ChildLine calls prompted by parents' drink and drugs

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" The NSPCC also cited the example of one 10-year-old, who said: "My mum drinks all the time. She leaves me alone lots of the time. I feel scared and lonely.
"I look after mum when she drinks and put her to bed. She shouts and hits me. I don't want to feel pain. I want to die."

It said more than 4,000 children had rung the helpline during the 12-month period to say they were worried about their parents' excessive drinking.
Note: Thanks DR for sending. Looks like the "war on drugs" is just as effective as the "war on horror" and the "war on poverty" and the war on everyotherthing.

What are we to make of this tragedy? I see deeper problems - engineered breakup of the family is one. Obviously the kids have no one except the government to call for help - we used to talk to our siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

No - all that is left is for the kid to call the officials and tell them that the parents are abusing alcohol and drugs - probably tobacco and pot too but they probably hide that from the kids.

But why? Is it because these are the solutions of the poor - those who have little time and little money with which to find a moment of peace while the phone rings with the calls of the bill collector - the answering machine - or the mortgage company?

It can't be that the public is resorting to drugs to find a peaceful moment - or a moment of clarity in our noisome "culture" - a pay-in-advance chance to be otiose while the world spins out of control - with no end in sight?

Our leaders are the epitome of the venal - vipers without souls - lacking sympathy, empathy, and just plain adult concern for their fellow man - that is - unless it is their dynastic offspring we are talking about. Then it's time for controlled airspace.

I have recently been observing - not writing - because the situation is the same but I've changed - changed in my realizations. They are not what I had hoped and worked for - but they lead me to believe that we are in big trouble:

1. The country is being sold out - and this is not hard to do since we have a top-down organization.
2. The masses are somehow stupefied. Whether it is all the drugs, fluoride in the water, overstimulation leading to burnout - working too much - something is screwed up with the normal reactions of human beings to events - big and small. The populace appears drugged, tired, uninterested, oblivious, pre-occupied, self-absorbed. These are not qualities becoming of a citizen of a republic.
3. The media is fucked. There are people - I don't need to go down the list here - that if I were a dictator I would have them sent to Siberia. Traitors.
4. The Federal government has been infiltrated by traitors - some with loyalties to foreign governments - many religious fanatics - many elected officials are simply rich which in many cases means selfish since they have a proven ability to always take more than their fair share.
5. The president is a puppet - a tool - and I don't just mean Soetoro I mean all of them. They are simply cheap-suited salespeople for the elitist scum intent on one-world-government, which will be and is in the process of being forced on an unwitting mushroom population through treaty - the easiest way to circumvent the United States Constitution.
6. The military - simply NAZIs. Sorry - there is no other way to describe an adult willingly participating in mass murder simply to pay their rent. This fascist mercenary military is a disgrace to the country - a standing army that is unprofessional, murderous, indiscriminate and rascist. They are also liars and propagandists. They are users of the youth and liars to the wise. The bribe, lie, murder and rape - for ........bits of colorful cloth and shiny metal buttons. Pussies. Cowards. Followers.
7. Federal Reserve - gotta' go. They are a vampire. Bloodsuckers - leeches - taking something off the top of every transaction and more. Usury. Scum of the Earth. Cockroaches.
8. Illegal aliens are flooding into the country. No assimilation. No education. No English. There are many problems with this concept - that is - unless the goal of those allowing the invasion is to divide and conquer the United States so as to amalgamate it with the drug-lord-run nation to our south and the England throw-back to our North.

Language barriers ruin nations. Bilingual means no communicado. Yeah - it's a nice cartoon fantasy for the kids - but a real nightmare when you stop in New Jersey at a gas station for directions and you cannot call for help because their German Shepard is chewing on your leg. If the United States is allowed to lapse into a country of "citizens" who cannot speak to each other the country will suffer immensely - and if I were an enemy or would-be conquerer of the United States - I'd be all for it. That way when some Paul Revere type tries to tell everybody about something like WTC7 being "pulled" - they will have even more difficulty than those trying to tell their own families who speak the same language how absurd the lies are that we've been told.

