In Egypt's Tahrir Square, celebration grinds to a halt with Mubarak's speech

"By the time Mubarak, the old general, reached the point in which he insisted he had to soldier on to save the nation from chaos, the crowd erupted in angry shouts of “Illegitimate! Illegitimate!” that drowned out the rest of his speech."
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Note:  Well, according to Joe Biden, the VP, Mubarak needs more than 29 years to make the people happy.  Although Biden "supports Democracy" he somehow doesn't support the Democracy of the people who've risen to tell Mubarak to GTFOH.  Biden thinks he "needs more time."  Sorry Joey - Biden-poo - NO - no more time - 29 years are enough to tell the rest of us that a certain person is a worthless POS.  Joe - why don't you go piss on someone else's leg and tell them it's raining?  Clown.  Get lost.

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