JERRY KANE: RAW CCTV Video of West Memphis AR cop killers getting killed in Walmart Parking lot

I don't like the term in the title "cop killer" since it implies that one human life is somehow more precious than another.

There still seems to be great interest in this story regarding the shooting of Jerry Kane and son. In previous posts I've been criticized by chauvinistic supporters of our public servants, the police, as somehow "praising" the Kanes for "what they had done."

Nothing could be further from the truth since I don't know what they did other than a traffic stop ended up with a body count of 4 people - two cops and two civilians.

I'm more interested in examining the "us vs. them" mentality of police in America. The SWAT police - the heavily armed assault-weapon carrying, tinted-window cruiser driving police that are acting as the strong-men of the suits infringing on the rights of Americans. Click here to read an old post and watch a video discussing how far the police-state mentality has come.

Commenters have said that there is video of the dashcam from the police cruiser showing the original traffic stop - that the Kanes opened fire on the police for no reason - and that led to their being rammed and shot to death in the Wal-Mart parking lot below. If that is the case - then I hope someone will send me the video so I can post it here.

Life, to me at least, is precious. I don't distinguish between the life of a cop or a citizen. But it seems to me that those who see things the way I do - that all life is precious - are not making themselves heard - whether in the police departments or in public life. The fact that we now are supposed to distinguish between a police officer and a "civilian" is in itself - absurd. But it demonstrates the cultural shift in American life that must be reversed - and the police are going to have to help. If they don't join hands with the public to fix this violence problem in our country - I believe many more will die in incidents similar to this one.

This July 4th I think we should all reflect on what Liberty we have and how we can come together as citizens with a common goal to preserve our liberty, without labels either assigned to us or self-assigned - and boldly hold our government accountable in all matters. The Kanes and the cops are dead - now the families get to suffer. It didn't have to be that way. Both share some of the blame.

Happy 4th!


  1. this needs to happen to all cops

  2. I kept waiting for the vehicle to explode towards the end...

  3. I disagree with the "all cops" comment. We've all met good and bad people in all walks of life. Although I've spent much time letting the police have it - there are many many good guys and girls in law enforcement - I'm trying my best to get the best of them to come forward and take responsibility.

    Scroll to the very bottom of this blog and watch the video made by Sheriff Mack - perhaps you will change your mind?



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