Think Like a King: VIDEO: Oil Dispersants and Thoughts of Liberty

...definitions help us find common ground upon which discussion can commence...

sovereign |ˈsäv(ə)rən|
1 a supreme ruler, esp. a monarch.
possessing supreme or ultimate power : in modern democracies the people's will is in theory sovereign.
• [ attrib. ] (of a nation or state) fully independent and determining its own affairs : a sovereign, democratic republic.
• [ attrib. ] (of affairs) subject to a specified state's control without outside interference .**
EXTRA CREDIT ****(Know your rights so you can assert them - indispensable video)
now please consider...a letter from student to teacher...

"Alexander to Aristotle, greeting. You have not done well to publish your books of oral doctrine; for what is there now that we excel others in, if those things which we have been particularly instructed in be laid open to all? For my part, I assure you, I had rather excel others in the knowledge of what is excellent, than in the extent of my power and dominion. Farewell." *

As you read this please first imagine that you are the Queen. Oh, if you are a guy like me, you'll have to imagine that you are a King.

As THE KING you can say what you want when you want. You can go where you want when you want. You have financial security and a little left over to get what you need. You have time to take a vacation and your retirement is set up. You have arms - no not the two things hanging off your shoulders - I mean weapons - and maybe you go hunting on your own property. You have the right to use those arms with deadly force to defend your country - more specifically your American way of life - as embodied in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Nobody can get into your castle unless you invite them in.

But ...........uhm......wait a sec ..... we don't have to imagine this scenario because, as an American citizen, YOU ARE the King! Which brings up some rather serious questions about what the hell your servants have been up to lately! You know, public servants in revolt (and revolting) like Cass Sunstein or Joe Liebermann (Click on his pic left side of this blog)

I suppose anybody (except a King) can get used to the filthy taste of oily seafood after a while - or the sight of oily beaches - or to the possibility that yet another corporation has destroyed everything you have. Yes, dumbed-down Pox-news zombies - the "true believers" - the subjects of the Pentacon Propaganda apparatus. The CorporAmerikan slave labor force of somnambulating droids. You know - the once-citizens having presently so little self-respect they let a bunch of globalists con them into surrendering their unalienable rights for.... a paycheck. Boy am I glad I'm not one of those people - are you?

I am really starting to wonder if Amerikans - and their kids - are just getting what all self-absorbed, consumers who abdicate their sovereignty as citizens deserve - oily poison for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then - for dessert - the bill!

Oh - and you know how deeply worried your overpaid, cocky, spendthrift, financially and morally bankrupt, torturing, lying, globalist, collectivist, bellicose, be-afraid government servants are about your health right? You can test their effectiveness by taking a deep breath of the poisonous air the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has done such a fine job protecting - down in the Gulf area. Reminds me of their fine work telling all the first responders to go breathe the cancer-cloud at ground zero following 9-11-2001 leading to the now nightmarish sickness those people that trusted this agency last time? Yachting anyone? How about a round of golf? I smell fire - anybody have a fiddle to play?

Environmental Protection Agency: Fair enough. Definitions are important - so what environment are they protecting - this agency? I'd say an environment of crony-corruption where the "environment" (whatever that is) is protected from the competition. You see - this has nothing to do with my lungs or your heart - it has to do with protecting investor A from competitor B - and you can go to hell. In fact you can go to heaven - or to whatever the ultimate destination of a soul is depending on your own faith - but one thing is certain - if you choose to place your trust in the EPA it will possibly - maybe even probably cost you your LIFE!
As far as the oil "spill" watch the following seconds-long video and benefit from the lessons of history...

Whatever is going on in the Gulf - one thing is certain to me. It is all politics. It is all about the next election. It is all about the fake "progressives" making Obombya look good and the Republicrats look bad. For the Republicans it's all about crying that although government is doing a "Heckuva job Brownie" they are not doing a heckuva job this time because making the impotent puppet-prez look bad to the masses will give the party that gave us two illegal wars a chance to grab the White House in the coming presidential election. So what?

