The Bankers and their cowardly stooges


We've been through the same hard times as many in this country - our life savings gone and our other investment properties taken within 90 days by banksters.

Cry cry again.  I know.  I'm not complaining - just stating the facts.

I called the number of one of these crooked collection agencies - in Texas - and after speaking rather brutally to each and every one of them, and asking them why they didn't just hang themselves as enablers of the biggest money-addicts on the planet - was cut off.

'Tis amazing - that black men (who Martin Luther King fought for) and women (who's rights were earned by the suffragettes) are the very tools of these creepy bankster scum.

I find it insulting to have people calling me on my cell phone who can't afford a cell phone asking me where's the money?

What a joke.  Americans are supposed to be better than that.

Maybe they will hang themselves - after all - that's what people working for crooked banksters deserve.

They really are scum.  Pretending that this is the best they can do - torture and terrorize unwitting Americans into paying up - for a crooked system that they, themselves, don't understand.

I understand desperation - but my desperation has never pushed me to betray my own morals.  No - I'd rather starve.

You Americans enabling the scum-crooks deserve what you have coming.  If you think you can take it yourself - without hiding behind a phone - come and take it - NOW.

We shall see how that works out.

I sometimes wonder if a scorched-earth policy is best to give the banks what they want.  No - don't burn your house down - after all - this is reckless.

Just leave them with a house that doesn't have functioning plumbing, electrical, or other vital functions necessary to extract value from the property.

Sound crazy?  Sound radical?  I don't care.

If it is morally correct to work to earn money from people who will make one homeless - then it is also morally correct to deny access to a roof to someone who just denied YOU of a roof.  Sorry but that is the simple facts of the matter.

Take your money out of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and any other crooked money-monopoly NOW - while you still can - and they don't make a law preventing such actions - because THIS WILL HAPPEN.

Sorry for the rage but what the hell - we need to talk about reality.


  1. Not all psychopaths are rich bankers, they just work for rich bankers.

    A good fifth of the public is either psychopathic or lean hard that way (for pay.)

    Two out of three people could care less for the other guy. No wonder things are bad. Reality.

  2. Actually, about twenty percent of the population, at all levels, is psychopathic. That's hard for most people to swallow. The psychopath -is- the root of all evil.

  3. why burn your house before the bankers get it? Burn the houses of the bankers and the enablers of the bankers. The law will not provide justice. You must take justice into your own hands and make those at 'the top' quake in fear eveyrtime they leave their house and when they do leave it then burn it to the ground.

  4. It was the psychopath/sociopath among us that was the 'alien'. They can not be completely human. They can not be 'cured'. They increase in number and they are very dangerous to us.


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