A Letter to a Senator: Is it Rational? Is it Radical? Is it Right?

Honorable Susan Collins
US Senate
Washington DC

RE: The New Opium War Being Waged On America


This lying impostor President is advancing a new drug war on our own nation, as I am absolutely sure the government is behind this new K2 drug being openly marketed over the Internet.


At this treason I see no other solution than armed, open rebellion against this illegitimate government.

While you have been busy advancing the cause of a phony Homeland Security, Wall Street, the big banks, big auto, big medicine and a viciously murderous and aggressively land-grabbing Zionist colonial power in the Middle East, this impostor President has been busy debasing the moral fiber of the country's youth by waging a New Opium War upon the people of this nation.

You are acting as nothing less than Israel's whore when you call for war or sanctions against Iran, which to date has not violated the terms of the IAEA.

Get up off your knees. Wake up. Do your duty. Or resign your commission, because you are ineffective against these horrible crimes being committed in the name of the public weal.

Do your duty or wear the crown of the idiot you have become with your hair all done-up in some Washington DC beauty parlor.

You have every appearance of a rank fool.

Don Robertson 207-325-4205
34 Main Street #103
Limestone, Maine 04750


  1. Please read the linked article, Google search K2, and send a similar letter to your own Congressional leaders.

    I sent this one to Susan this morning.

    I meant every word of it.


  2. If only sending letters to congress thugs had any effect

  3. It does seem a fruitless effort - sending letters - only to receive, sometimes, a form letter in return.

    But if they received several thousand of these letters a day there is no question they would have to face what is becoming ever more obvious to everyone except them.

    Don is just giving them fair warning. The signs are all there. People are at their limit.

  4. Thanks for this information on k2. I have not heard of this. I was just reading an article from an "ex" MI-6. It was disturbing but I think it was legitimate. He said all the Presidents of late, have been involved in drugs and the central banks make 500 billion a year in this industry.
    Also, MI-6 actually created the CIA and Mossad. All 3 work for the central banking cartel. That is who they owe allegiance to ONLY.

    We don't hear much on MI-6. I think people should research it. It is they that we hear the least about that may be behind much of the most heinous crimes. 7/7 was said to have been done by MI-6.

    Not saying CIA or Mossad are better. They may be worse, it is just that all 3 are connected.

  5. Israel - 'One Racist Nation'

    Should There Be A Jewish State? No!
    "I would much rather see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish state."
    (Albert Einstein, in Ideas and Opinions, [Crown Publishers, New York, 1954], p. 190)
    "A state cannot be Jewish, just as a chair or a bus cannot be Jewish...The state is no more than a tool, a tool that is efficient or a tool that is defective, a tool that is suitable or a tool that is undesirable. And this tool must belong to all its citizens -- Jews, Moslems, Christians...The concept of a 'Jewish State' is nothing other than a snare."


  6. If the government was behind K2, they would make it illegal so they could control and profit from it, like other illegal drugs. The only solution is to make all drugs legal. That's the way is always was until recently and civilization was not destroyed.

  7. Jews Do Not Exist
    An Invention Called 'The Jewish People'

    The Most Monstrous MEME in All History
    First off, let’s make this one thing perfectly clear. When you see the word “Jew” around here, technically I mean “Talmudic Khazars”.

    The majority of "Jews" in the US and Israel, are a non-Semitic people, a Mongol/Turkish group called the Khazars of the Caspian Sea area, who long ago converted to Judaism. Eventually, to get rid of them, Christian Russia moved them into an area of southern Poland and Russia called the Pale of Settlement. Some of them migrated into Germany (which accounts for the German in the Yiddish language) and other Eastern European areas like Hungary and Romania. From these places, they moved on to the USA and we now see how that’s turned out for this country.


  8. Jews Banished 47 Times In 1000 Years
    Why so often? Why across such a variety of nations and cultures??? Why does no other people on earth come near to this record of eliciting adverse responses?

