Protection officers must pay £70 a night for room and board at Buckingham Palace - then the Royal Family bills the taxpayer

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"The charges add to the £1.5 million out of pocket expenses bill - paid for by the taxpayer - that police officers have already racked up this year protecting the Royals and senior politicians, including former Prime Minister Tony Blair. "
Note: I know the Brits are smarter than this. Can you say "parasite?" By the way - there's free room and board - with an armed guard awaiting Tony Blair in jail for helping lie all of us into these wars.

Also: unlike the U.S. Secret Service - things must be rough for those guarding the queen. I thought nobody was supposed to touch the anointed one - whereas sacred Americans like Dick Cheney - are physically lifted by their protectors and carried to safety. This is just too complicated for my simple American mind.

A Queen? Really? Good Lord!

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