Rope required : Blackwater’s New Ethics Chief: John Ashcroft

"Ashcroft will head Xe’s new “subcommittee on governance,” its backers announced early Wednesday in a statement, an entity designed to “maximize governance, compliance and accountability” and “promote the highest degrees of ethics and professionalism within the private security industry.”"

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Note:  I didn't vote for this fuckwit.  Nobody did.  AFter all - there are no elections needed for the next pro-Zionista to help Blackwater/Xe continue their work killing the Muslims.  

Our "representatives" sit by - watching their well-connected and well-heeled masters do whatever they want whenever they want.  Hey - don't wanna' work for the Feds anymore?  Don't want to run for office while wanting to use American taxpayer dollars to continue your religious crusade against the demonized Muslims - who refuse to bow to the IMF or other usurous moneychangers?  

Ashcroft is nucking futs.  He really is.  And he'll be the fox guarding the henhouse.

I've gone from trying to convince to simply observing .  US propaganda is highly effective - and especially effective toward those trying to keep themselves informed - as Jaques Ellul said.  It's insidious - those most interested in staying informed are the exact "target market" of the pentagon avenue propagandists.  The whackos are running the show now - and they have the most violent - US government trained killers ready to kill anyone standing in their way.  That means YOU AND ME.

Mercenaries are and have always been the scum of the earth.  STanding armies are ALWAYS turned inward onto the population paying the taxes to keep their paychecks for murder flowing with the rivers of blood in their wake.

Get a gun - you're gonna' need it.  And don't forget the ammo.  

Mercenaries run - go for the head shot.


  1. Mercenaries have a high percentage of homosexuals. They are attracted to the Manly company, and have no real interest in civilization.

  2. What`s with the insane singing?

  3. It should be obvious by now. We're being led by insane people hell bent on destruction of civilization making way for The New Order. TSA is the latest instrument. They now have the vehicle to retrieve and store data on anyone expressing resentment at loss of personal freedoms. This data will give them a clear picture of those considered loyal to their new found control. A legal cattle prod, so to speak. It's a sad time and I'm not afraid to say it's too late. This train wreck has already begun only in slow motion. The ones holding the most resources will be in lordship control, a very dark time is before us. God Speed USA

  4. I thought the cartoonish propaganda was over the top - what kind of dystopic future are we heading toward because I can't believe what I am hearing. seriously, this is more unbelievable than anything I've ever experienced, I think this just put me over the edge, I am having a nervous breakdown.

  5. He does have kind of a good voice though, maybe we should persuade him to follow his calling. I'd rather see him in a sleazy cocktail lounge, but what a lousy song.

  6. They are already here, and working against Targeted Individuals. It's called Gangstalking.

  7. Who the hell is he auditioning for?

  8. This bastard should have been wacked with all of his fellow neoCONS. These Assholes sold out to zionist Israel.


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