SS Gains local Police Powers in Connecticut

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As if Federal police-state encroachment and overall police brutality in the United States needs more encouragement, we learn from THIS article that the SS has just been granted the same powers as local police in Connecticut:

"After sharp debate, the House of Representatives voted Wednesday to give Secret Service agents the same police powers as local officers in Connecticut for certain crimes.

The agents would be able to obtain arrest and search warrants in the same way as local police for financial crimes, including identity theft, money laundering, computer crimes, forgery, illegal use of a credit card, larceny, and issuing a bad check.
"What is the problem that we are fixing here?'' Williams asked.

Rep. Ed Jutila of Niantic, the measure's chief proponent, responded that the Secret Service needs "the maximum ability'' to coordinate its efforts with local law enforcement officials.
"If they happen across something that appears to be a crime under Connecticut law, they can take immediate action — and that's what this is about,'' Jutila said.""
In light of recent SS activity I wonder why anyone would give a free pass to strangers that should be reserved to locally hand-picked candidates who share the same morals and values of the local populace?  

The critical thinker might take into consideration that SS agents are not police - they are bodyguards.  They serve as a deadly deterrent to those intent on harming their VIP employer.

Is it safe to assume that simply because someone is a member of the SS that they are bringing their power to use violence and deadly force to a scene in the mental frame of mind required of a peace officer?  

SS man Christopher Deedy - up on murder charges

Consider this recent "police work" at three o'clock in the morning at McDonalds performed by an SS man: LINK HERE

"A federal special agent was charged Sunday night with second degree murder for Saturday's deadly shooting in at McDonald's.
Police say 27-year old Christopher Deedy killed 23 year-old Kollin Elderts in the McDonalds on Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki.
Gunshots rang out around three o'clock Saturday morning.
"Everyone was liked freaked out people ran out," said Dexter Davis.
Davis was waiting to order his food when it happened.
"I just turned around and I seen the guy laying on the ground," he says.
Witnesses say that Elderts had been yelling racial slurs, before getting into an altercation with Deedy.
Police say Deedy fired three shots.
"I heard a pow and then a few seconds later I heard pow pow pow," said Connie Reinking, who was across the street at the time.
Police say one of the bullet***** Elderts in the chest, killing him.
Another bullet ended up in the wall and a third ended up in the ceiling.
Police also recovered a knife at the scene and got a copy of the surveillance video.
Investigators don't believe Elderts and Deedy met prior to the incident inside McDonalds.
"It's kinda weird because we don't really have that much other than the fights," said Robert Hackney, owner of A Tiki Tatto which is next door to the McDonald's. "shootings - that's pretty unusual."
Kollin Elderts was from Kailua - a Kalaheo grad.
His family says Kollin wasn't the type to cause trouble.
"Yeah he likes to party like any young person does, but never a person to make any problem for anybody," said his uncle Kalani Elderts.
Christopher Deedy is from Arlington, Virginia and is a Special Agent for the US State Department.
Officials say Deedy was off-duty at the time.
The State Department won't say whether or not he's in town for APEC.
In addition to murder, Deedy is also charged with a firearms offense.
He remains in custody with bail set at $250,000.
He's scheduled to appear in court Monday."

I don't know about you - but I do not want a person like Christopher Deedy walking around my neighborhood with a loaded weapon - whether the government gave him the gun and badge or not.  Putting aside the tragic loss of the life of a 23 year-old man, what about the misery caused for the family - and the trauma experienced by the people who had to witness this obscene scene?

What about the shots that ended up in the ceiling?  They were not aimed shots - they were "spray and pray" shots - which could have easily killed others in the vicinity.

