Nothing like a "good" shot group

""The thing that stands out is the shots - where they were and the lack of hits anywhere else," Carrillo told The Associated Press. "It's a good shot group.""

The above text was lifted from the article linked below regarding the murder of a Hollywood publicist - not that that matters.  There are more interesting things in police work - and crime - if only you have the experience to recognize them.

No we are not talking about human life - we are talking about wax dummies.  Formerly living breathing human beings with lives, families - now admired for the excellent patterns their murderer left on their body with the murder weapon.  Almost like the mark of Zorro - but with bullets.

Yeah - nothing like a "good shot group" to lift the spirits.  This may sound disgusting unless you are a gunslinger yourself - but you have to become detached these days - another day another killing.  All in a days work.  Hey - I'm not in the business but if you think about it there is probably no better company in the world when someone wants some peace and quiet than a recently murdered ""mass"" - they don't talk much:

"Former LA detective Gill Carillo told ABC News: 'Normally they turn the gun sideways and this is something that was done with some skill.'I carried a gun for 38 years and had to fire it quarterly. I don't think I could shoot and hit that mass like that.'"

And while one is enjoying their quiet - there is always the "good" shot pattern to admire.  Note to self:  "Compliment shooter on "good" shot group."  This is professional - no need to get personal about it.

Nothing like honor among gunslingers.  Hey we are all in the same game - just on different sides us cops 'n' robbers.  But we can all appreciate a "good shot group" when we see one.  Man - one can only hope to perform such good work next time the occasion arises to gun a person or two down.  Yeah - gotta' admire that excellent work on the shot group.

At least they got the car right in this article - the one posted paragraphs above if you click on the "mass" link mentions that she was driving a BMW - but the picture shows a Benz.  The following link will take you to the most recent article from which the "shot group" comes up - and the suicide.  Oh did I mention that another death has occurred in this murder mystery - another death the police were unable to prevent  - but we are not talking about human life here - that's secondary - we are talking about marksmanship skills:

LA murder - person of interest now kills self - so they say
I didn't hear the shot group expert comment on the suicide's shot placement.  Perhaps this isn't his specialty - this is another specialty - where the brain-and-blood pattern on the wall from the exit wound becomes a high art form.  They say every cloud has a silver lining.  Why not find beauty in everything - even a bullet-riddled murder victim's body?

Our culture is horribly ill.  The constant bombardment of crime shows and graphic violence have helped an already numb public past the coma state to a point where all this violence is somehow interesting, fun, and exciting.  The dehumanization process has come a long way and the effects are being felt throughout our culture.  Human life has taken a new place - "second fiddle" to other things like "the planet", "the climate", "the X" etc...   We humans are a dime a dozen - not really special.  A single human life has even less significance these days than "mankind" does.  And you can tell as you read the words of those at the front lines every day.  In this case a human being has become a "mass" - a canvas on which the murderer demonstrates prowess in the art of murder.

Perhaps I shouldn't be so critical of those picked on in this article.  After all we all have to do our jobs and find a way to keep going.  Maybe after viewing a coupla' hundred or thousand dead people I'd see the beauty in it too.  But one must ask themself:  Self:  Is there something wrong with this picture?

There is not and will never be anything "good" about a pattern of bullet holes on a murder victim.  They may be closely spaced - but that doesn't make the pattern a "good" one.  It makes it a horrible one because that pattern contributed to the pre-mature snuffing out of a sacred human life.

There is one other lesson we may take away here.  That police are good for one thing - bagging and tagging.  Yeah - they solve a couple of crimes here and there - but you are on your own.  The "good" shot group attests to the fecklessness of the police department because they were unable to prevent this crime from happening in the first place.  So all they can really do - as usual - obviously - is stand there and admire the "good" bullet pattern left on the murder victim by yet another criminal they were powerless to stop.  And don't forget the suicide - they didn't stop that either.  What exactly are they good at?  I hope more than making "good" shot groups.

Our culture is very sick right now and must be nurtured back to health.  A return to a culture of respect for human life is fundamental to our healing process.

There is no "good" shot group - ever.

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