Who Stole the People's Money? Cartoons from yesteryear.


Who stole the people's money?  Who indeed?  A timeless question one asks at their own risk - or not for a reward ...that is... if they are willing to "play the game."

"In September 1869, Nast began his campaign in Harper's Weekly against William Tweed, the corrupt political leader of New York City. Pressure was put on Harper Brothers, the company that produced the magazine, and when it refused to sack Nast, the company lost the contract to provide New York schools with books. Nast himself was offered a bribe of $500,000 to end his campaign. This was hundred times the salary of $5,000 that the magazine paid him but Nast still refused and eventually Tweed was arrested and imprisoned for corruption. Nast's campaign against Tweed was later described as "the finest and most effective political cartooning ever done in the United States.""  Pic above and quote from here

Conspiracy?  No.  Documented historical fact.  


Some things never change.  It used to be the "80/20 Rule" where 20 percent of the people do 80% of the work.  Not any more.  

There is no 20% in the mainstream media - they are spokesmodels skilled in the art of reading a teleprompter.  Kind of like typing up a hand-written paper - you don't really have to read it - in the eyes and out the fingertips.  

In the case of the wooden-headed puppets on TV - Most "reporters" these days - no more than members of a government propaganda apparatus here in the 'States - they just take the money.  The good ones, that are left, suffer the crushing weight of the political machine that controls public perception if they dare to "get out of line."  ("Get out of line" = Asking REAL challenging questions that matter in public.) Here is a recent casualty.


We all know this.  But it's fun to see that things have been this bad and worse before.  The good guys can and do win.  Notice that Thomas Nast was not a venal man.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses.  Just remember that the good guys win if they show the backbone - keep asking questions.  Turn up the heat.

from http://www.thomasnast.com/TheCartoons/NastCartoons.htm
And don't worry about people complaining about so-called "hate speech."  It really doesn't exist.  It is just a matter of who needs a pesky detective who smells a rat to shut up.  It's been pretty nasty in the past - and it was just part of a necessary debate in the public forum.  For example:

from http://www.indiana.edu/~liblilly/cartoon/monkey.html
Conclusion:  The act of exercising your right to freedom of speech IS FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  The only people who "hate us for our freedoms" are those trying to take them away.

Prescription:  To maintain a healthy nation, exercise unbounded freedom of speech always.


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