Mexican Candidate for Governor Is Assassinated

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" “This was an act not only against a candidate of a political party but against democratic institutions, and it requires a united and firm response from all those who work for democracy,” a stern-faced President Felipe Calderón, who has found his presidency repeatedly bogged down by drug violence, said in a nationally televised address.

Gunmen with automatic weapons opened fire on the motorcade of the candidate, Rodolfo Torre Cantú, 46, as he headed to an event in the closing days of the campaign, the authorities said. The murders came during a rise in election-related violence in recent months, including the shooting deaths of a mayoral candidate and of an activist during a get-out-the-vote effort. Explosives have also been thrown at two separate campaign offices this month."
Note: This is the same Felipe Calderon who wants Americans to give up their guns. That way we can be unprotected too and suffer the same fate of guys like the Candidate that was killed for speaking up. As you can see, thanks to the policies of Presidente Felipe - there is no violence due to semi-automatic weapons in his country - the violence is with FULLY AUTOMATIC real assault weapons! And he has the nerve to come here preaching to Americans to give up their semiautomatic rifles!

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