Kissinger urges Obama: Grant clemency to Jonathan Pollard

"Pollard was sentenced to life in prison in 1987 on charges of spying on the U.S. for Israel. He is incarcerated at a federal jail in North Carolina."
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Note:  Double standards everywhere.  What ever happened to executing spies?


  1. Pollard stole TONS of secret US documents and shipped them to Israel and Israel never returned them. Israel has probabbly used much of this knowledge to blackmail the US to get all anti-Israel resolutoins vetoed at the UN and to get billions in weapons from the US. Ever since Pollard's arrest all FBI investigations against Israeli spies in the US have been terminated without any arrests.

  2. Kissinger should be in prison with Pollard as a war criminal.

  3. Super-chimp! Great hearing from you.

    Yeah they oughta' both be locked up forever. I don't believe in the death penalty - but this used to be considered serious stuff - ya' know - betraying your country.



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