A Workers Party

This clip is the opening scene from "Battle of Britain" - it reminds me a bit of our corporate controlled fascist economy here in America. There is a part that gave me a chuckle - reminds me of the behavior of Americans these days when the "boss man" comes around.

Go to time=3:35 in this video. Look carefully at the left side of the screen - notice the workers -that would represent YOU - if not already - very shortly here in America.

The "boss man" could be a CEO, politician, or military leader. Reminds me of the motorcades and air fleets our "representatives" have at their disposal while the rest of us fight it out in traffic on crappy roads - some of which have been leased to foreign entities.

Maybe harsh - but other than the uniforms - what's different?


  1. For Americans, the guys in the grey uniforms are jews.

  2. ? I wish people would distinguish between Zionist and jew. What about the jewish people who don't agree with the militaristic foreign policy of Israel?

    Painting with a broad brush always covers up the details.

  3. "? I wish people would distinguish between Zionist and jew."

    Like jews did between Nazis and German's?
    Like jews do between Moslems?
    Like jews did between Iraquis?
    Like jews do between Iranians?
    Like jews did between Ukrainians?
    Like jews do between Palestinians?
    Like jews do between "Gentiles" and "Goyim"?

    "What about the jewish people who don't agree with the militaristic foreign policy of Israel?"

    All two of them?
    What about them?
    What if they are congenital liars, as mandated in their "holy" book, the talmud?
    Kol nidre anybody?

    Is the evidence too much for you to digest comfortably? Are you defeated before you begin? Do you fear having to take action, in line, and flowing from, the evidence of your own senses?
    Give it up then!
    Wait for your American Journey to continue.
    Flushed down the toilet of history.

    Why defer to jews' particular sensitivities? Don't you owe you and yours, more care and attention, than ANY jew? Isn't it time, NOW, to reserve your concerns exclusively, for your best interests, and leave the fate of jews in the hands of their father, the devil? Aren't THEY your first priority, and who CARES about the fate of those who identify as jews? Let jews and their corrupt sabbath goy, do all the worrying. What about the plight of Tuvan throat singers?
    Do you apply this rubric to other malevolent threats?

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  4. I think the American way is to protect the rights of individuals.

    That means - even if there are only "two of them (jews)" who are against the militaristic policies of the Zionists - yes. They deserve not to be grouped in with the pack.

    It is you, my friend, that is falling for the trap of the neocons, the zionists, and the rest of those intent on destroying this republic.

    Individuals do matter - even if there is only one speaking up.

  5. Isn't the whole plan of Zionism for the elites to hide behind all the world's Jews - isn't the hope of Zionist leaders that if people become upset at Zionist crimes, that they'll turn against Jewish people in general as opposed to them in particular?

    It's the same when Bush talked about people 'hating America.' Bush hopes the world turns against American in general for the crimes he committed rather than turning against him an his enablers in particular.

    The people bashing "jews" do Zionisms work for it - I only wonder if they're conscious of it or just too stupid to understand.

  6. Exactly. Whenever any scapegoat is targeted - you can rest assured you are being subjected to a propaganda campaign. A campaign of manipulation - cleverly crafted to seem to address the "problem" but under close examination reveals manifold contradictions.

    America is a republic. A republic protects the oddballs, the bigmouths, those with big mouths and big ears, those who look funny, those who pray to gods you may not like, those who say UNPOPULAR things, those who point out uncomfortable truths - and ....those who are accused...for example...

    When Sirhan was captured at the shooting of RFK (evidence is available to show another shooter from behind was involved now) - the crowd wanted to kill him - why? Because their beloved Senator Kennedy - who bucked the "conspiracy theory" that a mafia existed despite Jedger Hoover's selective blindness - and his willingness to stand up for the people - when their beloved Senator - who had it all took a bullet - they wanted to kill the person who did it. On that day that person was Sirhan.

    But the police protected Sirhan and got him into a car and although the legal system, in my opinion never got to the truth - the mob didn't get to kill Sirhan.

    That is a republic. In a democracy - fuck it - just kill the guy.

    But if one reviews the facts of the case - the Republic got it right - a democracy got it wrong.

    The rights of the individual are the only thing worth protecting - because we are homo sapiens -not a bunch of cattle. Only independent thinkers with fearless freedom of expression can reach the masses who, for one reason or the other, will be swayed one way or the other.

    Galileo is the best example of the persecuted independent thinker.

    Newton too, for many reasons, which led to his use of arcane expression to keep the herd of critics off his back.

  7. "I think the American way is to protect the rights of individuals."

