Snipers Threaten Border Agents

I'm amazed that this problem is being allowed to escalate to this level. There must be somebody waiting in the wings to profit from the violence as it ramps up. What we are watching is do-nothings in the Federal Government sit by while the probem grows - thereby allowing enough time to go by for some atrocities to result - thereby fomenting racial and other hatred on both sides - that's the best way to get people fighting each other who would normally get along. Once that hatred gets started the gun dealers and everybody else will rake in huge profits as the people suffering the casualties become involved in a tit-for-tat battle.

But rest assured - we have troops in AfPakistan, Columbia, Iraq - an Israeli-led United States Navy fleet heading for trouble in the Middle East - and over one hundred other U.S. troop occupations across the globe.

We do indeed live in "interesting times" - I wish our leaders worked for peace as much as I know the U.S. public really desires it.

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