Jordan's Queen Rania rejects offer to publish Hebrew edition of her children's book

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" Since 2007, Queen Rania has been working with UNICEF on child welfare issues and as honorary chairwoman of the UN's effort to promote the education of girls."

Note: Brilliant - let's just educate the girls. Or - let's just educate the blacks. I met King Hussein in Wash DC back in the nineties - we shook hands - I saw the "queen" but we didn't meet.
UPDATE: This article may be inaccurate: CLICK HERE FOR UPDATE.


  1. actually, a new haaretz article says the Queen didn't receive any request to have the book translated to start with:


  2. Thanks commenter - click on the "Americans Journey" title to go to the top of the blog - I put another post there correcting with the link you sent me.

    Yeah - I only picked up on this 'cause of the girls-only (is that correct) education deal - there has to be a better way.


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