9. Voting via electronic voting machines - complete fraud. Are you that stupid? Are you a programmer? Did you ever take a course in BASIC? Give me a break. Without election reform - and I mean paper, pencils or ink if that is what it requires - I personally will NOT vote in the next phony election.

I think I've said enough for now. Whoever you are - wherever you are - you'd better get involved - wake up - rise up or you are going to lose everything.

In my opinion the United States is at the brink of revolution and civil war. The stage is set, and the buzzards are circling - just waiting for all of you to go back to sleep. When you awaken - you will have nothing - probably not even your kids - they'll be busy killing someone else's kids in a country you cannot identify.

America is not a joke. It is man/woman-kinds finest attempt to build a just society with the intent that equality, justice, and the blossoming human spirit can coruscate.


  1. I agree that there is likely to be a civil war brought on by a revolt of workers. However at item 2 above you refer to America being a republic. I presume that like most Americans you have not read the speech by James Traficant to the house of representative in 1993, where he explains that America's republic died at the the 1933 bankruptcy. The new de facto form of government is based on communism.
    This is what all Americans need to understand. There is a new constitution and this is why courts ignore the old constitution. I have a link to the Traficant speech at whatisknown.com and I hope that everyone in America soon knows the truth.

  2. I read John Adams' book on Republics. That is the one that I'm going with - all others are null and void.

    I'm glad somebody may have signed up for some other plan - but like I said - I'm not on board - not now - now ever.

    So I don't need to read some phony end-run around the country I grew up in, those who raised me and educated me told me we have - no -

    if somebody thinks we've signed up for another program - well then -

    ...I guess they know what side I'm on -

    A Republic depends upon an informed citizenry - and we need to become informed then assert our rights - whatever that takes.

  3. lol...civil war huh. Dream on. The status quo will be maintained at all costs. They will toss you another "bone" with a little more meat than last time to appease the simple minded (which is a majority BTW). However, I do think this time around will be a bit different. There is a plan that the elitists bankers are conforming to and their objectives are top priority.

    What are their objectives?

    global domination
    population reduction
    restoring the earth's "innocence"

    technology is much more advanced than we know or are told. Technology assembly is compartmentalized such that workers performing one step do not grasp the end use. The elitists realize that they can train the serfs to do mindless jobs and create wonderful things. However, their goal is to rule in a perfect paradise of advanced technology, power with everyone else subservient to them.

    they are mad men. and i believe this time around they will use all their power to achieve their objectives.

  4. That doesn't mean there won't be a revolution based on discontent or a civil war based upon religion or race or some other idiotic dividing factor.

    I'm not talking about who will win - did I predict that?

    I'm talking about civil unrest - and thanks for helping me to understand that they've been planning for it all along.

    I'm not goddam stupid my friend.

    I don't care if they are mad men or not - look at your neighbors. Look at the murder rate. Look at the women raped, the houses invaded, the stores robbed - who is doing all that? Men from Mars?

    You underestimate the inhumanity of humanity methinks.

    I'm just calling it as I see it. I know the powers will use everything they have at their disposal - who wouldn't?

    Americans have proven their willingness to kill for nothing - just look at all the wars we are involved in.

    Just think what they can do when they actually have something to fight for - like their kids have no food and Joe Lieberman wants to attack Iran for Israel.

  5. I think you are right J Rabbit, in most of what you say. Certainly your heart is in the right place. However, it is nevertheless true that our republic was lost in 1933. We may need to re-live 1776 to get it back again. The "Constitution" is dead, not because government officials don't know how to read, but because they know it doesn't apply anymore. You can see that if you read between the lines. We hear now about the US Constitution, or the Constitution of the United States, or some other piece of paper, but never about the "Constitution for the united States". By using the word "of" instead of "for", they give away the fact that they are referring to a wholly different piece of paper than the one we read about in history class. The "constitution for the US" is probably a corporate charter in some vault that makes all those who agree to support it defacto slaves...

  6. wow man, i've seen your position on certain things evolve. thank you for being one of the few with an open enough mind to understand.

  7. It is my understanding that the "help line" to which this blogment refers is in England. Not to say that somehow this makes all well in the USA, just thought I'd point that out.

