How your Apple iPhone spies on you

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" "Very, very few people have any idea how to actually remove data from their phone," Sam Brothers, a mobile phone researcher for US Customs and Border Protection told the Detroit Free Press.
"It may look like everything's gone but for anybody who's got a clue, retrieving that information is easy.""
Note: Apple is just as ruthless as every other American corporation. These privacy issues are good for one thing - to dig up dirt on ordinary people. Has the murder rate dropped since all this silly peeping-tom spying began? Have the wars stopped? What good has it done other than to create a nation of paranoid people afraid of their own shadow while wearing helmet in the shower? This bogus crap has got to stop. I like Apple products but as far as I am concerned they are just as servile to the rest of the fascist state as any other company. Their parts are prohibitively expensive - but their software and hardware redeems itself by being.....useful.

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