It is time for Americans to wise up NOW. This means the abandonment of political party (that which DIVIDES us) and the embracing of the BILL OF RIGHTS AND CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES (that which UNITES us.)

When a radio or TV person - I don't care who it is - must rely on the PARTY of the person they are discussing you can almost always identify an attempt on the part of the speaker to employ PROPAGANDA rather than REASON.

Try listening to someone like Glenn Beck - and take away the Democrat or Republican label when he is making his points - and apply the BILL OF RIGHTS - and the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES to his logic - what happens?

Will you or do you notice that when the LABELS are applied the result is confusion, anger, and DIVISION? Will you or do you notice that when the BILL OF RIGHTS AND CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES are applied to his logic - that suddenly - REASON, POINTS UPON WHICH BOTH PARTIES MAY AGREE (for example both parties can agree that they both deserve their freedom of speech) - that UNITY begins to dial into focus?

My fellow Patriots - it is time to come together - all of us who want our country back. All of us who cherish our Republic and recognize the rara avis (a bald eagle?) that is America - land of the free and home of the brave. What does that really really mean?

As the cliche goes: "Freedom is not free." No -FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. So what does it cost?

The purchase price of freedom is, as Thomas Jefferson pointed out: "ETERNAL VIGILANCE." THIS MEANS YOU!

YOU, my fellow liberty loving Patriot, YOU are a KING! This is no exaggeration.

In America - a man's house is his castle - and in each castle there lives a King/Queen. It is great to be a King/Queen as the power wielded is immense. The possibilities for good are endless - the consequences of bad decisions incalculable - as we've seen in the recent stampedes to war. When denied the knowledge of history and current events, our critical thinking skills, decision making skills and collective wisdom summed at the ballot box are made moot - as in computer programming - garbage in- garbage out.

Kings/Queens must have reliable information on which to base their decision. Think about it - doesn't every King/Queen make sure to have the best intelligence apparatus at their disposal - so they can have the best possible information upon which to base their decisions concerning the very life and death of their country? You bet. So it makes sense for the Kings and Queens that run American to have the very best too right? YOU BET.

In a dictatorship - most un-American - in each house lives a corporate slave - or a subject to a King or Queen. There is no need for information - since the government operates in a top-down manner. Of course the best intelligence apparatus - answering directly to the King/Queen is in place - no expense spared, risks taken - all so the best possible information is available to make the life and death decisions upon which the very survival and prosperity of the kingdom balance.

So here in America we Kings and Queens sit - lied to by our servants - actually abused by them. We Kings and Queens - we CITIZENS - you know - those from whom the government derives its just powers -are told by our SERVANTS that by speaking freely we are somehow a threat to them - our servants! We Kings and Queens are being told by OUR SERVANTS that we will be denied our right to bear arms because we cannot be trusted with them - that is - unless OUR SERVANTS need us to go fight another country that hasn't done a damned thing to us.

Are you getting the picture? We Kings and Queens - CITIZENS - established a government of servants to protect our rights and suddenly they are telling us that THEY ARE IN CHARGE OF US! What is wrong with this picture?

My friends - I implore you to think over our situation in America today and ask yourself the who, what, when, where and why's of our current situation and what YOU PERSONALLY intend to contribute to fixing it.

Use the Bill of Rights as your meeting point with everyone you meet - and discard completely the DEMOPUBLICAN-REPUBLICRAT divider illogic. Talk to your friends and family and think - always - ON WHAT DO WE AGREE? I promise you - you can both always agree on the Bill of Rights - USE THAT AS YOUR STARTING POINT. Work out from there. Get a copy of the Constitution if you are unfamiliar - and look it over - it really is simple to read.

Our REPUBLIC - the United States of America - is defined by a sacred respect for the rights of the INDIVIDUAL - the protection of UNPOPULAR speech, unpopular ideas - radical viewpoints - new ideas - all religions - all faiths - because when you gather up 300 or so million Kings and Queens - you've got a meeting of the minds, and a Constitutional system designed to harness that energy that brings out the best in everybody.

