Fed aid in financial crisis went beyond U.S. banks to industry, foreign firms

"The Fed's efforts to prop up the financial sector reached across a broad spectrum of the economy, benefiting stalwarts of American industry including General Electric and Caterpillar and household-name companies such as Verizon, Harley-Davidson and Toyota. The central bank's aid programs also supported U.S. subsidiaries of banks based in East Asia, Europe and Canada while rescuing money-market mutual funds held by millions of Americans.
The biggest users of the Fed lending programs were some of the world's largest banks, including Citigroup,Bank of AmericaGoldman Sachs, Swiss-based UBS and Britain's Barclays, according to more than 21,000 loan records released Wednesday under new financial regulatory legislation."
Note:  The irony is that these dirtbags show the highest level of efficiency when it comes to foreclosures.  That they can get done in a heartbeat.  We are being robbed.


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