Senators demand answers on saved body scans and privacy protections (...till it's off the front pages)

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"Senators said they were "disturbed" by reports U.S. Marshals have saved more than 35,000 body scan images from a Florida courthouse, according to a letter sent Friday. "
Note: The senators are disturbed all right.

No - not because of the violation of privacy of the public. They are just plain disturbed. After all - if such trivial issues as privacy of the public mattered to such elitists they wouldn't be using Israeli companies run by crooks as middlemen for the NSA to spy on Americans. They would have said more when an American 19-year-old was killed by Israelis on a Gaza peace ship. They would have said more when we embarked on a "war on terror" which really doesn't mean anything. They would protect freedom of speech with the same religious fervor they unfortunately reserve only for the wishes of their AIPAC puppetmasters - to the detriment of the rights of We The People. These Senators - these public serpents - are nothing but venal politicians posing for a photo op.

But now that the bloggers kept the pressure on and the truth is coming out about the naked body scanners- that is - that the images are stored-it's time for the sell-out politicians to put on a big show to pretend they are champions of the people. (After all how stupid/disturbed does a person have to be to think that the images are not stored - what are they gonna' do if they find a gun on someone - NOT save the picture as evidence to bring to court?) Meanwhile - the perverts that rammed this sick tech down the public's throat stack more gold in their vaults. Lieberman. Hah! I'd rather have the "cowardly lion" fighting for my rights rather than Lieberman - because I have more respect for a coward than a traitor.

The senators are out of touch with the public, reality, rationality and technology. They do not share the "common sense" that the rest of us do because they haven't said a word about the fact that some of the images saved - if all images were saved - must be of the genitals of children. Somewhere some of the saved images must be child porn - that is - if definitions mattered any more. First they told us NO images would be saved. Now they tell us 35,000 images are stored. Are we to think this is the whole truth rather than the tip of an iceberg? I may have been born at night but I wasn't born last night.

No it doesn't matter who took the pictures - as they will try to convince you. You can't say - hey - we are from the TSA and we stored pictures of your child's naked body so that makes it OK. No on the contrary it makes it even worse. Have you seen the TSA worker-force at an airport lately? The people on their way to somewhere who bought an airline ticket are under the control of a bunch of people who have nowhere to go and cannot afford an airline ticket. I met one security guy at an airport who told me he'd never been on an airplane. Does that matter? I dunno but something is upside-down here.

But even more damning may be the images of the genitals of Senator (Israel) Joseph Lieberman - because they are clamped in a vise with a lock that only the leaders of AIPAC have a key for.

This naked body scanner issue is not funny. It is yet another sick encroachment toward the complete domination of Americans - more humiliating crap - basically forcing the public to suffer the same violations one would expect as an "inmate" at a prison or insane asylum.

We are at a point where it is time to stop letting the nuts run the nut house. What will come of this story - will anyone pay for lying earlier assuring the public that the images were NOT being saved?

Don't let the smokescreen media deflect your attention. Follow the story - see what comes of it over time. If you still have faith in the phony electronic elections - perhaps it will change your mind as to who to vote for - as if that mattered.


  1. I'd rather be blown up than be routinely humiliated by TSA.
    What happens when, as is surely inevitable, a dedicated lunatic travels with a bomb up his ass?

  2. Me too. This is all about stealing taxpayer money.

  3. And humilating us while we pay. MIND CONTROL. Of course they use low IQ sheep to enforce this. Physco logic? al warfare. When will the general public say enough is enough?


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