Kagan sought secrecy in 4 of 5 open gov't cases

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" In the most widely publicized freedom of information case, Kagan successfully argued that the Supreme Court should overturn a New York appeals court ruling that directed the government to release photographs of foreign detainees being abused by their U.S. captors. The American Civil Liberties Union sought the photos; Obama and the Pentagon opposed their release.
"In the judgment of the president and the nation's highest-ranking military officers, disclosure of the photographs at issue here would pose a substantial risk to the lives and physical safety of United States and allied military and civilian personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan," Kagan told the court in written arguments."
Note: Perfect for continuing the cover-up of 911 truth once she's installed.

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  1. This is typical of the maniacal ethical sense the Jewish philosophers are pretty-much all known for.

    This Satanic liar's ethic is also typical of the U.S. academic philosophy where there is an infestation of Jewish liars. "Education," as they call it, is a business, and a fraud.

    The strange and growing phenomenon of white inner-city youth aspiring to be like black role models is exactly like the persuasion that gets-a-hold of all lawyers and judges, who see it as perfectly natural to aspire to be exactly-like the bigoted and pathologically lying Jewish lawyers and judges.

    If you do not believe it, then read "The Dead Sea Scrolls in English" by G. Vermes, or anything else about Judaism and its historical roots.

    This is the basis for our laws -as it has evolved over time -here in this country.

    These people believe they are given the right and authority to lie, cheat, murder, perjure and steal because they are "chosen," chosen exactly like Bernie Madoff and countless other murderous Jewish liars and scoundrels.

    And that is what Elena Kagan believes too, that she is "chosen." Fuck you Elena Kagan. And fuck you too Harvard University for having spawned such an evil bitch.

    If Kagan did not believe she was "chosen," then just where the fuck does she get off allowing herself to be yet another Jewish nominee for the highest court in THIS Land, -to join two other Jewish justices on a court of nine justices total?

    Elena Kagan has no common sense of propriety.


    She honestly believes she has been chosen by her God to rule over all the non-Jews. OMFG!

    I am sorry, Elena. The guy who chose you is a heroin-addicted hood from Chicago named, Barack Obama. He's quite the scoundrel himself.

    He's a Kenyan by birth and not even a legitimate president. He's also known by the name, Barry Soetoro under which he went to school, entered the country, and began his hoodlum rise in the mean streets of Chicago.

    Soetoro also went to Harvard as a minority student from Malaysia. God bless Harvard University!

    Mr. Soetoro is the world's biggest liar, Harvard University.

    Elena Kagan may have been chosen by the world's biggest liar, but Elena Kagan, if you are sent to sit on the court, you'll never command any respect from me.

    You are just another lying impostor.

    Fuck you Elena Kagan. And fuck you too Harvard University for having spawned such an evil bitch.

    Fuck the law of this land. It's all nothing but lies and fraud, legalized murder and mayhem.


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