Gandhi said: "Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." I encourage you to meditate upon that thought - perhaps as an inspiration to do SOMETHING - ANYTHING that is within your grasp, with whatever energy you have - whether as leader or follower - friend - neighbor - whatever. But keeping the Bill of Rights in mind - find some way to agree FIRST with someone you normally don't - and work out from there.

One very important action I encourage people to do is to call in to radio shows. Whether local shows where you can get on the air with no screening - or if you have more patience the national ones. Whatever your approach - use your intuition as a guide - and find a topic that you can speak about in some capacity that you feel passionately about. Challenge the host. For example I called the Schilling show here in Charlottesville, Virginia to tell Mr. Schilling that I thought he was out of line for supporting a border patrol agent for shooting a teenage illegal in the face (killing him) because the teenager had thrown a rock at the border patrol agent. You may be surprised, just like when you raise your hand in class, that when you think something, then say it out loud - that there are many many many people who are listening who cheer when you call in and speak for them.

Each one of us can be a leader, follower, helper, assistant, organizer, negotiator - whatever suits. Now is the time. We are winning - but like a forest fire - there is no letting up just because the fire is under control. The solution is to stomp the fire out completely. The fascist fire must be drenched until so wet it drips.

So please take a peek at the following Gulf of Mexico info. Yet another sign of the times - a sign of a failed government - a government of the people, by the people, and for the people - a government of YOU!

So, my fellow King or Queen - what will be your next action?

Read entire article HERE

" A mysterious "disease" has caused widespread damage to plants from weeds to farmed organic and conventionally grown crops. There is very strong suspicion that ocean winds have blown Corexit aerosol plumes or droplets and that dispersants have caused the unexplained widespread damage or "disease"."

*Text from here - Alexander "the great," upon discovering that his teacher, Aristotle, had published in written form the oral teachings that he, Alexander, had so much benefited from,becoming world conquerer; writes a letter to his former instructor conveying dismay that Aristotle would publish books making publicly available to the competition(as much as possible at the time) the very teachings that Alexander himself had received from Aristotle - the very teachings that made Alexander "the great." In other words - the stuff of Kings.

Imagine that - putting the powerful knowledge that makes Queens into the hands of the masses - empowering and enlightening - unleashing tremendous power - that surely spelled out the "end times" for kings and queens - opening up possibilities of "liberty and justice for all."

YOU, my fellow American, hold this power in your hands - this power that made Alexander the Great tremble as he contemplated the consequences of his "competition" becoming empowered through KNOWLEDGE!

I must admit I don't like the interpretation of the quote on that webpage but it serves as a reference, something to whet the appetite for further study...

**definition from Apple dictionary

*** Crown pic from HERE


  1. There are two classes of King and Queens: (1) human Kings and Queens like us (second class) and (2) corporation Kings and Queens that live forever and pay no or few taxes (first class). The Bill of Rights has been handed to the First Class Kings and Queens, so it is not yet dead, just in the possession of the first class. When the Court gave these deathless and taxless beings the same constitutional rights humans have, we were doomed to wait in line for ours. Government appears to no longer serve us not because it rules us, but because it serves the new Kings and Queens. Amend the Constitution to eliminate corporate personhood, go to www.reclaimdemocracy.org to see how.

  2. Thank you commenter for visiting and for your contribution. I, for one, will definitely check out reclaimdemocracy.org.

  3. Chivalry is the sentiment and personal attribute I think you are grasping at- Jackie Rabbit.

    Perspective, perspective, perspective...

    1) Look first at how poor Dwight the bomber and his hamburger-flipping brother are being portrayed today.


    There is a reason for this portraiture.

    2) Now, look at how the current Canadian G8 protest/rioters are being portrayed today.


    There is a reason for this portraiture too.

    3) And reflect serenely about how the fictitious boogieman Osama bin Laden was portrayed by the swindlers behind the media, AS -rich, tall, mysterious, charismatic, cunning...

