U.S. Lawmakers Aim to Block Lebanon Military Aid

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" A senior Israeli officer, two Lebanese soldiers and a Lebanese journalist were killed in the firefight on Aug. 3, which broke out while Israeli soldiers were pruning a tree on the border. The Lebanese claimed the Israelis had crossed onto their territory, but the United Nations peacekeeping force in south Lebanon later concluded that the Israelis were in fact on their side of the border. "

Note: So I'm supposed to cry over an Israeli officer more than I should over an American 19 year old the Israeli god-loving fanatics are responsible for? Time to stop killing people of all colors, creeds, religions and political persuasion - don't you think? Killing people is a disgusting act. It is sick, sick, sick. And those perpetuating this sickness need to spend their lives in prison or on the end of a fucking noose.

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