    When did that start? I must have missed it. I'm not having a go here, i'm stating what i see. The only individuals' rights i see being protected are those of JEWS, at the expense of everyone else, Out of all proportion to their numbers.

    "That means - even if there are only "two of them "jews" who are against the militaristic policies of the Zionists - yes. They deserve not to be grouped in with the pack."

    A noble sentiment, beautifully put. One i would ordinarily subscribe to. But you are quoting from a philosophy jews DON'T subscribe to! Like going to a knife fight, armed with a toothpick. In reality though, wouldn't it best serve those "two jews", to distance themselves from judaism completely, irrevocably, lest they be lumped in with their less altruistic brethren, and be used as cover, human shields, and put themselves at peril of ending as "collateral damage", another fine judaic addition, to the English language?
    These judaic behaviours, perfidies,mendacities, were in play long before zionism.

    Read this.

    Watch this.



    Read this.


    "Individuals do matter - even if there is only one speaking up."

    "Speaking up", isn't action. It's the appearance of action. It's an excuse for inaction. It amounts to nothing, and is poor consolation in the grave.

    Realities, being objective, don't take account of subjective sentimentalities.
    They are immovable, and do not change, unless physically challenged.

    Bush, the chimp, was right, but not in the way he thought, when he said, "you are with us, or you are against us".
    Apply this to jews, and you will be well on your way to solving all of your problems.

    This of course would mean American jews, giving up dual citizenship, and actively working to expose, imprison, and annihilate, fellow jews, who are traitors to their country. I don't see this happening any time soon, the reverse appears to be the case, and consequently would treat ANY protestations of innocence, as questionable, to say the least.
    Hold them to the same standard of National loyalty as Germans, Poles, Irish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Catholics, Muslims,etc. Again, unlikely. And this should tell you everything, that you need to know.

    Here's a list of those who own your interior dialogue, and tell you what to think, when to think it, and how to act on those thoughts.
    If you can point to one, who deviates from the jewish party line, i'll send you a prize!

    Good blog. If i'm a pain in the ass, let me know.

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  8. Here's that list.


    Cannibal Rabbi.

  9. Cannibal Rabbi,

    How can you be a pain in the ass? The whole purpose of this blog is so discussion like this can take place. I can only say "thanks" for taking the time to comment. You are one of the 20% who give a shit as far as I am concerned - your opinions should be heard regardless of whether or not I agree, like them, don't like them or whatever.

    That said - I've had may encounters with Jews in my life. In hindsight I can only say that they were people just like everyone else - I didn't know they were jewish until someone told me or it came up in conversation. Most of them were forgiving, generous and kind - beyond what the twenty-something idiot I was at the time deserved. I cannot pick out any characteristic to differentiate them from anyone else - other than their individual characteristics.

    I've met a couple of jews I hate. But not having anything to do with their religious or political affiliations - they were just fucking goofs. But I cannot differentiate between them and the wonderful scam artists I came across in my business - mostly white Americans, some other ethnicities - people attracted to the industry because of the obscene profits available to the dishonest - people I ALWAYS - had to get my money in advance from. But each was an individual - and in between - once every couple of years - there'd be just one person - who I'd not force to pay me in advance - that would be an honest person. Those are the people that never deserve to pay for the crimes of the rest.

    Another angle is to condemn the children of crooks for the crimes of their parents. The kids have nothing to do with it - yet many will group them in with the wrongdoing of their parents.

    I think it is important to remember that if you love liberty, you must pay a certain price - and that price is to give the guy you 'THINK' is guilty his day in court, you must allow the people you despise with a passion to speak, and you must always always remember that when it comes to our freedoms - there is never a good reason to stifle freedom of speech. And history is showing that "never", a universal statement, is valid here - since all us government secrecy has led only to a system that allows criminals to abuse it to conceal their crimes - by abusing the law.

    No, you are not a pain in the ass, you are an individual expressing your ideas - and I hope you will never, ever, ever stop doing that.


  10. Oh, I will examine your links - thanks for putting them here.

    Fuck everybody - speak your mind.

  11. Thanks for that.

    Some good points.

    I can't help but think though, that this fellow, just about nails it.

    "These people have gained control of the Central Banks and used this control to print money that they provide to their associates in order to buy up most of the media and entertainment corporations for the purpose of destroying the human race, or enslaving it entirely, while painting themselves as history’s biggest victims, while history is filled with incidents they caused, which far exceed anything they claim happened to them and which also confirms their propensity to be exactly what was said about them every time they were booted out of any country, at any time, since history was being written. No group of people on Earth has been sent packing more times by more nations, ever."


    Cannibal Rabbi.


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