    What a load of crap. The real killers and terrorist -as we all know- were the ones making up that chivalrous baloney about bin Laden, just as they are the ones behind the other two portraits too.

    Here's the REAL makings of the revolution that will both make the new KINGS and QUEENS and that WILL HAPPEN REGARDLESS all our silly perspectives about blow-it-out-your-ass chivalry-


    TAKE ALL that you need, and destroy with poison everything else. SHIT DOWN THE WELL.

    That is the human way.

    Time is wasting.

    And when that time allotted us is gone -for any of us-, the only chance any of us will ever get will have passed by, -LOSERS-!

  4. AND -Here's what happens to Kings.

    Sen. Robert Byrd, the longest-serving member of Congress, a very rich and exquisitely evil man, above the law, and not above murdering anyone who got in his way, was admitted to a Washington-area hospital last week and is "seriously ill," according to a statement released by some very-well-paid Congressional-whore from his office Sunday.

    Soon enough the old coot will join the scumbag Ted Kennedy rotting away into dirt.

    Can any of you imagine what the smell of these two must have been like for the better part of the last half-century?


    Fuck you Robert Byrd. Fuck you Ted Kennedy.

    May some rotten son of a bitch land upon all your relatives and murder them one by one to make YOUR kind pay for your misdeeds on this planet.

    Fuck the lying-Kenyan-nigger in the White House. And fuck his Jewish nominee for Supreme Court too.

    ALL these motherfuckers are lying, scheming, snarling vampires sucking the life's blood out of the countryside. Fuck them all.

    That is the civilization they have given you.

    It's bad for you to drive without a seat belt, or in a car without air bags, to associate with terrorist, not to have health insurance, or to smoke pot or cigarettes, BUT LOOK ASSHOLE -it is okay with all these swine IN OUR PUTRID GOVERNMENT that right now there are little kids all along the Gulf Coast are playing in BP's toxic oil spill sludge that is the gift that will keep on giving for centuries to come.


    Fuck all these kings. Pace your breathing well and squeeze off -one- right down their pig-like snouts.

  5. I hafta think about all this - maybe the fukin Americans - as supporters of war criminals deserve what they have coming - and I'm wasting my time.

    Maybe I'm actually doing a dis-service by presenting my arguments on behalf of a NAZI culture - and would do humanity more good by spending my time on pecuniary stuff.

    I'm in a holding pattern right now - but will probably rejuvinate in a day or so

  6. But wait - didn't Byrd give the anti-war speeches predicting our situation we are in right now in the Senate - just as Bush was marching us off to war?

    He has to be given some credit for that don't you think? It sounded sincere to me - and after all his predictions - and moral arguments were good.

    Shouldn't he be credited with that?


  7. Fuck Byrd.

    They all should have their heads stuffed into the business end of a guillotine, or better yet, they should be stuffed feet first into a really-big wood chipper, -so they can see their end coming.

    Those lying motherfuckers, every one of them.

    --->>>CDC advises “Everyone, including pregnant women” to avoid areas affected by spill; Expert says crude oil contains “some of the most toxic chemicals that we know” <<<---



    Those toxic chemicals are PCBs.

    Come on down and swim in our PCBs.

    And that motherfucking lying Kenyan nigger hasn't said one word about the REAL potential health hazard concerning what is going on.



  8. I still think his anti war speeches were the only voice of dissent in the senate - ron paul and dennis kucinich in the house - a few more maybe I can't remember. In all fairness he did his best with that - and his wife died at the time too if I remember correctly and he still kept going.

    And since you used the n-word - you have opened up a place for someone to divide us - I don't have a problem with it - because the meaning really is in the mind of the listener. I think the most unpopular of speech is appropriate at times so I will only point out that somebody out there will use that one thing to hang you with - but to stifle your expressioin would take away the meaning of your words - however you meant for them to be received.

    Anyway - good observations and I appreciate them.



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