  8. I would say at a cost of $195 Billion a year just because of its use,ALCOHOL needs to be TAXED 500% like they do smokers who harm NOBODY..ANd BAN ALL ALCOHOL anyhwere CHILDREN ATTEND...ALCOHOL IS 900 Times more DEALY AND DANGEROUS to EVERYONE AROUND IT....

  9. A big reason for 2. is that they managed to create a situation where people think they can fix things (by voting the bad guys out), but in fact nothing changes (because the bad guys control both sides).

    It makes people apathetic, always waiting for the next election so they can "fix" things, only to realize later that the new politicians aren't any better - so back to step 1, wait for the next election to "fix" things.

    A republic that only offers 2 choices, with both choices being more or less identical, is worse than a dictatorship - in a dictatorship, people at least know who they're up against and are much more likely to revolt (after all, there's no way they can just fix it within the system by voting if they just wait a few more years).

    Unfortunately, they successfully introduced that scheme (or similar ones) in all major countries, so getting genuine help from the outside is rather unlikely.

  10. You are missing the point...

    "2. The masses are somehow stupefied. Whether it is all the drugs, fluoride in the water, overstimulation leading to burnout - working too much - something is screwed up with the normal reactions of human beings to events - big and small. The populace appears drugged, tired, uninterested, oblivious, pre-occupied, self-absorbed. These are not qualities becoming of a citizen of a republic."

    A republic? Childline is UK charity set up to give children in the UK a place where they can call for help. The UK is a monarchy not a republic.

    "The Federal government has been infiltrated by traitors"

    What Federal Government? The UK Government is not Federal.

    "The president is a puppet - a tool - "

    What President? We have a Queen as head of State and a Prime Minister to administer the Government on the Sovereign's behalf.

    "Federal Reserve"

    Again nothing to do with Childline.

    "Voting via electronic voting machines - complete fraud"

    Nope, we use a pencil to put a little cross on a piece of paper next to the name of the candidate we want to elect. This paper ballot is folded and placed into a sealed box. The box is taken to a central counting location and counted in public in front of the media and all candidates and their agents and officials.

    Whilst whatever beef you have with the Federal United States Government may be valid, The UK's Childline charity has nothing to do with it!

  11. I am a hypnotist, and I am here to tell you the masses are literally hypnotized. No one wants to believe they can be hypnotized, and that works our really well for the masters of hypnosis. You woke up, save yourself, it is all you can do. Try to be prepared to feed and shelter the sheep when SHTF so they will take help from you, not kill you.

  12. I think, in US big factor of influence on masses is the constant stream of lying commercials everybody is bombarded with in all places. Whether you watch TV, read newspaper, check website, drive along the street, open mailbox, listen to the radio, buy groceries, you are constantly being lied to in various forms, and you know that these lies is what fuels TV show, article in newspaper, website and everything else. Even the most progressive websites, like whatreallyhappened.com, are fueled by ads whose deception is obvious even to 5 year old. This neverending stream results in apathy, in disconnect from this deceptive reality, and in erosion of all moral values, 'cause everybody knows that every written and spoken word is most likely yet another deception and yet another attempt to sell something. As CEO of ClearChannel said in the interview to Forbes years ago, "we don't provide music and news, we only help our customers to sell their product" - if you think about this, it applies not only to ClearChannel and not only to the media, but to whole economy and society. Today's wars, laws, news, everything is just another selling someone's product. Not everybody has realized this as a fact, but subconsciosly, everybody behaves accordingly.

  13. The childline trend is a sister situation to what is going on in the United States. I am aware that England doesn't have a president.

    The intent of the article is to discuss parallels and the sameness of governmental encroachment - England is just a little futher along in some respects.

  14. For the people who don't understand the "parallel" with the US angle of this post - read this - perhaps you'll see where I'm coming from.


    This is "American's Journey" - I don't have a say in the affairs of England. Too bad the traitors selling our country out don't understand that citizens of other countries are not interested in Americans running their country. I have no intention.

    But the parallels are there - read that article. That's where I was coming from. I'm also amazed that any adult anywhere recognizes that they have a "queen."

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