Martial Law declared in Chester Pennsylvania by Mayor Wendell N. Butler, Jr.

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  1. Martial Law? That guy? That guy and his nigger deputy behind him declared Martial Law?

    What a fucking joke.

    The revolution has already begun. And these guys are simply the rear guard of the burly fat pigs who run the show from downtown in Philadelphia where the heroin is pure and the whores are cheap and hungry.

    You've got to be kidding me.

    I expect those two have been drinking soda pop down at Lula Mae's all afternoon wondering if the boss-judge done git the re-ward money for letting that load of stolen goods and methamphetamine go through town unmolested-like.

    They looked like mere harvesters of strong young men and young horny sluts.

    Those two looked for all the world to be the center of crime in Chester PA.

    Arm yourself well, Hillbilly.

    These God-damned fucking assholes who call themselves 'mayors' and 'Deputies' are nothing but gorillas with guns, whiskey and an appetite they mean to please.

    Just what the fuck are they protecting in Chester PA with Martial Law?

    Things as usual?

    Bomb the fucking place off the map.


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