We are told about the high honor and integrity of these Government Gunslingers all the time - but they are only human - as we learned from the recent Hooker-stiffing party they botched in Columbia when they were supposed to be working.  Aside from waking up with hangovers when they are supposed to be looking out of United States officials, aside from their arrogance in stiffing working women, we find that our elite SS members:

"The partying U.S. Secret Service agents and officers who allegedly brought prostitutes into their Cartagena, Colombia hotel rooms brought the call girls “into contact with sensitive security information,” the Chair and ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform wrote to Mark J. Sullivan, the director of the U.S. Secret Service today.
The facts as you described them raised questions about the agency’s culture,” the two congressmen write. “The incident in Cartagena is troubling because Secret Service agents and officers made a range of bad decisions, from drinking too much, to engaging with prostitutes, to bringing foreign nationals into contact with sensitive security information, to exposing themselves to blackmail and other forms of potential compromise.”  LINK HERE

THE SS is not infallible - or even superhuman.  Remember that Reagan was shot on their watch, Kennedy murdered on their watch etc...  Here's one from the Bush era - where Bush had to help the SS through security!  

Here's them failing to stop Reagan from taking a bullet:

Here is a video a commenter reminded me about showing the failure of the SS to protect JFK:

Perhaps I am a bit harsh speaking of our SS guards in this manner.  Perhaps I am showing my naturally cynical view towards handing police powers to the security staff tasked with protecting US officials.  

But really - do you blame me?

Our Republic deserves better than yet-another cover-up,  yet another slap on the wrist, yet another get-out-of-jail-free card for arrogant animals abusing sacred powers of life and death.

It is up to our government employees - at every level - to fix this culture of arrogance and power abuse.

But for now - stay out of Connecticut - because until We the People see them stop behaving like a nightmare from history - they will be judged by their actions.

From HERE:
"The origin of the SS came from a small permanent guard unit made up of NSDAP volunteers to provide security for Nazi Party meetings in Munich. Formed at the end of 1920, they were known as the "Saal-Schutz" (Hall-Protection).[1] Later under the leadership of Heinrich Himmler between 1929 and 1945, the SS was renamed the "Schutz-Staffel" and grew from a small paramilitary formation to one of the largest and most powerful organizations in theThird Reich.[2]


  1. The photo of Deedy.

    Those are the eyes of a psychopath.
    A child could and would tell you this.

  2. I agree - he shows the "three whites" - some would say an obvious sign of derangement.

    I wonder how it is possible - if these praetorians are so carefully vetted and scrutinized - for his "future crime" not to have been detected by a government that claims this omniscient power - to detect - via behavior - in advance - that an American citizen is dangerous?

    How is it possible - when the government has unleashed VIPR goon-squads of muscle-bound tatted-up brutes in uniforms on the public - seemingly able to discern criminal behavior or future criminal behavior of an American citizen from a twitch of the eye - but they all missed this one. Isn't that amazing?

    Or are these characteristics exactly what the "authorities" look for in hiring their gunslingers?

    Both cannot be true.....

    1. I'm fond of reminding anyone reading or listening of a little reality.

      On opening day of deer season in Pa. there are 800,000 men and women 'out and about' armed with high powered rifles and pistols. One state.

      Many are veterans and most all are outdoors folks who are pretty good shots.

      Also, these are the fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors of all those soldiers in the armed forces.

      Russia, with one of the world's largest air force, army, special forces, etc., etc., could barely handle Chechnya, a country the size of Rhode Island.

      The Feds better pack a whole lotta lunches..

    2. Well said. Sends a shiver up my spine. People hold grudges too...

  3. The Secret Service is still trying to tell us Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy and Vince Foster committed suicide. I suggest we fire the entire group before Dr. Ron Paul has an 'accident' or is shot down by a 'lone nut'. The Secret Service does not warrant trust nor a paycheck while in armed service anywhere.

  4. Tatiana CovingtonApr 19, 2012, 11:39:00 PM

    The Secret Service shall soon be renamed the Department of Ho Security. Rimshot!

  5. Ha ha ha ha! Thanks Tatiana

    Howard - so true so true. What a bunch of gangsters.

    And yes - the Feds are suffering from a true credibility crisis - lunches are in order.


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