Larry Hagman of 'Dallas' fame becomes the new face of SolarWorld

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" "'Shine, baby, shine' is an inexhaustible source of energy," said Hagman, who plans to address the Intersolar trade show today in San Francisco. "When affordable oil gives out, we're in real trouble -- I mean the collapse of civilization, within 15 to 20 years.
" "
Note: I always loved "I Dream of Jeanie" - it was funny as hell - and Hagman was funny. But after his acting success - and at a time when these are not going to be his problems - or mine - I applaud him for doing what is right and promoting solar energy. This is a no-brainer - what is there to talk about? German technology has a reputation. Funny thing about their technology - works better for the rest of us - guns and solar! Just kidding. But anyway - thanks Larry Hagman - I agree totally with the effort - this can keep America free - and lending your celebrity image to the cause is noble in my opinion.

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