"You can buy sunny weather for $6,000 dollars in Russia"

As I've stated before - I've observed this activity here at my house in Charlottesville, VA, downtown in the morning (East with sunrise) and over the National Park near WhiteHall, VA in the evening (West with sunset).

This is not a question of whether or not chemtrails exist - it is a bunch of questions concerning who, what why and whether or not to hang the bastards when we find out who "they" are.


I'm bit surprised that nobody has yet taken a high-altitude hobbyist rocket with an engine over the "F" range, possibly two stage with a particle collector to sample this "aluminum overcast."

It isn't that hard. Balloons were invented a long time ago. You can also send up a balloon with a rocket attached to take off at a calibrated altitude. No airplanes required to sample this filth.

Finally - many times they are not that high up. My first exposure to these trails involved observation of medium-altitude spraying - where contrails would never be expected, and right over the house! If I didn't have a glass sunroom - I would have never seen them. They were just too low for persistence according to my intuition. Prior knowledge of the existence of chemtrails was the seed planted in my mind that allowed me to actually "see" what was right in front of me. The problem was accepting the horrifying sick FACT that somebody is hosing the atmosphere that I BREATHE IN ORDER TO LIVE with .... who knows what?

Folks - this is serious and extremely disturbing. If you are not concerned - you are already dead. That is D as in Delta, E as in Echo, A as in Alpha, and D as in Delta. And - horribly - so are your kids.

Got Alzheimers? Bwa ha ha ha ha! Think about what kind of monster does this sick shit - then think what kind of useless eater stands there and accepts it. (That would be YOU)

Which is worse?

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