How many voters does it take to change a light bulb? None. Because voters can't change anything.

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"These reports, and the many recent articles in Narco News by Al Giordano on the popular opposition to the coup in Honduras provide a tonic of hopefulness -- precisely contradicting the dismal mass media projections. I think there is no doubt that one of the major responsibilities the ruling class owners assign their mass media is to demolish our hopes that we can do anything effective to make the world better. They want us to believe we are impotent and that they have all the power to control events. Cultivating and maintaining our ignorance is essential for their continued control. The mass media continue the process begun by the compulsory schooling that was imposed on us when we were small children, the process John Taylor Gatto calls Dumbing Us Down.[3] "
Note: found this on blog recommended in comments - worth reading for sure-thanks Don. Since when have anarchists become the sensible ones? :)

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