Red Tar In The Gulf From Asphalt Volcano & Beneficial To Sea Life

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"What BP, Halliburton, and other co-conspirators intentionally drilled into was an Asphalt Volcano. Sounds scary doesn’t it? It really is not. In fact, after you read the above link you’ll know that the Gulf of Mexico is literally coated in oil, tar, and methane hydrate at the bottom. The study went on to find that massive aquatic life has specifically adapted to living off of the hydrocarbons. That in fact these asphalt volcanoes are a natural part of the ocean ecology, and their eruptions actually benefit the sea life over the long duration of time."
Note: Who the hell knows what is going on - they won't let the press in - so that means they are a pack of liars - "they" being BP and the US Federal government. All we know is what they are telling us - so it is up to us to sift through the disinformation and misinformation looking for contradictions etc... All I can say is I had some reasonably priced shrimp scampi the other day. Prices have not budged - and the way they are treating this whole thing - is not the way one would treat the collapse of a food chain.

I've had participants and supporters of this blog suspect this oil thing is a hoax from day one. "News" reports from American media are not news - they are propaganda. This whole thing stinks whether it is real or memorex. Either way it demonstrates the sorry state of affairs in Corporate American media today. We need our airwaves back.

Our FCC is a bunch of yes-men, do-nothings and cowards. Resign - get out - or just play Russian roulette with six live rounds - but whatever you do - please - since you can't lead and just follow fascists - why not save your family's reputation and get out of the way?

FCC=Fucking Corporate Cronies


  1. Goodness...so many cloak and dagger conspiracies...so little time. Asphalt volcanos, ehh? Are these volcanos by any chance connected to the guy behind the fence on the grassy knoll or the NSA guys who planted explosives at the base of the WTC towers or any of the other sophomoric daily boogey men BS stories invented by the putrid minds of the Drugster Rush Limbaugh or his royal f**king Highness sociopathic basket case, The right Rev Glen Beck?

    Why don't you guys all take a nice vacation? Maybe rent one of the retired space shuttles and take Rush and Glen and Michelle and Sarah and Mitch and Suntan John and Sharron and the rest of you unbelievably sick minded f**ks and go colonize the surface of the sun?

  2. I am flattered anyone would link to my little blog. Thanks
    You will find much of the same type petroleum curtain on the web the media face when they try and survey the gulf or interview BP. There is a direct attempt to limit the discussion, this is supposed to be a normal well see! No asphalt tar volcanos or giant methane pockets need be discussed.

    It reminds me of jet fuel that burns steel beams and melts cars 12 blocks away and buildings that fall without being touched. You will find the same minimum wage talent coming up with the one liners such as take your meds wrong link dude and grassy knoll as well as your normal Americans who simply can't come up with an original thought on their own.


  3. I hadn't noticed the link between corexit and agent orange. i will spread it around. As for the well who knows. They may have started something they thought they could control and things went soiuth. It is hard to say when nobody can get near the place.


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