death directly by American hands...karma is a bitch...git some...

  4. Thank you for the kind words and referral, AJ (and for the WRH plug). You also receive my endorsement in the fact that your blog is one of the handfuls posted on my blog roll. I check your site nearly every day and have posted some of your commentaries. Needless to say, some of your writings have lifted my spirits and inspired me.

    Keep fighting the good fight. We are the eyes and ears of history even if we can't stop it.

  5. Hey Rocker! Good to hear from you.

    I wonder why you use the handle "AJ" to refer to me - I keep trying to figure out how to work Jack Rabbit or my real name into that and I haven't been able to figure it out.

    Yes - it is so funny how so many of us who have never met in person are involved in the truth movement and understand intuitively what so many others have not yet become aware of. I believe, although I have my moments, that we are making headway - but the battle to grab a toe-hold in the mainstream media has been near-impossible given the corporate media grip.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting -

  6. Stop talking about it and do something... Shoot your nearest congressman. Stand like your brave forefathers. Take the corporations. Or just sit back and let them murder your family.

  7. But why shoot Alan Grayson, he's doing something isn't he? I don't think it's wise to generalize in some cases.


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