Philosopher Don Robertson: Economic Solution or Revolution?

Please consider two articles as you ponder the following thoughts:

1. The Fed's New Round of Quantitative Easing Is Like Trying to Patch Leaking Pipes by Pumping in More Water -

2. US Federal Reserve takes step to boost recovery

Talking about the problem (social collapse) in this way, as if it really were an economic problem of -deficits, money supply, Ponzi schemes, ineffective stimulus programs, inflation or deflation- is ridiculous.

Ben Bernanke looks for-all-the-world like an impossibly harried little Dachshund Weiner-Dog who has learned to catch a Frisbie like a Golden Retriever. But toward what possible fruitful outcome, who can envisage?

The Bankers and Wall Street hocus-pocus men who make massive livings from behind confidential computer screens are again howling for more stimulus. SHOW ME THE MONEY!

It is just as if these swell-swindling-men believe the obsessive-compulsive moral hazard upon which their obscene 100-million-dollar-bonus-existence is predicated -is going to legitimize itself toward better approval-numbers than the 95% of Americans who were against THEM the first time everyone got gouged.

Perception is skewed in this environment of feverish anger in the lifeboats.

The common conception being bandied about implies, that if all the Boomers were again under ten years of age, -all our problems would disappear. Pshaw!

The problem is misunderstood. The REAL problem -is that all the Boomers were once UNDER ten years of age -at the same time-.

Understand that in your conceptual surroundings that make your analytic reality, and you'll suddenly see, this is NOT an economic problem.

Even if there could exist some solution-wizard, the likes of which we all see ourselves in our more vulnerable moments, -the very best we can do, is to delay the inevitable re-emergence of our re-realization of the very same problem concerning the train being off the tracks and headed mid-air down a steep embankment.

If anyone really wants to benefit from this train wreck, I would suggest they start by abandoning the conception about their reality that implies there is ANY economic solution.

Philosophy leads the way -regardless the desirableness of the direction-.

How so? Philosophers will explain very patiently, and with warm intent, -we are all feeble, groping -idiots.

Plan not for better things.

Plan INSTEAD for not letting things get any worse than they would otherwise if our attempt -to ameliorate all our personal perceptual stumbling blocks- gets the better of our foothold on this conceptual precipice from which we ridiculously dangle the belief in these fool solution-wizards of economics.

Woof, woof! -Ben Bernanke. WOOF!

Don Robertson

Note: Ben Bernanke looks drugged. He reminds me of a mafia accountant - he knows everything that is going on - but has the demeanor required for the cameras - the mass media image - you know - the benign professor.

This eunuch doesn't impress me much - not that I think - as an American citizen - paying interest to the crooked Federal Reserve PRIVATE FUCKING BANK - that I have any say in the matter - but if I were in charge this clown would be sent to break big rocks into little rocks along with Alan (Basset Hound) Greenspan.

We cannot continue to follow their formula - it doesn't goddam fucking work. Look at the buying power of the dollar - you might as well show up at the supermarket with a roll of toilet paper to barter for your cat food.

Sorry for the profanity but I think Don would understand.



  1. Well said.

    We have a "crisis" manufactured by ben' big brother. Our so called "government" is as sold out as is ben.

    Any "solution" starts with the public' realization that our "government" has sold us out.

  2. JR,if and when the US public wake up and get angry dog boy bernanke won't get a chance to break rocks.him and all his mates will be lined up shitting themselves.i live in australia if it goes bang in the US it will also go bang here and probably everywhere else,except the jewish state.look who runs the world and it starts in tel aviv.but i'm sure you already know that.I'M WAITING FOR THE BANG.

  3. One thing's for sure - we're all in this together. The trick will be to beat the NWO swine back and still maintain some kind of national identity.

    Since when did it become unpopular to have varied cultures?

    When I visit a foreign country I want to visit a foreign country - not some copy of the place I just left - or some phony Disneyland stage set-up of whatever.

    I think varied cultures and languages across the globe are one of the greatest parts of life - that when experienced - open up the human mind like nothing else.

    Maybe that's why the NWO people want a "one world government" - nice uniform sheep who all think, talk, act, and obey alike.

    I still think we, the good guys, will win.

  4. Where were we when they were crucifying Helen Thomas, Mel Gibson, and now Oliver Stone??

    So few voices... so many demons.

  5. Way back when then Treasury Secretary Honest Hank Paulson kicked-off THE BAILOUT ECONOMY with his panicked statement about the possibility we could see a whole slew of Lehman Bothers like collapses -everyone was mesmerized by fear of the depression in which we all now find ourselves deeply mired.

    This time 'round though, we're already neck-deep in the depression most of the economists want us to believe was avoided by spilling the contents of Fort Knox and the Treasury out into the open where Wall Street thieves could help themselves.

    The question is no longer, whether or not we can avoid a depression.

    The question is to what extent these Wall Street thieves and their attendant bureaucratic loafers will get away with further ingratiating themselves at public expense before some heads are going to find their way into the bottom of the wicker basket commonly found below the business end of a guillotine.

    Give them what they want, and what they deserve.

  6. The fed wants everyone to believe there is no relationship between the fair-market value of a house, the number of houses on the market, or even the ability of the potential class of buyers to earn a decent living.

    Suck-up and -BORROW - BORROW - BORROW- sucker!

    The truth is, even the parents of the Boomers still own a significant proportion of American residential real estate. That's ALL coming on the market -and more daily.

    Property taxes have tripled in a dozen years -further depreciating the value of real estate. It looks like property taxes will eventually get so high, real estate will have NO value, zero, nada, nothing, zilch.

    And the boomers are selling their own houses early (when they can) so they can send their thirty-something children money to see them through the tough times, and to keep them from moving home with mom and dad who are now severely pushing seventy.

    If there is a demon in our midst (and there is) -it was all those kiss-that-sailor post-WWII women -who kept themselves pregnant for a dozen years -straight- and well into the mid-1950's.

    Women are over-sexed. But in America -they were running a PUPPY-MILL-like campaign to over-populate their end of the planet.

    They exceeded their own plans.

    Any Boomer that claims they are sure they know their conception-father -is full of it. The Post-WWII drunken orgy lasted a dozen years.

    The effect is going to turn out worse than anything the Japs of Hitler could have done to us.

    In this incarnation, the populations explosion has delivered an endless trainload of ancient Boomers.

    What are you going to do with them?

    The Boomers own just about everything, and they are planning on taking it all with them when they die.

    And they expect YOU to work hard so THEY can collect Social Security.

    It's the Ponzi scheme social safety-net.

    RETIREMENT for them and WAGE-SLAVERY for you.


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