Anderson Cooper Apologizes For Media Complicity In Tillman Cover-Up

Anderson Cooper - a day late and a dollar short. If this weasel had done his job instead of cheerleading and bootlicking as did the rest of the lying corporate-owned media there might be many more soldiers, with non-famous names, still alive.

Anderson Cooper talks about the movie mentioned as being good "journalism" as if he would recognize it when he saw it. The clown apologizes - but what has he done to redeem his credibility or that of the sorry-ass channel he acts as talking head for?

CNN recently cried about bloggers being a problem - but in many ways it was bloggers that kept the story alive - not Anderson Cooper - or CNN.

And now, after all this, CNN comes out AFTER they made the movie?

The question for Anderson Cooper becomes - what will you do NOW to bring out the rest of the truth you've been helping to suppress? What will you do NOW to bring to the public's attention the information available in the blogosphere for so long?

We will anticipate your answer - delivered in the form of your actions. We're waiting.


  1. I stopped listening to "Psy-Ops Boy" years ago.

  2. Right at the end--CNN dropped the shitbomb--on the Tillman family.Sure the brother was right--where in the f@ck was god to go after the killers and the sick basturds politician sidekicks and the generals.
    If I was brother Richard and anyone of the scums walking the streets(retired or not) they are game :^(
    At least--in Iraq and Afghas--men got balls
    Let's give some credit to us bloggers!

  3. So what else wasn't entirely kosher?

  4. http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/article/trailer-for-the-pat-tillman-documentary-the-tillman-story

    Director: Amir Bar-Lev
    Distributor: The Weinstein Company


  5. Anderson Cooper is a CIA AGENT. Admitted by his own employers at CNN. WHY DOESNT HE APOLOGIZE FOR THAT? AND RESIGN? Or to prove CNN has some integrity- get FIRED??

    This is predictable fare from an MSM whore whose severely shot credibility has hurt his career and damaged his show, and network's, ratings.

    Crocodile tears as a tactic to ingratiate yourself to audiences and reestablish viewership after YEARS and YEARs of betrayal of those audiences DOESNT cut it.

    Expect more of this phony garbage. One day, after it is fait accompli acknowledged by all that 911 WAS an inside job, these same bastards who spent the decade covering it up and belittling the Truthers will appear with more crocodile tears apologizing for their unfortunate 911 "mistakes". "No one knew this was possible"?!?!? blah blah blah

    Or the more egregious and opportunistic will race in with facts we already screamed about (from DAY 1)and exposed as govt lies as their own 'breaking news' discovery and demand we applaud them with a Pulitzer.

    It is all quite sickening. Turn them OFF and tune them out. THAT IS THE WAY TO DESTROY these LIARS

  6. The Pat Tillman murder is simple. Pat was fed up with the corrupt war and was planning on campaigning for John Kerry, That meant he had to die. Paid killers were hired, the military gave them passage and covered up for them.

    Friendly fire my a$$. Pat had three .223 holes in his forehead. A three shot burst fired from 10 feet or less.

    Real simple.


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