Navy spent $450,000 of taxpayer money on Super Bowl flyover... when the stadium roof was shut

"The U.S. Navy has been criticised for spending almost half a million dollars of taxpayers' money on a flyover at the Super Bowl - while the stadium roof was closed.

The estimated $450,000 expense was for four fighter jets that flew from Virginia to Texas and over the retractable roof of Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.
As it was broadcast on screens at the Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, spectators inside the stadium got the same view as people watching the five-second shot at home."

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Note:   The roof was closed, the roof was closed - did you hear?  The roof was closed.  And we are to believe they just flew down there on a bloody joy-ride - you know they do it all the time.  $450,000 here, and $450,000 there - what the hell - there's more money where that came from.  

 Boy oh boy - I wonder how they will blame this one on the enlisted?  There goes the recruiting budget - I guess they'll have to hand out pay cuts to the recruiters to pay for this one.  Oh - and YOU will have to get a fifth job!

 ...but rest assured - they will win the war on horror and make us all proud killin' them terrorists hiding everywhere.  This really makes me proud of our armed forces for sure.  Waste waste waste while the taxpayers lose everything.  

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