Thinking about America's rebirth...

A New Government for America.  What a concept.  Something I never thought would be a serious subject - but now - realize as THE MOST SERIOUS SUBJECT facing our nation. 

It's a discussion we must face now - because the WORST time to have a serious debate about government is DURING OR AFTER the collapse of said government.


After 911 the U.S. Congress (U.S Congress:  an assembly of venal, bribed, blackmailed tools owned by the highest bidder) - enacted the USAPatriot Act.  They didn't read it - they just voted it into law for the Prez to sign - which he did - since it was ready and waiting for the perfect moment - the perfect "problem" to arise so the stage set for a panicked fear-based reactionary group of stooges would act exactly according to plan. Exactly the scenario we must avoid when thinking about our new government - if in fact - we need one.

I've heard calls for a direct Democracy - a concept that may work since we have the technology to count individual votes as fast as electrons, or "holes," or whatever mechanism it is that electricity is capable of delivering at lightspeed.  

We've heard of problems with Democracy - a form of government called the "Tyranny of the Masses" or "mob rule."  Is this true?  

I've read accounts of the trial of Socrates - where it seems he, the Gadfly of Athens, was put to death for "corrupting the youth of Athens."  Did he deserve it?  Or was the public simply manipulated by clever mouth-artists into "offing" someone too troublesome for the elites to have around?  You know - someone asking too many questions - someone demanding answers with the intellect to evaluate said answers - then articulately expose those answers as lies or truths?

We've heard of lynch mobs hanging blacks in the South.  They were in the majority - we are told - making "Democracy" look bad - but wait - how do we know that?  Maybe they were just the group with the better guns and the willingness to use them?


is an explication of the reasoning for a Rebublic.  In this great work Adams notes:

Obviously - this subject is profound and vast - there's no way I can cover the requisite topics here - in fact - I don't intend to.  The purpose of this post is to set up a brainstorming session - recognizing that Democracy and Republic are not only quite different - but also both have manifold definitions - depending upon the historical context, the political context - and whatever context.  

Definitions, as always, are important for the establishment of the "same sheet of music" all of us "orchestra members" must read to the "symphony" is a symphony - not an out of tune, out of tempo cacophony.  And don't forget that we are talking about the law of the land here - the power of war and peace - the power of life and death - YOUR LIFE AND DEATH, YOUR LIBERTY, YOUR KIDS' LIBERTY -  where staccato notes can be music - or the sound of a machine gun.  

Here are some free-wheeling thoughts - not organized - not thought-through and not even edited.  Just brainstorming.  

I hope it is useful for our not-yet-obvious-bright-and-sunny-and-peaceful future.

1.  Detachment and ignoring existing usurpers of the people's liberty

2.  Transitioning peacefully into the new government

3.  Deciding upon a new system to replace the failed one we have now.  

     a.  How to get the Mike Gravel "National Referendum" idea out to the public - properly hashed out - polished - and used for a period of time to test it.  

     b.  How can we ensure that a direct democracy will protect individual rights?

     c.  How can we decide exactly what is wrong with our present system?  At what point can we come to consensus that the present system is not "fixable" and that an entirely new system must be emplaced?  AFter all - Isn't it true that if we followed our present constitution and enforced our existing laws that the problems our country faces today would not exist?

4.  Putting the first new founding fathers into office

     How can a system of specific measures be designed to vet candidates?  Is it possible to compile a list of minimal ethical requirements for any person to meet to hold office?  Or will we end up with a "test," much like the LSAT for entry into law school that becomes nothing more than a law-business on top of a law-business?

5.  Sustaining the system
     How to have democratic assemblies at the local level where citizens  can hash out Nationally relevant and foreign policy issues with citizens of their own town, county, city that they can look right in the eye?

     How to get FACTS not Propaganda to the local assemblies so debates, reasoning, possibilities, outcomes and decisions taken are based upon sound premises ?



  1. We dont need a new government. Just new people in the government who listen to the constitution.

  2. A few suggestions and a word of support for paper ballot voting. We still have these in my town and when a recount is requested, as it was last year, there are no problems with ascertaining an accurate (re)count.

    Stripping the laws back to those enacted by virtue of the Constitution and Bill of Rights would be a good start and recognizing ALL human beings who are natural or naturalized citizens as equal.

    Term limits are essential.

    Absolutely there needs to be a dissolution of:
    corporate personhood;
    lobbies and PAC's;
    executive orders;
    overseas military joint force engagements;
    banking systems not under the direct control of congress; and
    sales or granting of public property to foreign or private investors or entities.

    Disengagement from all special groups such as the G20 and NATO. Disengagement from the United Nations unless and until ALL countries/nations are given an equal-weighed vote in a general assembly and no provisions for veto by a security (or similar) council.

    Kathy from Texas

  3. The original people who ran the country had private jobs and donated their time, As things changed and they were offerd pay they were bought and the country was doomed. Then at the
    insistence and bribery of the church, religion
    was mixed in to ensure that only those with
    money and religious influence will have control.
    So today we are controled by crooks in the name
    of god.These very same people invented their
    own pyramid fake money system wherein the debt can never be paid, so now the fed holds title
    to you and America as collateral on the debt.
    A fact, if you do a little research.
    No company or business could or can survive
    when the ceo is controlled by the church and
    outside special interests wherein the ceo is
    only intersted in himself and not the good of the company.
    SO now in the elect a new president process
    it is the same game squabbling over religion
    and professional con artists as elected officials have only made thing worse for you
    abd better for them, offering that we tried the last time but this time with me as president
    and your sacrifice and gods help, This time we
    will fix it, And as before you will buy the BS.
    Their Lie Of Omission is that it is impossible
    to put 25++ million jobless back to work in
    businesses that will never exist in a country that has not a shortage of a single product
    so there is no need to build more businesses
    to sell anything that is not needed for a population who has no money to spend on things
    they can't afford or do not need, simple, no
    money no need no businesses no jobs no money.
    And if by some happenstance things change, It
    will mot happen in your useful life time.
    Remember, there are about 2 million more people each year entering the non existant job market. It can never get better because of over population and market saturation.
    See, Daily Job Cuts.com for proof.
    If you want to comment I can be found on disqus as 81dave81 .

  4. Is the understanding of democracy to renounce on leaders and solutions which are fabricated in advance and ruled out without further participation of the regulated.

    Democracy in the meaning each one has his saying and will be heard is not compatible with the structure of governments we have actually.

    The efforts of nationally rebirthing should get concentrated on the possible. Democracy as the new normal on community level. This fight is possible.

    If that you could present the whole in which frontiers you want as a bunch of respectable communities with which one can not veer round as with isolated singles.

    A country would not exists from up to down order dictate because democratic community were not a command receiver.

  5. The purpose of a government is to regulate. I fix regulation circuits.

    The first thing a good regulator does is listen to its feedback signal. Without feedback, the output will rail toward self-destruction.

    Before you can troubleshoot an electronic circuit, you need to know what it does. What is the purpose of our economic system? Enrich the few, apparently. Most people are consumed by it.

    Our usurious system rewards the greedy and starves the needy. Changing the faces hasn't worked because the people aren't broken, the system is.

    I think it's time for a constitutional convention. In fact, we should have one gathering feedback at all times!


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