Florida Candidate Veers From Tea Party’s Script

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" Jeb Bush, a former Florida governor and a close adviser to Mr. Rubio, said the race had been consumed by multiple distractions beyond Mr. Rubio’s control. But he said the message of an optimistic conservative, which he believes national Republican leaders are not offering, would set Mr. Rubio apart. "
Note: Okay - if Bush supports somebody - I don't. I really don't care what they claim - they are supported by liars who made many claims - some of which I fell for - then did the exact opposite once in office.

I wonder if he is being advised to lie to the public now, by his mentors, then just do whatever the Bush clan needs him to do for their support once he gets in office.

I hear the mafia gives you an offer you "can't refuse." Is that a candidate you want?

How long will this public fall for the same scam over and over?

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