    Facts To Consider Concerning The Holocaust
    It Is Just a War Propaganda Hoax of lies! Down Sizing From EIGHT million to 30,000 dead Ashkenazi Khazar Bolshevik Jews.

    Significance Of Holocaust Revisionism
    In our previous essay "The Significance Of Revisionism”, we examined the basic proof of the revisionist case that "The Holocaust" was a hoax, as well as the greater implications of the legend. In this essay, we shall consider a wider variety of factors, which are inconsistent with the legend. The purpose is not to pile proof upon proof but to demonstrate that all relevant factors, which bear upon the story, are consistent with the revisionist interpretation, not with the extermination story.


  9. History of Jewish Human Sacrifice
    At the dawn of civilization, the blood rite, in which human blood is drunk from the body of a still-living victim, was known to many tribes. However, only one people, that has never progressed beyond the Stone Age, has continued to practice the blood rite and ritual murder. This people are known to the world as Jews. Arnold Toynbee, a noted scholar, has called the Jews "a fossil people”.

    In so doing, he must have been aware of the fact that they still practice ritual murder and the drinking of human blood (especially Christian blood). As a scholar, he could not have failed to note the many attested incidents of this practice of the Jews, for hundreds of example of ritual murder by the Jews are cited in official Catholic books, in every European literature, and in the court records of all the European nations.

    It is the official historian of the Jews, (Josef Kastein, in his History of the Jews, who gives the underlying reason for this barbaric custom. On page 173, he says, "According to the primeval Jewish view, the blood was the seat of the soul”.

    Thus it was not the heart which was the seat of the soul, according to the stone-age Jews, but the blood itself. They believed that by drinking the blood of a Christian victim who was perfect in every way, they could overcome their physical short comings and become as powerful as the intelligent civilized beings among whom they had formed their parasitic communities. Because of this belief, the Jews are known to have practiced drinking blood since they made their first appearance in history.

    Jewish Murder Plan Against White Christians Exposed


  10. Nexus of Evil are all JEWS

    Israel Whores In The US Government

    WOLF: INTC, SpecOps, Commando, BlackWatch, 3 PhDs

  11. How did this turn into a Jew-bashing excercise?

  12. I've smoked the stuff. The government isnt behind it. You people are dumbasses.

  13. All-

    There is a hugely expensive pharmaceutical company investment behind this scheme. If it was possible for some bathtub chemist to do this, it would have been done in the 1970's.

    No. The investment was justified because this is the government teaming up with someone in the pharmaceutical industry who is working -quid pro quo- under an agreement that this abomination will be allowed to grow and fester.

    This is the same thing that went on with Oxycontin and Perdue Pharma. The government is intentionally allowing private pharmaceutical companies to launch their own Opium Wars upon the youth of the nation.

    Search "K2" and look at the sophistication of the packaging and the marketing of this new drug on the street.

    NO ONE in the public eye knows the real contents of this stuff. And the government has NOT said a peep.

    Selling these so-called cannabinoids could be stopped in a heartbeat, had government ANY intention to stop it.

    This is the government selling drugs to the kids of this nation. I am 100% sure of this.

    Bring these swine down. These same political swine will not be hesitant to add opiates to the contents of this new drug on the street.

    That is the surest route to guaranteed profit and complete control.

    The guy who writes, "I've smoked the stuff. The government isnt behind it. You people are dumbasses," is spot on for exactly what the government has intended to sweep the nation.

    This is the road to your future enslavement.

    -Don Robertson

  14. The Queen has regained her colonies!! did you people really think england would walk away from her investments around the world w/out a fight? when money (zionist, mostly powerful jews) married into the aristocracy aggreements were made to consolidate and bring back into the fold all former colonies through control of drugs, finances, politics etc. the protocols were not authored by jews it was authored by england and the queen herself. How dare we think that we could or would be allowed to manifest destiny without the crown. All the things that are going on are to this end, understand they have a long history of playing this game, we a few hundred years. all things are becoming very clear in this end game

  15. ...and all this time all I thought the queen was just a parasite useful only for musket practice.

    We learn something new every day.


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